The world’s most popular Windows Phone turned into a life saver for a police man in Sao Paulo, Brazil where a couple of robbers opened fire at him in his house. The Lumia 520, which was sitting in his back pocket took a bullet, and in the end saved his life, and literally his behind too. Nokia, being known for its build quality, will certainly take this as a positive result, but we are sure any phone would have done the same.

This happened in broad daylight, when the military police officer, aged 24 was just returning to his home with his uniform in hands, as he was off duty and wanted to wash it at this home. As he entered the house where his family members were held hostage, the two criminals opened fire, seeing his uniform. They reportedly fired two shots, once the officer began to flee, and one of them hit his buttocks, with the Lumia 520 taking that hit and the other shot reportedly hit the neighbour’s gate. While the criminals fled the scene, the officer returned to find that the pair took off a lot of valuables.

The story is not entirely rosy when you consider that the theft happened nevertheless, but the police officer must have been relieved to have his life intact. Another story of how technology can save lives, or is it? Let us know what you think, in the comments section below.