Android and IOS largely differs from each other despite both operating systems used primarily in mobile technology.Linux-based, Android is partly open source and is categorized as more PC-like whereas IOS basic features and interface are more customizable from top to bottom. Another advantage that IOS has over Android is that its uniform design elements are seen as being more user-friendly. The further differences that you will find between Android and IOS are that in terms of customization with Android, you may change almost anything whereas IOS is quite limited unless jail broken. Other difference that both operating systems hold is in terms of source model whereby with Android it is an open source and IOS a closed one with open source components.

From a gamer’s perspective there are various things to consider when choosing a device when accessing a game, quantity does not equate to quality, right? Both Android and IOS platform catalogue of games have dedicated a large section of their stores to games. Both mobile operating systems have more than one million active apps, around 25% of which are games. If you take a look at the ratings of the games found on the respective platforms, the ratings are practically the same since the difference separating both games are insignificant.


Android and IOS have largely taken over the mobile market while also making easy access to online gaming sites through their produced devices. We have all heard of the latest extraordinary phones being made but what exactly is mobile access when being at an online gaming site? Before being turned into mobile sites, many online sites were available through PCs only, same as that, nowadays many players’ may enjoy the same feel while playing onto a mobile device.

Before online gaming was available on mobile devices, players faced usability problems which was mainly in terms of accessibility whereby they had to stick to playing at their homes or in an internet cafe. Carrying their PCs in hand or in a bag wasn’t an option as to be able to access the site, they would still require the internet. It was only after many online gaming sites have gone mobile that users have found their game-play changed to the extent that they may carry it anywhere with them.

So what really is mobile access? Mobile gaming applies the same concept as when you are actually playing on a traditional computer as you will at most times be able to play the games that you do on a PC as well as benefit of the promotions etc… What you only require doing when on a mobile device is sign in as you would at your favorite online gaming site on a PC and access the games or rooms to begin playing. All the rules that applies on either bingo or on any other games remains the same while being on a mobile device.

Playing on a mobile device doesn’t comprise of any extra cost nor requires the opening of a new account since it can considered as a second door to an online gaming site. There are no downloads required since many online sites now comprises of HTML5/ flash that makes it easier for players’ since they only have to load the games without having to download any software or games. Users may even make a deposit and withdraw while being on their mobile which is an absolutely safe method as when they were on their PCs as a secure data transfer is used during all transactions so as to prevent any information being supplied to a third party.

One of the sites that has gone towards providing users facility while being both on PCs and any mobile devices is Lucky Pants Bingo, an online bingo site launched in January 2013. Quite new in the online gaming world, the people behind its creation are veterans in the gaming industry. Every little details has been tended to make sure that the experience stays unique so why don’t you have a look at the site’s mobile facility? To test out those, you will get £5 and 20 free spins whereby you will get to hit 2 birds with a stone i.e. bingo and slots for free!

Another top operator that’s up to level in terms of applications and games would be Windows Phone (WP), the smartphone operating system developed by Microsoft.