Apple brings back free music with new iTunes promotion

Apple killed its long-running “Single of the Week” promotion earlier this month, disappointing iTunes customers and musicians alike. After 11 years of complimentary songs, which offered exposure to countless new artists, the free ride was over—or so it seemed.

But Apple on Monday launched a new “Free on iTunes” section chock full of songs and full-length TV episodes. Instead of one free song, there are 16 of them, from upcoming artists like Rogue Wave, Purity Ring, and Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas. There’s even a freebie from Guster.

There are 24 TV episodes to choose from, including picks from new shows like Backstrom and 12 Monkeys. There are a slew of reality shows, like Rev Run’s Renovation and Ace of Cakes.

While “Single of the Week” was available internationally, “Free on iTunes” looks like it’s U.S.-only for now. It’s also unclear how often Apple will swap out selections for fresh ones. This isn’t the first time Apple has offered a “Free on iTunes” section, but this is a new effort altogether.


Why this matters: Parsing Apple’s strategy when it comes to iTunes has been tricky since the Beats acquisition. Rumor has it that an iTunes reboot is in the works this year, complete with an overhaul (and rebranding) of the Beats Music streaming app. It would make sense for Apple to eventually ditch the free music promotions and instead steer listeners to Beats (which currently requires a $9.99-a-month subscription). But we’re not going to complain about free stuff—and if Apple wants to add some free books or movies to the mix, we wouldn’t be mad about it.

Moto G is scoring Lollipop to lead off this week’s Android device updates roundup

Motorola is again showing why it’s one of the more reliable manufacturers when it comes to cranking out Android updates.

Lollipop is rolling out to the current-generation Moto G, so get ready for some Material Design, multitasking cards, and all the other goodies Google cooked up.

Each week we gather up all the major software updates for the biggest devices; phones and tablets on U.S. carriers (and unlocked phones, of course), wearables, and round them all up so you don’t miss a thing.

Making sure your device installs the latest software is a good housekeeping practice, ensuring you have the latest features, close security holes, and squish those pesky bugs.



Moto G (second generation): The most recent version of the Moto G is next up for Android Lollipop. The company said in a Google+ post that the update will be rolling out in phases. Hitting that update button repeatedly probably won’t help, but at least you know for sure it’s coming.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Update G850AUCU1ANL1 brings some minor changes to this rather good-looking Samsung phone. The only detail is “user enhancements,” which usually means a bunch of bug fixes. It bumps you to Android 4.4.4, which is a pretty rock solid version of Android compared to some of the issues with Lollipop.

HTC One (M8): Unlike the developer and Google Play Editions this one won’t include Lollipop. But you do get Android 4.4.4 and support for AT&T’s HD Voice. Update 0P6B120 also improves LTE and Bluetooth reliability, which is always nice given how essential they are for a smooth smartphone experience.

Republic Wireless

Moto X: The 2013 model of Motorola’s flagship is getting bumped to Android 4.4.4. This has several bug fixes and also brings improvements to the dialer. Republic Wireless details its update plans in a blog post.

Moto G: Same update here, which hits both the first and second generation of this device. This catches the phone up to the budget Moto E, which is already running 4.4.4.

Windows 10 preview download is available now

A new build of Windows 10 preview is available for download, Microsoft announced Friday morning. Now the world (those who’ve signed up for the preview, that is) can sample what analysts and journalists previewed on Wednesday.

The build will download automatically for Windows Insiders overnight, or you can get it now by going to PC Settings > Update and recovery > Preview builds and clicking the Check Now button. If you need to start from the very beginning—in other words, you’ve never installed Windows 10 at all—check out our tutorial on how to install Windows 10 from scratch. You can also obtain the ISO for a clean install or virtual machine download here.


In his blog post, Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul warned that not everything Microsoft talked about earlier this week would be available.

“Some of the new features that Joe demoed on Wednesday will be available for our Windows Insiders starting today with our newest build – 9926,” Aul wrote. “However, not everything you saw on Wednesday is included in this new build. Much is still in-progress and we’re getting it out to you as fast as we can – so you can try it out and give us feedback. Over the course of the next few builds, you will see us refine Windows 10 and continue to improve the experiences as well as quality and stability.”

What Microsoft showed off in Redmond was Build 9924, which we played with as part of our preview. In a nutshell, here’s what you should expect in the new 9926 build:

Cortana: Microsoft’s digital assistant has been ported over from Windows Phone, and makes an appearance in Windows 10. We think that Cortana should interact with your Windows Phone, sending reminders to your desktop and taking over as a general search interface, to boot.

Notifications: The Cortana reminders should show up in your Action Center, the little icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Expect to see a lot more information there now that Cortana has been enabled!

Continuum: The new build should offer to put your Surface in tablet mode when undocked (or any other 2-in-1 that has the preview installed).

Full-page Start menu: If you’d like, you can expand the new Start menu into a full-screen Start page that looks a lot like the way Windows 8 set things up (but with icons still on the lefthand bar)

New Windows Store app: “It includes a new visual design which will be common across PCs, tablets, phones and the web. It works well within a window and can be updated independently from the OS (this matters because it allows for more frequent updates),” Aul writes.

New Xbox App:  The new app was demoed for us in Redmond. Basically, expect a lot more detail about the games you and your friends are playing.

New Photos and Maps apps: These are universal apps, and will be common to Windows Phone as well. We took at some of these last week, too.


New Jersey Boosts Online Gaming Market

In November 2013 the state of New Jersey moved to regulate online casinos. This ground-breaking initiative changed the US online gaming scene forever. For starters, New Jersey is the biggest regulated online gaming market in the country, with an estimated adult online population of 6.8 million people. The other two states that have adopted similar online gaming regulations include Nevada and Delaware. The interest generated by these measures has spurred other states like Pennsylvania and California to pass similar legislation. One of the most notable aspects of the New Jersey gaming market is Atlantic City. This East coast entertainment jewel features 8 of the finest traditional casinos in the country, Caesars Casino Atlantic City among them. When regulations passed, various land-based casinos partnered with online gaming operators to roll out online casino games. Caesars Online Casino leads the way as one of New Jersey’s finest entertainment havens.

Features of Caesars Online Casino

Players with a penchant for skill-based games and games of chance will be well pleased with the gaming platform at No download of any gaming software is required to sample any of the games. Provided you meet the minimum age requirement of 21, you can practice your choice of a wide variety of online casino games. These include video slots, progressive jackpot games, standard casino games, blackjack games, roulette online, video poker online and many others. In fact, practice play games do not require you to register either since you can simply play the games directly off your browser. Flash functionality and HTML 5 bring some of the most iconic titles to life, right before your eyes. The experience mimics the best of what you would find at a Las Vegas casino, and you can enjoy it from the comforts of home.

For players who enjoy their online casino games on mobile smartphones and tablets, Caesars Online Casino offers real money apps for Android and iOS devices. As far as mobile casinos go, this one certainly trumps the competition. The mobile gaming app’s are free to download and install and are available from the website or the app store. Some of the most popular mobile slots games at include: Kitty Glitter Slot, Cleopatra Slots, Wolf Run, Grand Monarch Slots, Pints and Pounds and Cats. You can connect anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection and use the same username/password as your PC-based account.


Added Value for Online Casino Players

The New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) works hard to ensure that all online casinos in the state operate in accordance with all regulatory requirements. As such, only players who are physically present in New Jersey are allowed to play real money casino games. This is all validated by way of geolocation tracking technology. Only legal age players can enjoy real money games in New Jersey, and an ID, driver’s license or Social Security number is needed to verify this information. Once you have registered online, you qualify for a generous $10 no deposit bonus. And when you make your first deposit, Caesars Online Casino will gift you a warm 100% welcome bonus up to $300. This is a great way to boost your bankroll so that you can enjoy more of the games with less of your own money. 24/7 customer support is available by telephone, e-mail and live chat to assist you with any gaming, technical or banking issues. As the benchmark of excellence in gambling and entertainment, Caesars is a brand that is trusted the world over. Their online gaming site certainly doesn’t disappoint!


The Basics of DVD Copying

The Basics of DVD Copying

The most vital part to copy DVD’s is picking a program that best go well with your needs. There are numerous accessible available that are not difficult to utilize and cheap. The principal thing to research is a projects capacity to be effortlessly caught on. The more expand a project is outlined; the harder it will be to utilize. By and large, I remain faithful to projects with a one catch next step handle that is effectively seen regardless of what level of experience you have with a machine. Furthermore, you ought to have the best possible equipment in your machine. Sufficient equipment will make the procedure of ripping much snappier. On the off chance that your machine is more seasoned and needing sufficient memory, you may run into project accidents and 2 hour long rip sessions. Once more, do some exploration and see what different clients are saying in regards to the product they utilize and which equipment they have.  It is unlawful to copy DVD that you don’t claim. When that is created, you might lawfully rip any CD/DVDs you possess.imagesIn the wake of doing some make enquiries, you will see numerous “free” software offered everywhere throughout the web. These projects have a tendency to be not difficult to utilize, yet some have shrouded expense. Make sure to peruse audits and be sure they don’t contain spy product or adware. I have by and by had great encounters with free rip programming, yet discovered they have a tendency to fail to offer some required choices. For example, you may need to layer a DVD with the end goal it should fit on a CDR plate. CDR plates are utilized on the off chance that you need to rip a DVD to watch on your machine. CDR’s are much less expensive in mass than clear DVD’s and can be supplanted less expensive on the off chance that you harm or lose a copied DVD. Some different programs significantly offer a free trial, which doesn’t harm in the event that you aren’t resolved to purchase.

Making rips guarantees your data in disks will stay in perfect condition. For instance, on the off chance that you have kids who perspective DVD’s in their bedrooms, Before choosing DVD copy, make certain you are the owner of the disk being ripped. you know how misused these disks up. Additionally, if you’re on a trip you can have copies and not stress over losing them. Fundamentally, you are ensuring your starting venture of the DVD you purchased.

With the goal you should rip DVD’s on your machine; you will require a DVD writer. Lately, most machines now accompany a DVD writer. You can’t record DVD’s if your drive is just a DVD player. Make sure you have enough RAM and hard disk space to run the program smoothly. Latest versions of these demands better system than the previous versions.

Finding DVD rip software

Finding DVD rip software

Ripping a DVD or CD is not troublesome and even if you have never done it, this is not reason to fright. Everything you need is a decent DVD or CD ripping project. Such a system is not elusive on the grounds that there are a large portion of them and the best ones permit you to copy DVDs to numerous other media, including CDs.

Then again, you have to have as a main priority the working OS i.e. Windows Vista or Windows XP under which you will utilize the system. Going by the discussions for Vista or XP can answer a large number of the inquiries you have and assuredly you will discover huge amounts of helpful connections there. Yet at the same time, discussions are not generally the most ideal approach to get dependable data. For example, the data there may be old, unimportant or essentially not genuine.


Windows Vista is some way or another questionable on the grounds that it is still not tantamount to its forerunner Windows XP. It genuine that Vista has a ton of incredible new stuff however this does not make clients cherishes it when it has restrictions on rip dvd. For some clients these limits are the essential reason behind why they use Vista and showed it out of their machines, returning once more to XP.

When you begin searching for a decent DVD to CD ripping project, Google is your companion. Find out DVD ripper program and you will perceive what number of such software exists. A portion of the indexed lists you will discover are for projects, which offer a free trial form. It is OK to download the trial form and provide for it a test drive before you decide in the event that you ought to buy the project or not. At the same time when you assess the trial, check on the off chance that it has all the gimmicks of the project empowered or not on account of if they aren’t you will be misunderstanding the impression about the genuine capability of the system.

Obviously, you can simply try out free DVD or CD ripping software, yet be careful with spyware, bots, virus, malware and so on. Not every free program contains these nuisances however the danger is truly high. In the event that you need at any rate some security, never download free stuff from obscure destinations. In this way, download the product and introduce it. Generally speaking, introducing such projects is a sorry test yet knocks along the street can be normal. For example, a few projects won’t begin, on the off chance that you don’t restart your machine after you have introduced them. For more genuine issues, you may need to counsel the documentation of the system or to request help in their gathering. Your last opportunity to get help while attempting to introduce the system is to contact the backing gentlemen and request support.