After constantly delivering grand Smart phones one after another, the company, Asus, has now placed its feet in the affordable market. Asus’s novel bee, the ASUS ZENFONE C (ZC451CG) is a budget smart phone that is promising great specifications and reliability.

It will be exciting to see the client reaction levels towards ASUS ZENFONE C (ZC451CG). A lot of people believe that it would catch the attention of a vast crowd. The best facet of possessing an Asus Zenfone C handset is users have the freedom to explore high-quality technology in a sensibly priced handset. It is a great model indeed.


When it comes to size, the Zenfone C is the 10.9 mm which is thinner than its arch contestant Moto E. It carries a weight of 149 g respectively. In terms of overall appearance, it feels cheaper as compares to the other smart phones in the budget section. Zenfone 5 is obtainable on flipkart at just Rs 5,999.

The company’s recently rolled out Zenfone C in the Indian market is an enhancement over the preceding Zenfone 4 series.


Great recital – when it comes to everyday performance it does a great job and can also handle numerous games.

Great build superiority – The handset is made with immense craftsmanship. From screen to keys to back panel, everything is just ideal and firm.

ZenUI – this is the other positive point of this handset, like a superior brand it too has its individual UI which is named ZenUI.

Android – The handset is is based on android 4.5 and is quit fluid. It is useful plus stable, so that it will not crash every time your cell phone is load up. If you are bore of stock android UI or from heavy UI’s like touchwise, this ennui will be a great experience for you.