New Property Ventures In Kolkata For Rent/Lease Or For Buy

Kolkata Real Estate in India made Properties gathering has identified with considered and make occupied, at impeccable area in Kolkata. Properties proposed qualities are as swimming wellbeing, health and wellbeing and pool club, wellbeing club, indoor feature diversion area, and yoga workout and depiction office with uncommon setup, lawn for adolescents comprised of all kind of fulfilling degree. The property in Kolkata are for sale as theexpense is really fairly esteemed for all lessons and the business sector genuinely worth of this work in surge every day immediately. Properties Waterfront is most momentum new Property in Kolkata by the Propertiesaccumulates in realty showcase that is just the work which Properties normally an agreeable home that creates comfortable houses which can be 2 and 3 BHKs.

The new affinity of Kolkata private properties are exchange new routines to the land part considering that they are going to significant off their recommendation of regular legit houses and adjusting the set on time. The property in Kolkatais handling by the major real estate companies and other real estate people. Best Propertiesare really an extraordinary all set and self-maintained land work which has at home at the setting up of little territory where people could safeguard cheerfully evermore.

Various subjects associated with Kolkata expect rent a house all through Kolkata or their exceptional homes in Kolkata. New household venture inside Kolkata will thoroughly offer most unmistakable help individuals aggregately making utilization of the naturally wonderful extensible alongside clean house preparing to people.

A few individuals get ready for acquiring another house because they could call their own relative’s people so they try to create a few stores on the off chance that you lease then their own any sort of kind planning fiery house. Trademark name just took the ribbon off new venture inside Kolkata has really completed up being supplying the people notwithstanding the beneficial and the dominant part of a great deal better chances. Various people accomplish made utilization of a whole shiny new zone or presumably range for openings for work like obligations alongside firm expectations. Students besides cross to a different position for college perspectives. At the point when diverged from getting a house, he or her shot to discover lease decisions like rented to take over their need to.

New Born Ventures For Rent/Own/Lease

At first wind up being the best one of the most depended on site for you on the off chance that you make you’re expecting simply for this. House is the real put the spot that the heart is offered and in addition is relied upon to be. This particular confirmation remains for the full requirement for each individual to acquire a household spot of these selective which they can without much of a stretch call your home. Kolkata is among the most significant towns Asia and is moreover recording your eye area furthermore vitality the realty individuals for various years. Entrepreneur furthermore imaginative engineers get irritating assignments inside of building up alongside making renting components inside Kolkata. A lot of inhabitants in regards to Kolkata foresee utilize a home all through Kolkata New Projects or their specific renting inside Kolkata.

New Non modern Undertaking property in Kolkatawill doubtlessly supply the almost all excellent bolster the individuals with one another utilizing the eco-accommodating extensible alongside new house setting up to people.

FAQ on e-cigarettes and e-hookahs – All that you need to know about them

We all know that smoking is injurous to health but how many of us have quit smoking thinking about the harm that it causes to our health? Very few! If you are someone who is a chain smoker and is simply in love with the idea and habit of smoking, you must have been alerted by your friends and family members about the disadvantages of being an active smoker. Yes, it is true that smoking leads to a number of health hazards but that doesn’t always mean that you have to quit smoking. If you’re wondering about the alternatives, here are some FAQ on e-cigarettes and e-hookahs that you all should be aware of.

· What are e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes are nothing but sticks that contain nicotine capsule which is heated by a battery. This nicotine is released as vapor which is inhaled by the user. However, there are some other chemicals also that are added into this capsule, the pros and cons of which are not yet understood. You can check out NEwhere to get a stick of yours.

· If e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, why are they prohibited on campus?

These electronic devices that simulate tobacco use are prohibited for mainly three reasons within the campus. Firstly, the impact of their use on the fellow-passersby is not well studied. Just as tobacco is prohibited for its harmful impact, the e-devices are also banned since they have toxic substances, irrespective of the fact whether the devices contain tobacco. Secondly, since these e-devices simulate the use of tobacco, from a certain distance, it can’t be understood whether it’s a conventional cigarette or an electronic one. Lastly, some e-devices too contain tobacco or drugs which are strictly prohibited.

· What exactly are e-hookahs?

Well, an electronic hookah is a device that heats nicotine or tobacco or other flavored substances that are pushed through water and inhaled as vapor. Such electronic devices are brand new to the market and are therefore still not well studied. While some products contain nicotine, tobacco and some other drugs, some others contain only flavored water. Since there are no filters on hookahs and cigarettes (the electronic ones), hence those with nicotine or tobacco will tend to be more harmful for the user than the conventional cigarettes which contain filters.

· Do e-cigarettes and e-hookahs help quit smoking?

After reading the entire article, you must be sure about the fact that e-cigarettes and e-hookahs are the proven methods of quitting smoking. But it is not so. E-cigarettes haven’t still been approved by the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration as the best possible nicotine replacement therapy or as the smoking-cessation aid. Hence, nothing has been proved yet.

Nevertheless, if you still want to order your stick of e-cigarette online, you may use promocode NE10 as this will offer you a 10% discount and apart from that it will also give you free domestic shipping at checkout.

Order Food Online With best Food Ordering App

Be it any company or a restaurant or a school or college or any business building, they see to it that the ambience around is real pretty. The ambience is what attracts people towards you. For example, when a student goes into the college for admission, he or she will initially have a glance at the building, sports ground, people around and the environment and then decide to get the admission right there if they feel its right. The same goes with finding a job. Ambience is what matters all the time.But moreover anyone focus on the ambience when it comes to partying outdoors. If the restaurant owns a fabulous ambience with the fabulous music and food, then people would rush in quite frequently. But what if the restaurant seats are never available or are always on waiting? That would spoil your party mood. There are various online food ordering systems for the same for the flexibility of the customers. You might be wondering about it’s possibility of an error occurring. But that hardly does occur. Food ordering systems can be available on web as well as on smart-phones. This system was procured in order to increase the feasibility and reduce the telecommunication costs. Most of the times, the address was misspelled or the ingredients to be eliminated are never eliminated. For example, if someone doesn’t eat mushrooms, they mention the same but yet the receptionist tend to forget the same while ordering the chef. Apart from that, you get the luxury of grabbing the discounts and offers on the meals. This allows you to pay less and enjoy more of meals. Also it does allow the people to enjoy the house parties and mould the ambience in a way as per your need. This is not provided if you go to some restaurant. Apart from all this, it also reduces the telecommunication cost and so people have now started adopting these technologies and thus these various businesses are leading in the market.


Tinyowl is the idea of HarshVardhanMandad who is just 23 and IIT alumni. He started up with his venture along with his friends who are again a part of IIT alumni. ShikharPaliwal, GauravChoudhary, TanujKhandelwal and SaurabhGoyal are the members who helped Harsh to expand his venture at Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Gurgaon. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible to expand within a year. Tinyowl is the very first mobile food ordering system where users can order food using their android or IOS phones. Android and IOS were at the target since they are the most used phones in the market. Since they wanted to connect to the people at a faster pace, they started with listing down various facilities they could provide. Once they were done, they short-listed few and tried to implement few by collecting data. But there was only one system which they could come up with and that was the food ordering system. This food ordering system doesn’t charge the restaurants or the users any extra charges thought they are the mediators. The response of the restaurants has been truly increasing because of the existence of the tinyowl application. Since the telecommunication costs have been reduced, the customer feels it is feasible to call any restaurant anytime to satisfy their hunger.

User’s response:

“Most of the restaurants are covered. Whereas few upcoming restaurants are already registered in order to receive a great response from the users. I have been a frequent user of tinyowl and have never faced difficulties so far. I am also sure about not receiving any issues in the near future. The charges of the food are same as that of a restaurant. No extra charges pulled me to use the application. Also I can buy various coupons and avail discounts for the meals. It all depends on which offers are available on the coupon store. Moreover, if I repeatedly wish to order the same food, it is helpful since it maintains a history of the orders. There is also the service of homemade food which I haven’t tried so far. I wish to try the service in the near future. Thank you Tinyowl!”

Windows Smartphones below 10k

Buying a mobile phone can be quite a task. Looking at the details, seeing the various prices, specifications etc. can be tedious. However, it is important to compare mobiles before buying them to ensure that they meet all your needs. Given below is a list of some of the best Smartphones running on Windows OS priced below 10k:-


  • Microsoft Lumia 540

The phone is priced at around Rs.9, 000. It runs on the latest Windows 8.1 platform. The phone sports an 8 Mp primary camera along with a 5 MP secondary camera. The dual SIM phone sports a 12.7 cm screen. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 Quad Core Processor and 1 GB of RAM. It has 8GB of internal space which can be expanded up to 128 GB using the microSD card slot. It has a decent 2200 mAh battery. The phone is 3G enabled.

  • Lava Iris Win1

The 4” phone is priced at around Rs. 4, 000.It has a 5MP rear camera with autofocus. It has a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad Core Processor with 1 GB of RAM. The phone runs on Windows 8.1. It comes with 8GB of internal space and external space capacity of 32GB. It is a dual SIM phone with 1950 mAh battery.

  • Nokia Lumia 630

The Lumia 630 is priced at around Rs. 9, 000. The 11.43 cm LCD Capacitive Touchscreen phone runs on Windows 8.1. It is a dual SIM phone with a 5 MP rear camera. Its tech specs include 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad Core Processor and 512 MB of RAM. It has 8 GB of internal memory storage and 128 GB of expandable storage. It has 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for connectivity.

  • XOLO Win Q900s

For about Rs. 5,500, this dual SIM can be yours. It too runs on Windows 8.1. It has a powerful 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad Core Processor with 1 GB of RAM for fluid multitasking. It has 8 GB of internal and 32 GB of expandable storage. It sports a Li-Polymer, 1800 mAh battery. It comes with an 8 MP rear and 2 MP front camera that is great for taking selfies and video calling. It comes with MS Office out-of-the-box. The 11.94 cm phone has sensors like proximity sensor, accelerometer, magnetometer, ambient light sensor.

  • Microsoft Lumia 535 DS

This is a very popular phone priced at around Rs. 7, 000. The OS of choice is Windows 8.1. It sports a good 5 MP rear as well as a 5 MP front camera. It is dual SIM phone. The 12.7 cm screen has a display resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. It supports Cortana, the Windows voice assist. It has 8GB of internal space and 128 GB of expandable external storage. It also gives the user 15 GB of free OneDrive cloud storage. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 Quad Core Processor and has 1 GB of RAM.

Choose from one of the most popular OS and experience a user- friendly interface with great apps and features without burning a hole in your pocket.

Property in Mumbai is always a lucrative preposition

Mumbai is a well known metro city not only in India but across the world. It is highlighted due to presence of 12 billion people living in the same city. Beautiful infrastructure, excellent transportation, and good lifestyle make it a dream city for everyone. People desire to live in this city. Even, the city does not let down anyone. Every individual finds a suitable career here making Mumbai a dream destination for the high aspirants.

As a result, the city receives high numbers of migrants as compared to other towns of India. Also, the presence of state head quarters and head offices of multinational companies is responsible for turning people towards this state capital. All these factors give immense push to real estate industry in Mumbai. Every individual arriving in city requires home. It is a basic need. The increasing population of this city has asserted huge pressure on its real estate scene.


Investment in real estate market of Mumbai

Providing home to everyone is quite tough job to overcome for realty sector. Builders and developers are trying hard to develop lands from existing places and construct well planned apartments for housing. The demand of residential property in Mumbai will never decline. Many people say that realty price will crash. In the recent recession, the prices stuck to certain level but they never declined. However, discount was offered on new bookings but no one lose money in real estate of Mumbai during that time as well.

So, properties in Mumbai are always fruitful investment to get good return in short to long term. The unstoppable demand of housing property will always keep prices increasing in this city. It provides dual benefits for investors. Properties purchased in Mumbai give regular income in form of rent as well as appreciation in property during the course of time. Due to heavy demand, the rent of residential and commercial properties is also high in this city. The percentage of return against investment in real estate is comparatively higher than any other city of India.

Areas to look for investment in Mumbai

Mumbai suburbs are most alluring locations for investment. The center of Mumbai is already packed. Though, it is hard to find properties in main areas, but still better investment assets are traceable with the help of online real estate websites. Suburbs are now looked as most fruitful locations for investment in Mumbai. New projects of residential and commercials are heavily demanded by investors in these areas.

New Mumbai is the large region developing in southern side of Mumbai to bring down the pressure of population. This area is well planned by the local development authority. It is infused with excellent road network, local trains, education institutes, and proposed airport. All these matter a lot to get good lifestyle and connectivity to other parts of city. The new migrants arriving to city prefer to buy home in New Mumbai at affordable rates and congestion free lifestyle.

Investment through online real estate website

Investment in real estate comes with lots of hassles. Searching potential properties is a rough patch in the whole process of investing. Real estate websites are entrusted with high quality control and good expert panel to get best investment ideas in properties. This really helps investors to find good and potential properties located at various places in Mumbai. It is quite difficult to visit all locations of properties. These websites are well managed with all information regarding projects developing around the city. Also, they make it easy to trace valuable properties located at different places. It is easy to compare rates, location, size and range of properties with the help of these portals.


Nasa Developing Eco-Friendly Supersonic Jets

The US space agency Nasa said it is spending over $6 million to fund research into cheaper and greener supersonic travel, reported Quartz.While modern fighter jets can fly faster than the speed of sound, the environmental impact is relatively small as not many fighter jets are in operation at a given time.

However, the impact on environment would be massive if commercial jets – and there are thousands of them zipping across the globe at any given time – start flying at supersonic speeds.

Supersonic engine burns more fuel than a traditional jet engine.

Nasa said that supersonic jets also travel at higher altitudes than regular jets, closer to the stratosphere and have a greater potential to damage the ozone layer.

The agency has been engaged in developing the concepts with companies like Lockheed-Martin and Boeing since 2006 to make new generation of planes that get you places very quickly.

Another big concern is the noise that supersonic jets create, as anyone who has ever been near the Concorde’s flight path would tell you.

If supersonic jets are to become the norm, they must be a lot quieter, or one could go deaf.

Nasa was quoted as saying by Quartz that it has already had some “pretty outstanding success” in past attempts to reduce the sound of supersonic booms.

They said that if all goes according to plan, it sees the first business jet-sized supersonic planes going into production by 2025 and commercial planes by 2030.

Amazon Is Making a PC Game

Not content with simply making mobile games, Amazon has set its sights higher. The e-commerce giant has its designs on the AAA gaming space. The news comes by the way of a sponsored job listing on Gamasutra.

“The team is made of former Portal, World of Warcraft and BioShock creators, and we’re building a team of top talent for an ambitious new PC game project using the latest technology. Our team in Seattle has worked on a lot of other great titles like Half Life 2, Left for Dead, Dota 2, Halo, Infamous, Shadows of Mordor and The Last of Us.

If you want to be on the tip of the spear for game design and technology, contact us. We want people that are driven to make the best games in the industry. We’re looking to take interesting risks, and invent!” reads the listing.

This would be the company’s first PC game. It’s not exactly a secret that it was prepping for something big what with big name hires such as game designers Kim Swift (Portal, Quantum Conundrum) and Clint Hocking (Far Cry, Splinter Cell) as well as acquiring Killer Instinct and Silent Hill Homecoming developer Double Helix among others. Throw in its heavy spending in a deal to license the CryEngine – used in high-end games like Crysis 3 and Evolve, and you have what appears to be the foundations for a rather gargantuan undertaking which highlights Amazon’s ambitions in the space more than anything else.

PAX 2 vaporizer – medical aid to people

A good vaporizer product is that one which heats the material in such a way that it becomes ready to be evaporate and does not destroys its real essence and original flavor. The PAX 2 vaporizer is such a device that is acting as the supreme one for the people with the medical problems of lungs, bronchitis and is addict to smoking but, in a lure to get rid of their bad habit. Certain device combusts the item present inside it and makes its flavor and smell very nasty. The combustion of the material causes smoke, which adds up to the herb or chemical present inside that in fact affects our health. While, the PAX 2 heats up the material and do not add any harmful material to it. The vaporization process of the PAX PLOOM vaporizers makes the vapor of the herb or chemical quite pleasant and safe to consume inside the body through inhalation by the mouth piece.

The effective and safer experience of the cannabis has led to its fast development in the market among the people and has made it the standing one among the competitors. The PAX 2vaporizer never disappoints its user with its specifications and has aided the people a lot most in the process of inhaling the medicines in their body in an easy way. The easy to access PAX 2 devices is consisted of just a single power button required to be pressed to acquire the desired puff of the herb. The puffs are very smooth and cleaner through this vaporizer. Vaporizing the herbs gives more benefit than taking the medicines in some other form.


The vapors reach in the blood stream in seconds and thus, are considered as the fastest mode of transfer for the medicines to affect the body. For an instantaneous dosage to the body, the vapors are considered the best option. The herbs are quite convenient and have the property to heat up really fast, that’s why they are used in the vapes device. Based on the dosage on the per puff, one can adjust the quantity as well as the temperature to heat up the substance present inside the device. Absorbing a cloud of herb is not so difficult while, for some getting the medicine inside in traditional form is a big difficulty. The cloud gives you a pleasant flavor and taste in the PAX vaporizers.

The PAX 2 vaporizer provides the perfect puff to the humans that heats up to the adequate temperature to heat up the chemical and does not causes any type of irritation or any choking in the throat. The bad puff causes the coughing and sometimes breathing problems also, while, there is no any such record of bad health or ailment in the body due to the puff acquired by the PAX vaporizer. The magical vaporizer gives you the automatic cut off technology that gives the benefit to the user of the device to need not to switch off the device as it automatically gets switch off with the time when it is not in use. The device automatically gets cooled down and does not overheat the chemical unnecessarily. This not only saves the battery but, also gives a larger and reliable battery life to the people availing it for use.

Why Billionaires May Not Be Able to Buy the 2016 Election

Billionaire Politics
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has one; Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has one; even former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, considered a longshot for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, has a billionaire in his corner. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has two.

Campaign finance watchdog groups fear heavy spending by these ultra-rich Americans will warp the election — already expected to be the most money-soaked in history. The idea that billionaires can buy elections has taken root in the public imagination.

Those billionaires are now seeing small, early signs of a pushback. Whether these are the beginning of a new trend is far too soon to say, but polls show there is wider discontent about the perceived influence of big money in U.S. politics and a growing gulf between the country’s very rich and very poor.

These nascent rumblings — along with evidence that the super-rich are inefficient political spenders — raise questions about how effective billionaires will be in the 2016 elections.

There’s growing public awareness about rich people trying to buy elections and that makes the task of winning all the more difficult.

Some voters in Philadelphia, for example, were turned off by the billionaires backing a top candidate in the city’s May 19 mayoral race. And a Silicon Valley startup, Crowdpac, is hoping to bank on public ire against big political spenders to attract small donations to its new for-profit election campaign crowdfunding platform.

“There’s growing public awareness about rich people trying to buy elections and that makes the task of winning all the more difficult,” said Darrell West, the author of “Billionaires: Reflections on the Upper Crust” and the director of governance studies at the Brookings Institution think tank.

Potential big donors dispute the notion they are trying to buy elections and say they are simply using their positions to try to influence the future of the country in a positive way.

“I do believe — and I’ve told my kids this — that I can do more for them by giving money to the right presidential candidate in 2016 than by leaving them double that amount in my will,” said David Walsh, a retired investor living in Jackson, Wyoming, who wouldn’t disclose his net worth but has given several multimillion dollar gifts to charitable causes and said he planned to donate heavily to candidates in 2016.

Miami car dealership mogul Norman Braman has been outspoken about backing his longtime protege Rubio; financial investor Foster Friess was in the audience cheering Santorum on when he announced his presidential bid two weeks ago; and Bob Mercer, the founder of a New York hedge fund, has been identified as supporting Cruz. The billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch have publicly vowed to spend nearly $900 million influencing races in 2016.

The Democrats have billionaire supporters too — most prominent among them is former hedge fund manager Tom Steyer. The billionaires George Soros, Alice Walton and Marc Benioff made small donations in 2014 to an outside spending group, Ready for Hillary PAC, backing Hillary Clinton, now the front-runner in the Democratic presidential primary contest.

Philadelphia Story

Amid the populist outcry against CEO pay and income inequality there may be some risks in candidates being so publicly linked to the extremely rich.

In Philadelphia, Anthony Hardy Williams was considered the favorite for the city’s next mayor. He won support from three billionaires, Joel Greenberg, Jeff Yass and Arthur Dantchik, founders of the Susquehanna International Group, a global financial firm headquartered in a Philadelphia suburb. The three backed Williams, encouraging voters to support his views on a hot-button education policy issue.

They spent nearly $7 million on television ads promoting Williams. In response, unions and other community groups, who opposed Williams’s education platform, coalesced around another candidate, Jim Kenney. One of the groups, Action United, organized a march in front of SIG’s offices with placards that said, “Stop billionaires from buying our next mayor!”

“I would have looked seriously at Williams if not for the money,” said JoAnn Seaver, 85, a retired teacher who voted for Kenney. She was one of several Philadelphia voters Reuters interviewed on election day who said Williams’ billionaire backers were a turnoff. “You don’t think that money should govern people who are elected, but what do you do, just let the billionaires take over?”

A spokesman for Williams declined to comment. Through a spokesman, the three billionaires declined to comment.

Fighting Back

Crowdpac, an online political fundraising platform that works like Kickstarter — an online tool that lets entrepreneurs gather funding for new projects through small donations — sees fighting billionaires as part of its business model. Mason Harrison, the site’s political director, says Crowdpac wants to get more middle-class people involved in politics by hosting smaller donation drives for candidates.

“We have a lack of money from small donors in American politics, and if we have more people involved in the political process we can make great strides in terms of diluting the influence from special interests,” he said.

A veteran of Republican Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, Harrison is not the typical liberal voice decrying money in politics. But Crowdpac’s Twitter tagline sounds very similar to the calls from non-profit watchdog groups to level the political playing field. It reads: “Together we can beat the big donors.”

Walmart to Raise Wages for 100,000 U.S. Workers

Wal-Mart Announces Its Increasing WagesWalmart Stores (WMT) will raise minimum wages for more than 100,000 of its U.S. workers in some departments starting in July, the second time the world’s largest retailer has announced a wage hike this year.

Walmart, the largest private employer in the United States with 1.3 million U.S. workers, has been targeted by labor groups in the past for its minimum wages.

The company said in February that it would raise minimum wages for 500,000 U.S. employees, triggering a wave of wage hikes by retailers and restaurant chains including McDonald’s (MCD), Target (TGT) and TJX (TJX).

Walmart said Tuesday that it would increase the wages of managers of service-oriented departments such as electronics and auto care to $13 to $24.70 an hour from $10.30 to $20.09 currently.

Hourly wage of managers of departments such as clothing and consumer products will rise to $10.90 to $20.71 from $9.90 to $19.31.

At specialized areas such as the deli sections, workers will earn $9.90 to $18.81 an hour compared with $9.20 to $18.53 currently.

The Associated Press first reported the news.

Labor and other groups have been pushing for a higher federal minimum wage, which was last raised in 2009 to $7.25 an hour. In the 2014 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama called on Congress to raise the national minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

“[Walmart’s wage increases] pretty much ends the debate about whether there should be a minimum wage increase, the question now is exactly how much,” Gary Chaison, professor of industrial relations at Clark University, told Reuters.

Walmart will also start paying store associates 10 percent more an hour when they are promoted, starting with their Aug. 13 paycheck, Walmart spokesman Kory Lundberg said.

This means the minimum increase in hourly wages of an associate who has been promoted will rise to 90 cents from about 50 cents currently.

The wage increases seem aimed at discouraging unionization among workers, Chaison said. “The general feeling is, ‘Why join the union to negotiate with Walmart when Walmart takes care of its own?’ ” he said.

Walmart has 4,540 Walmart stores and about 650 Sam’s Club stores in the United States.

The company said in February that it would raise hourly entry-level wages for half a million U.S. employees to at least $9 starting April and then to $10 by Feb. 1, 2016.

Walmart’s shares were little changed at $74.61 in late morning trading Tuesday on the New York Stock Exchange.