Be it any company or a restaurant or a school or college or any business building, they see to it that the ambience around is real pretty. The ambience is what attracts people towards you. For example, when a student goes into the college for admission, he or she will initially have a glance at the building, sports ground, people around and the environment and then decide to get the admission right there if they feel its right. The same goes with finding a job. Ambience is what matters all the time.But moreover anyone focus on the ambience when it comes to partying outdoors. If the restaurant owns a fabulous ambience with the fabulous music and food, then people would rush in quite frequently. But what if the restaurant seats are never available or are always on waiting? That would spoil your party mood. There are various online food ordering systems for the same for the flexibility of the customers. You might be wondering about it’s possibility of an error occurring. But that hardly does occur. Food ordering systems can be available on web as well as on smart-phones. This system was procured in order to increase the feasibility and reduce the telecommunication costs. Most of the times, the address was misspelled or the ingredients to be eliminated are never eliminated. For example, if someone doesn’t eat mushrooms, they mention the same but yet the receptionist tend to forget the same while ordering the chef. Apart from that, you get the luxury of grabbing the discounts and offers on the meals. This allows you to pay less and enjoy more of meals. Also it does allow the people to enjoy the house parties and mould the ambience in a way as per your need. This is not provided if you go to some restaurant. Apart from all this, it also reduces the telecommunication cost and so people have now started adopting these technologies and thus these various businesses are leading in the market.


Tinyowl is the idea of HarshVardhanMandad who is just 23 and IIT alumni. He started up with his venture along with his friends who are again a part of IIT alumni. ShikharPaliwal, GauravChoudhary, TanujKhandelwal and SaurabhGoyal are the members who helped Harsh to expand his venture at Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Gurgaon. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible to expand within a year. Tinyowl is the very first mobile food ordering system where users can order food using their android or IOS phones. Android and IOS were at the target since they are the most used phones in the market. Since they wanted to connect to the people at a faster pace, they started with listing down various facilities they could provide. Once they were done, they short-listed few and tried to implement few by collecting data. But there was only one system which they could come up with and that was the food ordering system. This food ordering system doesn’t charge the restaurants or the users any extra charges thought they are the mediators. The response of the restaurants has been truly increasing because of the existence of the tinyowl application. Since the telecommunication costs have been reduced, the customer feels it is feasible to call any restaurant anytime to satisfy their hunger.

User’s response:

“Most of the restaurants are covered. Whereas few upcoming restaurants are already registered in order to receive a great response from the users. I have been a frequent user of tinyowl and have never faced difficulties so far. I am also sure about not receiving any issues in the near future. The charges of the food are same as that of a restaurant. No extra charges pulled me to use the application. Also I can buy various coupons and avail discounts for the meals. It all depends on which offers are available on the coupon store. Moreover, if I repeatedly wish to order the same food, it is helpful since it maintains a history of the orders. There is also the service of homemade food which I haven’t tried so far. I wish to try the service in the near future. Thank you Tinyowl!”