If you want to purchase a new house then you have to consider several areas.  There are many things needed to be considered during buying the real estate property like size, style, cost and the neighborhood of the home. According to a study made 81% of the renters wants to own their home, similar is the situation of mine. I have been living in this city from few years and working in a private firm. It was not easy for me to own a house in the metro city, for this I have to be financially strong. Because like others I also want to be king of my own castle. I have got irritated by the landlord’s dos and don’ts, so I have changed my address several times in few years. I also want to be stable and want to own a house like others. This dream of mine is fulfilled by the help of HOUSING-real  estate apps. This is the most popular and trending app for the house and property seekers. This app has various key features which help you in finding the required property:


  • HOUSING AND LIFEESTYLE RATINGS– this feature help you to choose the property according to the ratings given by the users. It helped me a lot in choosing the best locality to stay in with the essential information like the distances from the hospitals, airports, railway stations, schools, etc.
  • ONE CLICK LISTINGS– This helps you with the snap photos, information and listings with the landlords, owners, and agents contact details.
  • DETAILS– This will help you by giving each and every detail you need, like floor plans, galleries, and top locality ratings.
  • FILTERS– You can add filters to your search in order to get the specific thing which you want. This filter includes parking, gas connections, pools, gym arena.
  • MAP VIEW– Through this you can see nearby homes, apartments for rent.
  • STAY IN KNOWS– This option helps you with the personalized alerts and gets you notified according to your criteria.
  • MULTIPLE PHOTOS– You can get the full view images of the property, home which you want to own with the full interior view.
  • SHORTLISTS– You can save your favorite homes through this option; it makes you easy to select it.
  • CITIES OPTION– This will help you to get the desired property in the city of your choice.
  • CONNECT INSTANTLY– It will help you to direct reach the owner, landlord, and agents through this.

This app is really helpful to browse your basic needs. You can also quickly compare the properties on this app. HOUSING REALESTATE & PROPERTIES app can help you vividly and save your time. This app really helped me a lot infinding my castle.


It have numerous options for the house and property seekers and helped with support, experts advice, and buying guide. This app also helped me getting house loan with its unique specialty. It is used by more than a million people across India and is helping the property seekers to get what they are looking for. I personally give the HOUSING REAL ESTATE & PROPERTY app 4.5 out of 5 ratings.