How coupons can make your life easier

The popularity of coupons is probably one of the few things that is growing as fast as Indian startups. Anyone who does not use Foodpanda coupons while ordering your food is missing out. The Indian e-commerce/m-commerce scene has finally started picking up steam with investments flowing in billions of dollars and new players emerging consistently from nowhere. Although, the industry has taken its time to take off, it has done that in an unprecedented manner. There has been tremendous growth in the recent years and even higher growth is expected in the future with more people embracing online trade each day.


Although there are a variety of factors that can be attributed to have caused such drastic change so quickly in the Indian purchasing behavior including growing internet and smartphone penetration, a large factor remains the deep discounts and incentives that websites have been offering.

The greatest challenge for ecommerce sites, however, remains getting the millions of potential customers to make their first online purchase and get the ball rolling. Many big players like Flipkart and Snapdeal have relied aggressively on TV, newspaper and billboard advertising. However, others like Myntra and Jabong had, in their initial years, depended heavily on coupons to lure new customers to make purchases. At the same time they were having their website promoted through word of mouth and coupon-sharing from customers.

There are companies that still do not use coupons and they just might be losing quite a lot of business. This is because coupons are a tried and tested way of genuinely attracting new customers. The rapid growth of coupon and deal sites like GrabOn should be a signal. Their success however shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the generally price-sensitive purchasing behavior of the average Indian consumer.

The USP of coupons remains their ability to give the customer a unique feeling of satisfaction of having saved ‘extra’. This isn’t the case without coupons even if the price is the lowest available online. Companies have also been known to have successfully used coupons as a means to encourage customers to use online payment methods or purchasing more by restricting the coupons to specific payment options or minimum amount.

The coupon sharing websites are growing and companies that do not feature on these pages are definitely missing out. If you haven’t already, try ordering a pizza with coupons for Dominos by GrabOn.

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Karthik Kumar Sunder

Karthik works as a content writer at GrabOn but also guest writes on blogs from time to time. He likes to write about travel, music, technology and startups.


Role of Indian textile and enterprises in T-shirts online India

The advent of the internet has made it possible to reach every corner of the world and to make it the smaller space to reach out several things. In this segment how online shopping will be lagged behind.Online shopping has reached out to the shoppers who are regularly visiting the sites with their varied lists of items to shop. However, in the country like India, where people are aware of the online shopping concept in earlier days are nowadays frequently visiting several online e-commerce portals to get the desired things within their means. Yes, shopping online is the lucrative way present today that can give you the things at a reasonable price which is not possible in case of any departmental stores. As they have to pay taxes and other fees that can’t be exclude from their businesses. Therefore, departmental stores are charging a little bit higher amount than that of online vendors.


Indian Textile:

  • In the textile sector, the internet has brought a revolutionary change and getting t shirts online India is now become easier today.
  • Recent research on this topic says that almost all the buyers (include both the genders) are nowadays buying t-shirts through online.
  • T-shirts are presently a trend that is rapidly going viral among the Indian populations. India is now well recognized in the international level as the producer of high-quality and matchless theme t-shirts.
  • With these high-quality t-shirts, Indian textile companies are presently able to transport them to the foreign countries that are previously available as out-of –the-question.

Popularity of the t-shirts:

Nowadays, younger generations including both the genders are flawlessly getting online for several of reasons and among them getting t shirts online India is one particular reason.Those who are searching for the nearby departmental stores are presently going for shopping them online. At present, theinternet has reached to all the remote corners of India and this gives the people to shop more frequently within their budget. In the present scenario, similar to other countries, oldies and children are also acquiring several t-shirts for distinct purposes.

Types of t-shirts those are available in this modern world:

The t-shirts are not only admired for the expediency of their wide use but also because they can servemanifold reasons at the same time.

  • Many businesses are often employing them for promoting their business
  • However, people can also find it useful for spreading the informative messages
  • These are the handy wardrobes that can be used by sports persons and so on

Role of enterprises:

The enterprises those are dealing with t-shirts online Indiaare primarily focusing on the men folks to deliver their items, but with changing time their motives also change accordingly. Thus, they are now manufacturing these items for the feminine groups as well. The only thing that brings this change among the manufacturer is “Why should men have all the fun”. Today, classy yet trendy ladies t-shirts are dramatically changing their personality and making them look attractive and fashionable as well. Therefore, they are in this day and age are searching for the trusted sites that can give them the best and one of the finest quality t-shirts through online in India at a marginal price.



Growth of E Commerce Stores in India

With India’s growth in past years online shopping in India too has increased to a great level, online shopping has increased vastly in India especially in the metro cities of India. Slowly and slowly online shopping has made its mark in India and now has gained the customers’ trust which has helped these online e commerce stores make a good connection with the potential buyers in India and has changed the regular concept of going and purchasing stuff from the market to simply order the required products at home with the ease of few simple clicks.

The main part that has helped these big companies is the discounts which they have been providing to the customers and this is not only attract the customers but made them get their business online. This way a new market has developed in India and at the ease of your home, you can order whatever stuff you want with simple clicks. As a customer, you can simply order food, medicines, gadgets, home & decor stuff, simply anything, the market has increased widely and you get discounts on almost all products. The Seller can simply put his product in front of lakhs of people and buyer has tons of choices as well, thus a perfect market has been established which has connected both the buyers and customers to connect with each other.


Discounted prices have played a major role in establishing this business model and one can simply use discount coupons to bag the required product at cheaper prices. Daily the no of online shopping offers in India is increased and one can simply get the product they want at an affordable price. Customers get attractive new offers daily and extremely good discount offers on weekends and sale days which they can’t resist and the customers make the purchase even though they are not having the requirement of that specific product at that particular time.

One of emerged brand in India these days is Paytm, users can do mobile recharges at discounted rates and get cash back offers too. The company has taken mobile recharging to the next level and a non techy customer too can recharge their mobile bills easily. The company has made his mark by selling almost all desired products with good cash back amounts and discounts. To maximize these offers I recommend you to use Paytm Coupon Codes to get discounts on recharges, bill payments and products.

Talking about Ebay it is an American company which has made its mark in all countries, including India, here you can shop for all products which are put online, you can get new and refurbished products at cheap prices, all varieties with different prices and you can bag the one you want. You can use Ebay coupon codes to get the maximum discounts possible.




AOMEI Partition Assistant: A Must Have Tool

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is used to partition the hard disk drive of a pc. It’s a freeware and costs nothing and you can use it to clone your hard drive if you don’t want to reinstall the same apps again.If you have recently upgraded your operating system to windows 10 OS then you will need it definitely. It is packed with so many great and powerful features that you can use to control the hard disk partitions with an ease. Let us quote some of the coolest features of this software.

  • Extend Partition Wizard:- This feature enables us to increase the partition size in order to solve the low disk space issues.
  • Resize Partition Wizard:-The mentioned featureis used to increase or decrease the size of any previously made partition.
  • Split Partition:– If you are in need of changing or splitting a partition into two or more partitions, then this feature comes handy.
  • Copy partition:– need to copy the whole partition? Worry not as this option will let you do that with ease.

Clone hard drive windows 10

If you too have recently upgraded to the latest windows 10 OS by Microsoft and looking forward to upgrade your present drive so that to make it a little bigger, then trust us this software is the thing that you will need. If you are hoping to transfer your current system, useful data and the applications that you use regularly then this free tool will enable you to do so. By using the method that we are about to explain below, you won’t need to reinstall them again and again, neither you need to copy them one by one.

As if you will copy them one by one, there are chances that windows may fail to boot. You can overcome this entire problem, all that you to do is, just clone hard drive in windows 10. This will enable you to copy all your present drive to the new one.


Step by step guide to clone a hard drive

All ready to copy your data to a new drive but don’t know the procedure? Don’t worry, that’s not a big problem at all. By using this free software you can achieve the task.

Step 1: Download the AMOEI Partition Assistant from here and install it on your pc.

Step 2: select DISK COPY WIZARD.

Step 3: After selecting the option Copy disk quickly, hit next.

Step 4: After selecting the hard drive that you have to clone as resource disk, hit next.

Step 5: chose the destination drive and click next.

Step 6: Click yes, and wait till the operation completed dialogue box appears, congrats, you are done.

Windows 10 Disk Management

You will get this application inbuilt with the windows 10 OS. Windows 10 disk management enables you to manage the partitions without the need of rebooting the system. This inbuilt tool provides you the following features:-

  • Create, format or delete partition
  • Change drive paths and letters
  • Mark partition as active
  • Explore or open partition
  • Extend or shrink partition
  • Add mirror
  • Convert empty MBR to GPT disk
  • Convert empty dynamic disk to basic disk


AMOEI partition Assistant is one of the best partitioning software that can be used to manage the hard disk drive partitions. The best part about this software is that it comes for free and offers great features.

Wan to move Windows 10 to SSD  You can check EaseUS Partition Master, which is more powerful with the feature of  transfer OS to SSD

AOMEI Backupper

IF you have ever suffered the accidental loss then you can understand the pain of losing your important stuffs. And if you have never come across such situation till now it doesn’t mean that in future you won’t face such a catastrophe. Then why don’t you make a backup of all your important data and stuffs so that in future if you will come across any data loss, you can restore them immediately. You will find that AOMEI Backupper is great and free backup software used to create a backup of all your important data. AOMEI Backupper Standard is simply awesome all-in-one backup and recovery solution which is the easiest and no matter you are a pro or a normal user.


Features of AOMEI Backupper

  • Backs-up system and creates a system restore point to keep Windows and applications safer.
  • Saves time and effort as it can back up the newer data and files automatically on a regular basis.
  • Can back up your most important files, photos and folders on a regular basis.
  • Backup the entire hard disk or you can simply clone the entire partition.

AOMEI Server Backup Software

AOMEI Backupper Server is especially designed and developed for small and medium sized business. This is not only data protection application & disaster recovery solutions, but it is also used for disk partition and cloning the partitions. It has a sweet, simple and easy-to-use interface which makes it user friendly. You can operate it with an ease no matter you have an expertise in the IT sector or not, it’s designed in such a way that a non-technical person can easily set the things up. Besides, this stable and powerful server backup software has the ability to back-up the physical and virtual server without even interrupting or shutting down your OS and other running applications. So if you are in need for server backup software, then you can buy this edition of the software.


Features of the AOMEI Backupper Server

  • Ensure Business Continuity and makes your server fail safe by backing up everything automatically or you can do it manually before system fails.
  • Minimizes Server Downtime by creating a selective restoration and also WINPE bootable recovery environment.
  • Its Disk Storage Management feature automatically cleans up the incremental & differential backups.
  • Offers Universal restore, which means you can restore the data and server from any PC.
  • Supports all the versions of windows operating system.


Basically the AOMEI Backupper is the all-in-one solution for all of your data backup and restoration needs. It is one of the best backup applications because it uses the most sleek and simple user interface, that can be understood and managed by even a non-technical person. So just forgot your worries about data loss simply switch over to AOMEI Backupper and stay secured.






How to Arrange Big Event with a Convenient Inflatable Tent?

If you are planning for a big event, then you are always required to offer maximum attention towards the party arrangements. It’s sure that you are going to spend a lot for making such big event successful. Proper planning and addition of the best items and foods can really make the event look amazing. Apart from this you also need to plan properly so that you can accommodate your guests in a proper way. You have to assign certain elements for the party or event so that guests can stay busy with them when they have nothing to do. And when you expect your guests to come with their kids, you need to arrange things very properly. These little ones will surely look for something to play. In this regard, assigning inflatable toys, bouncers, slides and castles for them can make a huge difference for the party or event. These items are also great to be used when you are planning for an office party or work event. As your employees are going to come there with their kids and family members, having these inflatable sports products installed at the outdoor venue can even keep the adults and kids busy for a long time.


The benefits:

When you are thinking to arrange big event with a convenient inflatable tent, you should look for the outdoor inflatable tents now announced by These products can be the best addition for your office party that you are going to arrange at the outdoor venue. These items are coming in different shapes, sizes and styles and all set to add that distinct flavor for the party time. Adding an inflatable outdoor tent that is big enough to accommodate your guests can also offer you a great mode to keep these people safe from the heat of the sun or rain. The material used for these tents make these items durable and water proof. These items are also flame retardant. So, you can always expect to get a safe use of these items once installed at the party venue.


Inflatable Cube Tent by Yolloy:

clip_image003 has the biggest collection for outdoor inflatable tents that can be used for just any occasion or event. In this line up, you can find Inflatable Cube Tent as a handy product. When you are arranging a big event, install this inflatable cube tent at the garden or at the office premise. This outdoor inflatable tent is designed to accommodate several people at a time. It will keep the guests protected from harsh sun rays and even from rain. Sitting arrangements can be done under this type of tent easily. You can also serve food under this outdoor inflatable tent and can even arrange a meeting in a comfortable way under this tent. White and blue like colors are added for this inflatable product so that it can match with just any outdoor condition perfectly. They have also assigned the dot windows for this product to make it more usable and unique.

Everything you Want to Know about Online Casino Tournaments

While browsing through my e-mail the other day I stumbled upon a message from Royal Vegas that invited me to enjoy the finer things through their most recent tournament. It made me curious, so I clicked on the link. It turns out that the message invited me to participate in a casino tournament at the Royal Vegas, which involves The Finer Reels of Life video slot machine. The game appeals to the gourmand in me, featuring combinations like whisky and cigars, coffee and chocolate and even wine and cheese. Besides, it also had a convincing prize pool accumulator, with a minimum of $500 for me to win.

This e-mail inspired me to write this post about casino tournaments, more specifically . These competitions are worthy of your attention, as they can fill your pockets with loads of cash and you don’t need anything but luck to win them. But they are often overlooked by players who consider them a lost cause, a waste of time, or just another advertising stunt by the casino. I can assure you they are not – they add a lot of entertainment value to gaming, even if you don’t win the big prize.

How they work

Casino tournaments are similar to those organized by poker rooms, with chance, not skill, being the most important part of the game. Serious casinos, like Royal Vegas online casino, have a separate space for tournaments, where players can find all the upcoming ones, and register as participants. Some are without an entry fee, others charge a symbolic amount, which is added to the tournament’s prize pool. Tournaments can be scheduled, starting at a set time, or can work in a “sit-n-go” system, starting as soon as a minimal number of players announce their intention to take part in them.

Why they are fun

Online casino games are basically built to offer a single-player experience. Slot machines are, by definition, single player games. Tournaments add that bit of extra social spin on the game to make it even more exciting. The fact that you are competing against fellow players makes the game much more exciting.

Let’s face it: playing the slots can be dull after a time. Spinning and spinning, winning or losing, can get boring. But if you add a leaderboard and a prize to the combination, things change a lot.

Do you want to know more?

The most information on what slots tournaments are and how to participate in them is gathered at the International Slots League website. There you can find extended descriptions of the various tournament types, tips on how to play and places you can enroll in them.