AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is used to partition the hard disk drive of a pc. It’s a freeware and costs nothing and you can use it to clone your hard drive if you don’t want to reinstall the same apps again.If you have recently upgraded your operating system to windows 10 OS then you will need it definitely. It is packed with so many great and powerful features that you can use to control the hard disk partitions with an ease. Let us quote some of the coolest features of this software.

  • Extend Partition Wizard:- This feature enables us to increase the partition size in order to solve the low disk space issues.
  • Resize Partition Wizard:-The mentioned featureis used to increase or decrease the size of any previously made partition.
  • Split Partition:– If you are in need of changing or splitting a partition into two or more partitions, then this feature comes handy.
  • Copy partition:– need to copy the whole partition? Worry not as this option will let you do that with ease.

Clone hard drive windows 10

If you too have recently upgraded to the latest windows 10 OS by Microsoft and looking forward to upgrade your present drive so that to make it a little bigger, then trust us this software is the thing that you will need. If you are hoping to transfer your current system, useful data and the applications that you use regularly then this free tool will enable you to do so. By using the method that we are about to explain below, you won’t need to reinstall them again and again, neither you need to copy them one by one.

As if you will copy them one by one, there are chances that windows may fail to boot. You can overcome this entire problem, all that you to do is, just clone hard drive in windows 10. This will enable you to copy all your present drive to the new one.


Step by step guide to clone a hard drive

All ready to copy your data to a new drive but don’t know the procedure? Don’t worry, that’s not a big problem at all. By using this free software you can achieve the task.

Step 1: Download the AMOEI Partition Assistant from here and install it on your pc.

Step 2: select DISK COPY WIZARD.

Step 3: After selecting the option Copy disk quickly, hit next.

Step 4: After selecting the hard drive that you have to clone as resource disk, hit next.

Step 5: chose the destination drive and click next.

Step 6: Click yes, and wait till the operation completed dialogue box appears, congrats, you are done.

Windows 10 Disk Management

You will get this application inbuilt with the windows 10 OS. Windows 10 disk management enables you to manage the partitions without the need of rebooting the system. This inbuilt tool provides you the following features:-

  • Create, format or delete partition
  • Change drive paths and letters
  • Mark partition as active
  • Explore or open partition
  • Extend or shrink partition
  • Add mirror
  • Convert empty MBR to GPT disk
  • Convert empty dynamic disk to basic disk


AMOEI partition Assistant is one of the best partitioning software that can be used to manage the hard disk drive partitions. The best part about this software is that it comes for free and offers great features.

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