Foreign web hosting organizations have excelled in offering web spaces that are equipped with servers that get loaded commendably fast. Native web hosting companies often lack behind with respect to quality services and server speed that hamper its branding and tar customer response. Hosting Raja is one of the few hosting web companies that has raised the bars for other web hosting organizations and emerged promising with its premium service and commendable server loading speed. This web hosting company has prodigiously grown over the years since its inception and is currently one of the superior web hosting organizations nationally.

Hosting Raja Establishment and Attainments


Customer Satisfaction is the primary concern of any business and Hosting Raja has set an epitome of brilliance with its quality service. It has recently bagged two prestigious awards in the year 2010 and 2012 as the top web host. This web development company was started a decade earlier in the year 2015 and over the years it has dilated its portfolio to all corners of the nation currently hosting over more than 10000 hosting accounts.

Hosting Raja was started in a decade earlier in the year 2005 and over the years it has dilated its portfolio to every corner of national boundary. The services and features of this web-development company are way more profitable for blogger and website owners that make Hosting Raja high in demand.

Affordable Plans


Hosting Raja has introduced several plans for its services which make it feasible and affordable for most people who desire to own a web space for their website or blog. Most of the web hosting companies have plans at high ranges while Hosting Raja offers plans from low to moderate prices making the pricing frugal without any compromise with the quality of service offered. Hosting Raja assures the same brilliance of service even at its lowest plans and leaves no stone unturned in offering nothing but the best in server loading speed and services. Such an amazing combination of features and pricing is possible only when you are connected to Hosting Raja.

Lucrative Features of Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja outsmarts the other contemporary web development companies with its plethora of options for everyone interested to start a blog or own a website. It provides JoomlaHosting, WordPress hosting and Magento hosting that are crafted with a view to suffice the CMS’ requirements. Apart from the mentioned hosting, it also provides Linux and Windows Hosting. In most cases either of the two are offered by web hosting companies but Hosting Raja offers both easing the fulfillment of needs and demand.

Make Money with Reseller Hosting


Minting Money is one of the most lucrative offerings of Hosting raja. The novelty of reseller hosting offered by Hosting Raja is where you can sell hosting to other and mint money. This is one of the most distinguished and attractive feature of Hosting Raja that has set a brilliance.

Customer Satisfaction

Hosting raja pays an indispensable attention to all of its customers which gets reflected through its service. It reaches out to its customers via calls, chats and emails. The cherry on the cake is their super responsive nature such that your emails and chats will be responded within a maximum span of 2 minutes while mostly it’s within a minute. Truly, the customer service is commendable and prompt.

Domain Registration and free domains


Hosting raja is equipped with the basic features of domain registration. Like most other web hosting companies Hosting Raja offers registration in domains and also allow switching domain from a different registrar completely free of cost. The feather on the cap is if you avail the unlimited plans then you shall be offered with free domains with each of your plan. This also lets you host unlimited domains.

Final Say

Hosting raja unlike the other web development companies is not complicated but it follows a simple approach and registering is hassle-free. Its features and attractive money minting service is way beyond appreciation that gives you a whole lot in one place. It is completely transparent and there is no hidden cost. Hosting raja is one of the Indian web hosting companies that has evolved so magnificently and has come up with multiple attractive features making it easy and simple for all bloggers to own a website.