How Financial Enterprise Apps Can Help You Sail Ahead Among Competition?

As a business owner you spend a substantial amount of time for finding effective ways for fulfilling your customers’ requirements. In order to speed up the service delivery process, you strategize your business operations, cut unwanted expenditures and frame robust human resource management plans. Have you ever thought of deploying technology for realizing your business goals? If not, then you should invest your resources in developing or procuring the best financial enterprise apps, which would allow you to gain competitive mileage in due course of time.

How an Enterprise Can Survive in Cut Throat Competition?

In current market scenario, those companies can survive, who can deploy intelligent ways for creating brand value and raising productivity of employees. Studies suggest that companies use financial enterprise apps for various reasons including planning, accessing, editing documents, keeping touch with customers and many more.

Financial Enterprise Apps Raise Productivity

Organizations including lawsuit funding companies require financial enterprise apps for enhancing their productivity. These applications can allow staff to communicate fast and stay connected to customers in better way. A robust mobile application can help a manager to analyze the workflow of his or her subordinates and take steps for fixing loopholes of business processes.

Enhance Brand Value

The rising popularity of financial mobile application is setting up a hard trend. Organizations anticipate that their competitors are adopting mobile platforms for streamlining business activities. Therefore, companies spend substantial resources for adopting mobile strategy solutions for full proofing their business.

Nowadays, many companies use shared services of cloud computing for storing valuable data. These services can be easily integrated with the mobile strategies. In addition, businesses are adopting the social media route by deploying various business mobile applications. These applications help marketers to optimize marketing campaigns and attain the best outcomes by building customer loyalty.

During regular transactions, businesses have to generate trust, simplify transactional methods and keep pace with the fast-moving customers. These strategies would allow a company for creating repeat business and attain the word-of-mouth publicity that helps in raising the brand value.

When you deploy financial mobile applications in your business, you are assured of gaining the following competitive advantages.

Streamlining Your Offerings

When customers search for information, they would not go through the entire marketing collateral. They only keep themselves updated with the information that suffices their interests. Therefore, it is important that you stick to the point. A financial mobile app allows you for prioritizing crucial information and presenting contents in a professional manner. In addition, this kind of application becomes more functional than websites while dealing with large volumes of information.

Ease of availability

The usage of financial mobile apps is growing because of speed. When you use these apps, you can quickly access the documents that you need instead of devoting substantial time for finding specific documents on desktop or laptop. In addition, you can contact others and schedule meetings immediately.

The Best Way of Advertising

A financial mobile application is the best medium for carrying out advertising activities. In addition, the reach of the mobile app is greater than mutable television advertisements and billboards. As the app is accessible all time, your brand message gets hammered in consumers’ minds continuously.

Streamlines Business Decision Making Processes

A financial mobile app has the ability to streamline business tasks. You can use this app for making business decisions. The app allows you to go through the financial reports in short time and set future goals.

Briefly, a financial mobile app is the backbone of business operations. This kind of app allows you to go through the financial records at one go and accordingly helps in setting predictive sales. In addition, this app helps a marketer to establish uninterrupted communications with customers and therefore raising brand value.

Author Bio – Jim Brown is a financial mobile app developer. He has designed and deployed such apps for lawsuit funding companies. He often conducts workshops for clients regarding the benefits of using mobile apps for business.

Why Choose Wedding Designer SareesOnline with Bollywood Touch?

Arguably, Bollywood as a one of the most prominent controller of Indian fashion trends. There is no doubt that we are living in a modern age and surrounded by many sources through which we can learn a lot about the world fashion, but people of India prefer to dance to the tune of Bollywood and let the film industry to influence their dressing without any hesitation.



If you are looking for an example, you must remember those short kurtis worn by Bengali beauty Rani Mukherjee in the film ‘BuntyAurBabli’, you can also recall the T-shirt Salwar combo introduced by KareenaKapoor in the film ‘Jab We Met’. Likewise, we can take the example of eye-catching wedding sarees worn by thousands of heroines in numerous Bollywood movies. In short, you can say that the Indian film industry has contributed a lot in redefining the traditional attire. In this article, we will talk about why people love to choose sarees from Bollywood movies.

The Older Clothing Trends with Modern Touch

You will wonder to learn that many centuries ago men used this attire along with women. However, today it is mostly worn by women, the attire offers over 300 draping styles, and each of them provides elegance and grace to the wearer.

However, the traditional attire witnessed a bad phase in the early 20th century, as many women of various ages prefer to wear western clothes. Thanks to the Bollywood that helped the trend of wearing sarees in regaining its place in the heart of millions of Indian women.

How can we forget SushmitaSen wearing a magnificent saree in the film ‘Main HoonNaa’ or the desi girl Priyanka Chopra’s dance in saree in the movie ‘Dostana’.Moreover, you definitely have not missed Bollywood’s one of the most charming lady DeepikaPadukone’s songs in sarees from the movie ‘Chennai Express’. This is how the Bollywood has always inspired the Indian traditional fashion.

The Dream of Every Indian Bride

If you talk about Indian wedding sarees, you cannot go further without mentioning the name of Banarasi silk and Kanjivaram. However, the real fact about the popularity of these two variants of Indian saree is that these two wedding sarees are popularized by Bollywood.

The veteran actor Rekha mostly wore these two variants in her movies. Whenever the legendary Bollywood actor was seen in the parties, she was there in saree with her popular rich-textured drape.

The Rising Popularity of Sarees in Abroad

There is no doubt that the craze of wearing sarees has brought a lot of changes in the dressing sense of Indian women, but the interesting fact is that this traditional ancient attire have acquired its place even in wardrobe list of many global celebrities.

Ranging from the dusky beauty Naomi Campbell, top Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz and gorgeous Victoria Beckham to the rich and popular Oprah Winfrey every one of them wore the traditional Indian attire on several occasions.

Buy Bollywood Designer Sarees Online

There was a time when only top celebs would wear exclusive designs while acting in movies, but the time has been changed and now, anyone can purchase a saree shown in a movie through online stores. Now, it is easy to avail Bollywood sarees for anyone, as many online stores are offering a huge range of sarees shown in various Bollywood flicks.

Sarees have always been the center of attraction in Indian culture and with the help of Bollywood, the trend of wearing designers’ sarees has surged.

Author Bio-Karl Banks is fashion enthusiast, who has written many articles related with world fashion in top-ranked fashion journals. In this article, the author has mentioned how designer sarees online can fulfill one’s dream of wearing Bollywood sarees.

Compare Cars – New Car Comparisons in India by AutoPortal

As the 10th largest automobile industry in the world, India’s automobile industry is becoming a major global industry.

When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you have to do your homework. Prices, models, mileage, repair and lifetime cost of ownership stats, you need to know it all to make an informed decision. When you’re researching and trying to compare car models, you probably have a few sites you head to in order to make sure you are getting recent information, updates and more. These days, there are hundreds of websites devoted to all aspects of motoring, including prices, renting a car, petrol prices, insurance and much more. covers automobiles to the core as well as the auto industry.

aaaaaa is one of the most trusted automobile portal in the country, which provides very useful information on buying cars and contains useful information related to finance, insurance, spare parts and vehicles service. There is an extensive catalogue of cars available in India present on the website. The site hosts listings for all passenger cars sold in India, information on brands, products, pricing, features and dealers.

This web portal also brings to its readers to-the-minute insights from around the world. The car finder helps you find your perfect new car and compare it with its rivals. Choose the most important criteria for your new car namely, price, style, brand and the car comparison lets you compare your car based on the selected criteria. You can also compare cars using criteria like mileage, seating options, and features as well. Comparison gives a crystal clear distinction between the chosen cars. Read expert opinions on why to select a particular model over others. You can choose and compare two to four cars of your choice to see how they compare on price, features, and performance.

The car comparison tool helps you with clear difference between your chosen cars. You can also view expert car comparisons if you need professional opinion on different cars.

One can also find new cars available for sale by city in India. The top cities with a wide range of new cars are included.

AutoPortal has one of the largest databases of used cars in different cities, information about new cars, car reviews, and related services to help consumers reach out to the automobile dealers. Comparing Indian cars was never this easy. The easy to use browser interface offers users a whole new experience and customer satisfaction.

There was a time when customers had to rely on magazines, classified ads in news papers and other sources to get information about new cars. Now with so much information available at a click of a mouse, AutoPortal presents you the easiest way of comparing cars.

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Track pants for fitness freaks

The sort of vitality and adaptability today’s way of life requests is humungous. It is critical to be fit, sound, and upbeat and have a quiet personality. Reflection has turned into a need and without a doubt is in vogue. Why not do this with some style and fabulousness? It is only basic, there is a repetitive method for doing things and there is a fun, charming method for doing things. There is a dauntless settle on the later. So make yoga, reflection and doing gym a vital piece of your life and do it with style. Add to your closet collectibles ladies track-pants and polo shirts for women.


Women track pants are outstandingly agreeable and accommodating. Pyjama party’s with companions, over weekend treks, bicycle rides, camps or extends a walk around the patio nursery, the solace and straightforwardness which they offer is just incalculable. Particularly for athletes and fitness freaks it is their everyday garment need. For exercise centre addicts and wellness cracks too track jeans are simply unavoidable. Whether in thin fit, free style, straight fit, and dry fit-they are only great to wear. Particularly for the boyish girl young lady it’s a closet fav and she will wear it to only anyplace, from school to a trek or pretty much as night dress.

The vibe it carries with it is enabling and fiery! Put on a couple of tracks and you need to do those 100 squats immediately! Keep in mind those PT classes we had in school? We generally wore tights or track-pants; however they were not all that popular then. Today there is exhibit of track-jeans accessible in dynamic shades and new fabrics. There is the dry fit fabric which scores the most astounding among the rest. Cotton, blended cotton and engineered ones are additionally sought after.

So do you get a kick out of the chance to laze around in the cool loose free ones or parade your hot figure in the fitted ones? Picking among the plenty of alternatives accessible in the business sector should now be possible at your own particular comfort and simplicity of time at your own particular home. Simply open the American Swan site to see the most recent and the trendiest gathering of track-jeans for women. Made with 100% cotton, material and polyester it is a definitive scope of solace attire. Doing errands, going for your morning run or simply lazing in your bean sack at home-track jeans are the best alternatives to slip into! Purchase ladies track-pants online in India at stunning costs and practice like a fashionista. The clothing you wear contributes an incredible arrangement to how you feel. So invigorate, include the spunk and ‘to –do’ disposition to your persona , enjoy yoga, reflection and doing gym stunningly with these track-pants. Whether short, seventy five percent or full, these can add a sweet appeal to your closet. There is no better time than now to make a wellness administration, get a cool pair of tracks and begin Today!! Sound body and psyche prompts a more satisfied you.

5 Great Made-in-America Home Improvement Ideas

Simpson Door Co.

Simpson Door Co.

The made-in-America movement is going strong these days: We’re producing more of our own energy, more of our own cars, and more of our own manufacturing jobs. In fact, even foreign automotive brands have adopted the “Made in America” credo. So as we head into Labor Day weekend, let’s take a moment to appreciate great pieces for your home that were proudly made in the U.S. of A! And let’s do it state by glorious state!

Made in Florida: When wire hangers and a single hanging rod won’t do, ClosetMaid offers SuiteSymphony, a step up from the standard closet but not quite the stuff of this two-story Chanel-inspired closet. ClosetMaid, the inventor of wire closet shelving, offers a new weathered wood-look product that is manufactured in Florida. “Sixty-one percent of all recent home buyers will upgrade their closet systems within 18 months,” says Lisa Engel, vice president of consumer business at ClosetMaid. With a $2,000 investment, she says, homeowners can create their own version of a glam room.

SuiteSymphony line


ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony products

Made in Pennsylvania: Want the look of stone without having to endure cold feet? That’s the promise of Alterna Luxury Vinyl by Armstrong. Bonus: This composite flooring uses stone mined in Illinois then assembled in Pennsylvania—making it doubly American! The Allegheny Slate flooring shown below costs about $600 to $700 for about 100 square feet.

Alterna Luxury Vinyl flooring in Allegheny Slate


Alterna Luxury Vinyl flooring by Armstrong

Made in Ohio: OK, let’s just put it out there: There’s nothing sexy about shopping for a new toilet. Yet, when it’s time to replace your water-guzzling throne, why not seek an eco-friendly one made in none other than the Buckeye State? Mansfield Plumbing is based in Perrysville and produces an extensive line of well-priced water-saving toilets.

Brentwood bathroom collection

Mansfield Plumbing

Mansfield Plumbing Products

Made in Washington: Fun fact: Nothing can up your curb appeal and recoup your reno budget as quickly as replacing your front door. Simpson Door Co. has been crafting solid-wood doors from Douglas fir, Nootka cypress, and other woods native to the Pacific Northwest since 1912. Most of its most popular exterior doors are made inMcCleary and now include water protection as a standard feature rather than an upgrade. Even if you don’t decide to buy—a door like this one can set you back about $1,800—play around with their design-a-door tools to get some inspiration.

Solano® III Exterior Door in Douglas fir

Simpson Door Co.

Simpson Door Co.

Made in Kentucky: Wait, so this new GE fridge will brew my morning coffee? Sign me up! This latest in creature comforts just might be the most satisfying, especially ifPhilz Coffee develops a K-Cup. This new french door Cafe Series refrigerator has an in-door hot water dispenser fitted with a Keurig brewing system. Genius! You’ll need to wait until fall for this upgrade, and it will set you back about $3,300—but it’s coffee dispensed like water from your fridge. Now that’s American.

When Home Appliances Were Pastel


There’s no color more optimistic than pink, right?

That may be one reason soft pink and its cousins—soft yellow, turquoise, and mint green—were so popular in homes during the better-living-through-science 1950s. While the war years, with their drab khaki and navy tones, had been all about sacrifice and living with less, the postwar era was about abundance.

As one author wrote, “Post-war hues turned to exuberant and confident new ‘Atomic age’ colors. Poised pastels were juxtaposed with joyful primaries.”

As suburbs with single-family homes sprouted across the land, many of their kitchens were filled with pastel appliances like this one:

A 1957 General Electric stove

The Henry Ford Museum

A 1957 General Electric stove

You may have noticed: These days you can also pick up a turquoise (it’s more robin’s egg, admittedly) stove like this one:

Big Chill retro stove

Big Chill

The 36" Retro Stove

Before the earthy tones of the 1960s and ’70s (who isn’t eager to blame that era for the avocado, mustard, and rust shades that prevailed?), colors such as Stratford Yellow, Sherwood Green, Cadet Blue, Wood-tone Brown, and Petal Pink were the rage.

Pink was especially popular—so much so that there’s now a movement afoot to save the “Mamie pink” bathrooms, which were plentiful in this area. (The rosy shade was a favorite of President Eisenhower’s wife.) A 1950s pink refrigerator was a wee bit harder to come by.

A 1950s two-door Frigidaire

Vintage Appliances and Restoration

a 1950s two-door Frigidaire

These days, it’s pretty easy to pick up a pink fridge.

Northstar retro refrigerator

Elmira Stove Works

Northstar refrigerator

And, lest the little guys feel left out, rest assured: We have now re-entered the era of the small pastel appliance: the mixer and the toaster.

KitchenAid stand mixer


Artisan® Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
Smeg retro-style toaster


50s Retro Style Toaster


Don’t worry, though. You can still get most of this stuff in stainless steel.

6 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive


Want your place to look like those home design website images you drool over? Of course you do! Problem is, your budget may not match your design aspirations. Fear not! Making your home look high-end isn’t always about spending tons of cash.

It’s a matter of taking the time and care to arrange things in an eye-pleasing way—and making small, inexpensive updates that have a big impact. In other words, it’s about being sneaky.

Here are a few tricks to pull if you want to add the illusion of luxury.

Build Your Own Samantha Collection modular cabinets
Build Your Own Samantha Collection modular cabinets

1. Declutter

Nothing says “this home ain’t worth much” like tons of disjointed knickknacks, piles of books, and other miscellaneous items that should be tossed or stored.

No, you don’t need to go full Marie Kondo, but going through your rooms and getting rid of anything that doesn’t mesh with your personal style is a great first step toward transforming your home from average to exceptional.

Walk through each room of your home and edit items. Make some tough decisions. Sure, you love your grandma’s vintage Chinese vase, but does it really jibe with your West Elm look? It might be time to store it or let it live in another room with similar family heirlooms.

Next step: Tackle any stuff that piles up—toys (if you have kids), shoes by the door, mail on the dining table. At the very least, find places for your stuff to live in a more organized way; an upgraded closet with beautifully sorted nooks and crannies looks luxurious. (Pro tip: We love Pottery Barn’s build-your-own pieces.)

2. Eliminate grunge

You may not have time for intensive cleaning on a weekly basis, but a once- or twice-yearly deep clean is an easy way to make your home look far more luxurious. After all, you rarely see a mansion with dirty baseboards.

Go through your home and search for overlooked areas that have become dirty and downright gross. You’ll want to pay special attention to the grouting, says designerYoung Huh.

“Having old tile cleaned and regrouted makes a huge difference in having your bathroom look sparkly and fresh,” she says. Best of all: The process is simple and inexpensive.

Get sparkly new floors–minus the refinishing. Try steam cleaning wood floors for an immediate lift to the finish.

3. Add—or rearrange—lighting

Designers use lighting to define spaces and separate rooms, making a small space grand.

Think of your living room—where you might have a reading nook, sofas and chairs for company, and a television. Visually differentiate among the areas by using different kinds of lighting: Add a table lamp beside your cozy reading chair and sconces behind your couch for conversation. Consider a dimmer for overhead lights. Architects and lighting designers swear by them. Installing is a relatively simple DIY.

Bonus cheapskate tip: Use warm-colored lightbulbs, Huh says. Cool tones are a “sure-fire way to make your home look down-market,” she says. Daylight bulbs work best for reading nooks.

8-inch fused glass door pulls


8-Inch Fused Glass Closet Door Pulls Large Cabinet Pulls Amber White Home Decor Door Hardware Office Kitchen Bathroom Extra Large Pulls

4. Upgrade your hardware

Don’t have a kitchen renovation in the budget? You can get a similar effect for much less by swapping out old, dated hardware for new.

Tired of your brushed-steel drawer pulls? Try gold, bronze, or even crystal—or make an adventure of it and scour your local thrift store for vintage hardware that screams your style.

It’s not hard to find attractive options in any decor style for next to nothing (a drawer pull, for instance, might start at just $3 or less). For hard-to-find designs, search etsy.

Changing the countertop and faucets is another change that can make your home look much pricier, Huh says. If you have the budget, exchange your dated sink accessories for something fresh that matches your brand-new hardware.

5. Repaint

There’s no simpler way to make an old home feel new than painting.

“This is the most important part,” Huh says. “Repaint and choose beautiful colors for an instant makeover.”

You can’t go wrong with classy neutrals. Minimalists might love a bright white combined with a bold accent wall; DIY decorators might enjoy a tasteful, sandy tan tone, which pairs well with any number of woods.

Paint isn’t just for your walls: Add some color to your front door, window trims, or even the floor, if you’re brave (hardwood can look amazing when painted white).

Family room vignette

Ladybird and Fellow

Family Room Vignette

6. Focus on the devil in the (decor) details

Does your home feel a little meh—and you’re not sure how to change it? Try vignettes—combine decor items (e.g., vases, frames, and objets) that add visual interest to an otherwise bland area—perhaps a shelf or console table.

Organize your vignette around a theme so that the decor items are unified and tell a visual story. Go around your house and cull items you love that need a new home (see tip No. 1 on decluttering).

For example, take that silver tray you’ve been wanting a use for, add a glass tumbler with a fresh flower, that postcard your parents sent from Thailand, and a white bowl filled with colorful candy. Voilà: You now have a magazine-worthy vignette!

Another way to go: Grouping together multiples of the same object (e.g., glass vases in the same color) is an instant update. Decorators often use odd numbers because they are said to be more appealing.

Before you know it, you’ll be posting pics of your gorgeous home.

Squeezing a Slide Into the House

John and September Higham with daughter Katrina, 21, and son Jordan, 18, in their Mountain View, Calif. home.

Scott Jones is a kid at heart—with kids of his own. So when he remodeled his home in Carmel, Ind., he looked for a playful addition that would appeal to children of all ages. His solution: a 28-foot mahogany slide that descends into the great room of his house.

“I like everyone to have fun,” says Mr. Jones, a 54-year-old entrepreneur who says the slide consumed about $150,000 of his roughly $10 million remodeling budget. “The slide brings that out.”

It’s brazenly impractical, and as one owner found out, perhaps not the best feature for resale value. Still, builders and architects say a handful of determined luxury homeowners have successfully installed slides in their own abodes.

The owners say they’d do it again. Mr. Jones, whose home also includes a two-story indoor treehouse and a secret bookcase that connects a few bedrooms, says grown guests will often get on the slide to zoom downstairs. He once had a visitor in her 90s take a turn. “She had a dress on and said, ‘I’m too old to care,’” he says.

Building a residential slide demands resourcefulness, as how-to guides or builders with experience are in short supply. Mr. Jones enlisted boat builder Rodney Miller to construct the two-ton slide using a cold-molding technique—a process where layers of veneer are applied with vacuum pressure to wood. When the slide was completed, Mr. Miller had trouble fitting it inside the doorways of Mr. Jones’s home. The solution, to turn the slide vertically, came when Mr. Miller’s wife designed a small model to show how the slide could fit in the home.

The slide took 18 months to create and install. “Given how much joy it has brought to my children, their friends… I’d say it was well worth it,” says Mr. Jones.

Minneapolis-based home builder Steve Kuhl has built slides in two homes. One was his own: a yellow-and-orange plastic chute installed in his $1.3-million house at an estimated cost of between $8,000 to $9,000.

Mr. Kuhl used 3-D rendering computer software to model how the 22-foot slide would fit. He then had the slide shipped and installed from a manufacturer of playground equipment in South Carolina—a process that took just several days. Accessed through a hidden door in the cabinet, the slide goes from the mudroom to the basement.

Mr. Kuhl’s primary reason for installing the slide was to surprise his two children. It also appealed to him because it provides his children, ages 2 and 4, with a source of exercise. “If they want to do it again, they have to climb the stairs,” he says.

As it turns out, Mr. Kuhl’s slide is also popular with guests at happy hour. “I’ve had to clean up more than one cocktail from the slide,” he says.

When John and September Higham purchased their home in Mountain View, Calif. in 1999 for $437,000, they were disappointed that the small backyard did not provide much room for their children to play. So Mr. and Mrs. Higham, an aerospace engineer and software consultant respectively, decided to bring a slide and other jungle gym equipment, including a zip line and rock climbing wall, indoors.

The yellow slide was fitted in the wall of the home in several pieces. The components cost $600 and took a few days to install, says Mrs. Higham. The slide is still used by their kids, now 21 and 18, and their friends. “Kids really don’t grow out of these things,” says Mrs. Higham.

In 2011, architect Wayne Turett says he was asked by professional poker player Phil Galfond to find a creative way to connect two apartments he owned on adjoining floors in Manhattan. At first, Mr. Turett was stymied, toying with a number of alternatives, including a fireman’s pole. He ultimately suggested a metal slide. Mr. Galfond, who was in his 20s at the time, reacted enthusiastically.

The project, which Mr. Turett estimates cost between $30,000 and $40,000, initially presented a challenge for the architect, who had never before designed a slide. After consulting with a slide manufacturer, however, he says he felt confident about creating one with appropriate curves and rate of descent.

A slide can present another challenge: finding a buyer who wants one. Mr. Galfond sold the apartment. The current owner removed the slide last year because it used too much space in the living room, says Holly Sose of City Connections Realty, one of the listing agents at the time. The owner had put the unit on the market, but later decided to keep it after doing renovations.

“I think the slide would have made it impossible to sell,” says Ms. Sose. “In my opinion, design-wise, it was a joke.”

Don’t Refuse These 5 Stylish Refuse Bins


You already know that you can buy a high-design chicken coop, a high-design cat bed, and a high-design doghouse. (Yes, they make fancy versions of all manners of pedestrian objects—and not just ones for pets.)

Today, we bring you the high-design version of the lowly trash can. The contents may be rubbish, but that doesn’t mean the container should be.

Single Master in almond


The Single Master in Almond

Single Master Waste Bin by Wesco

We’re fond of the almond-colored power-coated steel on this handsome fella, though it also comes in white, black, and red. This one is 2 gallons, but it comes in other sizes.

Dotted VIPP


The Dotted Vipp

VIPP Spot Bin by Damien Hirst

If you weren’t impressed by the sleek lines of the traditional VIPP, perhaps one designed by a world-renowned artist will catch your eye. Damien Hirst’s colorful dots are a lot nicer to look at than the piece he made with the cow.

Spaceboy in orange


The Spaceboy in orange


Spaceboy Waste Bin by Wesco

How did you ever store your trash in something so backward-looking as a plain cylinder? This Spaceboy also comes in red, almond, and space-age “new silver.”

Korzina in green

Karim Rashid for Casamania

The Korzina in green

Korzina Garbage Can by Karim Rashid for Casamania

Korzina sounds quite exotic, though in reality it’s close to the Russian word for “can”—but what a nice can! It also comes in pink, orange, blue, and silver.

Magis in white and orange

designer Jasper Morrison

The Magis in white and red

Made of injection-molded polypropylene (plastic!), the Magis trash bin also comes in beige and black. You can get them in two sizes and in four-packs, each of the same color.

What I wore this week: summer gothic

Jess on festival wear

Is festival fashion still a thing? It isn’t what it was (and praise be for that), but if there is one day a year when it is still relevant, then Glastonbury Saturday is surely that day. There really hasn’t been anything to say about festival fashion in forever, because it’s been hotpants plus wellies plus edgy top referencing either 70s boho or 90s rave, big earrings and a fringed cross-body bag. Kate Moss always wears something awesome, and everyone else spends the rest of the summer in less awesome versions of whatever Kate Moss wore, and that’s about all there is to it.

But this summer, festival fashion finally has a new look, for the first time in about six years. I’m calling it summer gothic. (And before anybody starts writing in, I use the word gothic in the loosest sense and mean no offence to subcultures, living or dead.) Your fashion coordinates are as follows: it’s what boho would look like now, if it were designed by Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy and worn by Kendall Jenner. In other words, it has nothing to do with the Camden Market goth aesthetic and everything to do with Cara Delevingne in odd earrings and those tight side braids that look like an undercut.

Summer gothic makes no actual sense at all, because you can’t do goth in the sunshine. And the hoisted-on-to-boyfriend’s-shoulders, singing-along-to-the-chorus mode of festival girldom doesn’t have a lot of common ground with the Camden Market vibe. But then, hotpants and wellies make no sense, either. None of this matters. Nothing has to make sense at a festival. A touch of weirdness is right and proper. That’s pretty much the whole point.

Summer gothic can be black, in which case it should be semi-sheer rather than heavy. Or it could have a plunging neckline, or cutouts, if your abs can take it. Anything to lighten it up a bit, basically. But so fast and loose are we playing with the idea of gothic here that summer gothic also comes in white: try a lace dress with a high neck, and toughen it up by swapping ballet pumps for Converse. Or wellies, if you must.

• Jess wears dress, £250, Heels, £75, Styling: Melanie Wilkinson. Hair and makeup: Laurence Close at Carol Hayes Management.