Arguably, Bollywood as a one of the most prominent controller of Indian fashion trends. There is no doubt that we are living in a modern age and surrounded by many sources through which we can learn a lot about the world fashion, but people of India prefer to dance to the tune of Bollywood and let the film industry to influence their dressing without any hesitation.



If you are looking for an example, you must remember those short kurtis worn by Bengali beauty Rani Mukherjee in the film ‘BuntyAurBabli’, you can also recall the T-shirt Salwar combo introduced by KareenaKapoor in the film ‘Jab We Met’. Likewise, we can take the example of eye-catching wedding sarees worn by thousands of heroines in numerous Bollywood movies. In short, you can say that the Indian film industry has contributed a lot in redefining the traditional attire. In this article, we will talk about why people love to choose sarees from Bollywood movies.

The Older Clothing Trends with Modern Touch

You will wonder to learn that many centuries ago men used this attire along with women. However, today it is mostly worn by women, the attire offers over 300 draping styles, and each of them provides elegance and grace to the wearer.

However, the traditional attire witnessed a bad phase in the early 20th century, as many women of various ages prefer to wear western clothes. Thanks to the Bollywood that helped the trend of wearing sarees in regaining its place in the heart of millions of Indian women.

How can we forget SushmitaSen wearing a magnificent saree in the film ‘Main HoonNaa’ or the desi girl Priyanka Chopra’s dance in saree in the movie ‘Dostana’.Moreover, you definitely have not missed Bollywood’s one of the most charming lady DeepikaPadukone’s songs in sarees from the movie ‘Chennai Express’. This is how the Bollywood has always inspired the Indian traditional fashion.

The Dream of Every Indian Bride

If you talk about Indian wedding sarees, you cannot go further without mentioning the name of Banarasi silk and Kanjivaram. However, the real fact about the popularity of these two variants of Indian saree is that these two wedding sarees are popularized by Bollywood.

The veteran actor Rekha mostly wore these two variants in her movies. Whenever the legendary Bollywood actor was seen in the parties, she was there in saree with her popular rich-textured drape.

The Rising Popularity of Sarees in Abroad

There is no doubt that the craze of wearing sarees has brought a lot of changes in the dressing sense of Indian women, but the interesting fact is that this traditional ancient attire have acquired its place even in wardrobe list of many global celebrities.

Ranging from the dusky beauty Naomi Campbell, top Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz and gorgeous Victoria Beckham to the rich and popular Oprah Winfrey every one of them wore the traditional Indian attire on several occasions.

Buy Bollywood Designer Sarees Online

There was a time when only top celebs would wear exclusive designs while acting in movies, but the time has been changed and now, anyone can purchase a saree shown in a movie through online stores. Now, it is easy to avail Bollywood sarees for anyone, as many online stores are offering a huge range of sarees shown in various Bollywood flicks.

Sarees have always been the center of attraction in Indian culture and with the help of Bollywood, the trend of wearing designers’ sarees has surged.

Author Bio-Karl Banks is fashion enthusiast, who has written many articles related with world fashion in top-ranked fashion journals. In this article, the author has mentioned how designer sarees online can fulfill one’s dream of wearing Bollywood sarees.