Technology has made it far easier for companies to become more efficient, and the home health management software industry is one that has exploded in recent years. This is partially due to home healthcare becoming a larger industry, and so software has been developedas a way for agencies to streamline their home care systems.

With so many new products on the market, it can be a challenge for agencies to choose the right one for their needs. Before you decide on software, analyze these 3 elements to help narrow down your choices.


Your Billing Methods

Healthcare billing is complex, and larger agencies often find that billing departments can require lots of time, resources, and manpower to keep the process moving. Entering home care into the equation only makes things more complicated, as this means that departments often have to deal with Medicare and private insurance companies. This can mean a number of different processes are running at any time, and your staff may quickly become overwhelmed with processing payments and monitoring claims.

If you find yourself with a pushed-to-the-max billing department, a software management program can help make sure your process is streamlined and online, allowing for team collaboration and properly recorded data.

Your Caregiver Communication Methods

One of the challenged home healthcare agencies face is keeping track of patient visits and making sure individual caregivers are properly dispatched. For some agencies, this becomes a hugely tedious process of finding phone numbers and calling caregivers if a schedule changes. Plus, maintaining accurate and up-to-date service visit records is essential for auditing and records collection requirements, so you’ll want to make sure you have a system for making this information consistent and clear.

The problem? This process relies on several areas that have the potential for error. While your caregivers are thoroughly vetted and responsible people, they are still people, and may forget to keep track of visit time. Besides, you want to be sure you know whether or not your caregivers have a pattern of lateness to make sure your patients are receiving adequate care. Finally, yet another team is required in this scenario to make sure that caregiver timecards are properly and promptly recorded for billing.

Most software management programs seek to help agencies streamline this process with integrated tracking and messaging systems, making sure that information can be sent in the blink of an eye.

Your Security Methods

Patient privacy is essential, and with the move to online and computer-based systems, many agencies are tasked with making sure internal processes are HIPAA compliant. The storage of documents needs to be protected, and any information transmitted must be securely encrypted. If your agency is relying on multiple apps and services to maintain this information safely, a home health management software will likely help you get all of your information in one place, while making sure it stays secure. Plus, the software will be up-to-date with any industry changes to privacy regulations, giving you one less thing to manage.