Today, there is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular and most populous social networks on the cyberspace. Besides the deep societal impact it has, with over 400 million active users, the creators of the app received an incredible $1 billion buyout after as less as 18 months of existence. With a premise intrinsically as simple as sharing pictures, liking and commenting, all of which already existed on eminent networks, the true reason behind Instagram’s raging popularity and addictiveness was shrouded in mystery.

It’s Visual

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million pictures! Based on this premise, Instagram accentuates and encourages the visual aspect of communication. Instead of breaking out into long rants or extensive walls of text, users now present content in an appealing, bright and visual manner. This opens up whole new avenues of communication and allows users to tap into their inner creativity. It is a lot of fun, light to use, and really pretty to look at. What more could you want from a social network?

It’s Fun!

A quite common reason stated by users who eventually become inactive on social media is boredom. They feel as if their online presence has fallen into some kind of rut, and socializing online takes too much effort on their part; it’s just not worth it. These issues never arise with Instagram, because it is simple, interesting and a whole lot of fun. There is always a host of new posts waiting for you on your feed, and an explore option if you wish to look further.

There are tons of activities you can participate in, hosted by prominent pages, celebrities and other personalities. The “Photo-A-Day” Challenge was among these, where users would be given a topic each day and would have to post any one picture based on that. These activities are a lot of fun, and also boost the number of likes and followers on your profile, so it’s a win-win situation! There are support apps, IFTTT recipes and quirky aspects like an Instagram bot which can automate and add new dimensions to your Instagram presence.

It’s Instantaneous

Instagram is popular because it is instant. Long loading times or clumsy UI are a thing of the past now. The latest version of Instagram is known to load super-quickly. In this era of instant gratification, this feature is enough to attract more and more users.

It’s Ingenious

A status update, whether on Twitter or Facebook could be pretty dull and boring. If you use nice snaps with a nice border and some retro-style filter effect along with your status update, things would definitely become far more visually pleasing and appealing. Instagram allows its user to demonstrate his imagination & creativity. Any and everybody could easily demonstrate his artistic inclination and prowess on Instagram. Simple things could look amazing in just a matter of few seconds thanks to Instagram.

It’s Social

Man is a social animal. We crave connections. Besides being a sharing platform, Instagram is seamlessly integrated with social features like “heart” for likes, hashtags and comments. Hashtags especially are extremely distinctive, as they open up whole new worlds of posts on any microblogging platform like IG or Twitter. You can follow whoever you want, add friends, make connections and build a whole network around yourself.

These simple social aspects inject some life into your daily routine. You can share what you are doing, seeing, buying or eating; the sky is the limit. Instagram is also completely integrated and friendly with Facebook and Twitter so your posts are essentially multi-platform in nature.

It’s Free!

Beyond everything, Instagram is completely free, open to access for everyone. It is the embodiment of fun communication, and has gone from being an emerging social network to a phenomenon beyond compare.

Author Bio: Martin Blomfeld is a blogger and socialite. He enjoys writing articles and answers on Quora, looking up new apps and technology like an Instagram bot or a new IoT breakthrough, and taking photographs.