Loan consolidations are situation where a debtor has to settle all his loans in order to be debt free. If the creditor is a bank then the bank starts withdrawing the cash from the borrower’s or the debtor’s bank account in order to consolidate the debt. If there is a loan that a person has taken from a bank then the situation would be faced in a different way. There are basically two kinds of loan. One is known as the secured loan and the other is known as the unsecured loan. The difference between the secured and unsecured loan is stated below-

Secured loan– in case of secured loan the borrower or the loan applicant needs to keep some of his assets as a security deposit with the concerned bank that is giving the loan. Also the borrower needs to have an account with the same bank. The security deposit mostly consists of property papers, vehicles or gold loans where a person keeps the gold he own and takes money in return. In secured loan, if the debtor fails to pay the debt amount back on time then the bank moves step by step and approaches the borrower to get the money back. In case the borrower does not respond and tries to run out of the situation then the bank uses the security deposit to settle the loan. They either use the property if they need it or they sell it in auction to get the best price out of it and fulfills there outstanding amount.


Unsecured loan– in unsecured loan there is no such security deposit. This kind of loan often involves in two individuals and not a firm. A bank gets involved when there is a credit card debt. Credit card debt is a situation where a bank account holder owns a credit card and ends up spending more than that of the credit card limit. Each credit card is signed with a limited amount depending upon the account holder’s status and bank statements. In case the credit card owner spends more than the limited amount and then is not able to pay the amount back on time then the bank gets involved and tries legal ways to consolidate credit card debt.

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