You’ve wanted to be a doctor since your childhood but have you decided what kind of doctor do you want to be? Medicine offers a myriad range of options and is definitely a highly rewarding career, but selecting the right way needs a high amount of planning and thoughtfulness. You may also be compelled to make some difficult choices to achieve your goal. Some experts’ advice and guidance can prove to be helpful to guide you along your career planning.

medical-career-trendsWhat should be my objective? The notion of a “perfect career” shall be relatively different for each and every person but it is nevertheless unique to you. You should ask some elementary questions to yourself so that you can fall on the right track of pursuing your medical career.

  • What according to you is a rewarding career?
  • What sort of achievements do matter the most to you?
  • Which factors of your work and life do you aim to balance?
  • Which skills of yours do you wish to utilise and optimise?
  • Do you have any special preference for a particular type of team work and working environment?
  • And finally, which practical factors are the most important to you?

After cracking the AIPMT entrance, some doctors may prefer to choose between some kind of speciality or GP   training, while others may opt to gain general experience in his native country or overseas. Remember, none of these career options is the most perfect way of starting your medical career, it is all about following the track that’s perfect for you.

Change is the only constant: You can rarely find a doctors who would agree that that they have ended up in the career they aspired to when their medical course began. Regardless of which career path you select, your priorities will change with the passage of time and what you least expected of may happen. As a result, your goals and ambitions may turn topsy-turvy, which would eventually influence your career choices.

Always be practical: It’s great to have a dashing career plan. But it may not be practically attainable owing to your merits, money, present job scenario as well as your personal circumstances. Don’t ever move ahead without a backup plan. There is an immense choice in medicine along with various pathways that will help you to reach your goal.

So where should I start from? Try to structure your medical career planning and decision-making skills for encompassing the clear stages of career development.

  • Assess your educational history: Exploring your motivators, career values, preferences,personal strength and weaknesses will help you understand yourself much better than assuming what’s right for you and you can easily get directed towards the career that would suit you.
  • Explore your career opportunities: Establishing your options and alternatives will help you to gather information about what you want to be. If you’re specifically interested in something, but have no clue as to where it can take you then you can seek help from the organised testers. You can also speak to someone who is experienced in these matters and can guide you well. But above all be proactive with all the advice and support you receive.
  • Decide what’s better for you: Evaluating your options, skills and attributes against the actual roles will aid you in considering and clarifying your options and preferences and make choices.

•Implement your plans properly: This is the final step towards reaching your medical career goal through AIPMT 2016. Here you will have to undertake a detailed research into the posts that you’ve aspired to pursue along with preparing for assessments and interviews.