Sometimes there are certain live streaming videos or Skype calls that urge you to record them and watch again later. Alas, not many websites offer downloading options or high quality recorded streamed videos. But we chanced upon the Movavi Screen Capture Studio and were amazed at its video capturing ability as a potential streaming video recorder and a plethora of editing tools like the ability to add titles and music along with additive personalization features catering to enhancement of visuals.

We analyzed the software by capturing streaming videos and editing them and realized the extremely user-friendly interface at our disposal. Nobody has to be very technically proficient while using this software as everything is pretty much de-cluttered on the screen and the editing tools are very well laid out and experimentation is fun and amusing.

Record the streaming!

Recording a streaming video was very smooth and the file thus saved was of high quality. Initially, the software asks you to set the capture parameters that help you adjust the frame of the video you are looking forward to record. We appreciate the flexibility offered by the software in terms of capturing the video at the suitable frame rate. There’s the option of choosing the audio sourcing, be it from audio sets or microphones, MIDI devices and also the option of having cursor, keypad visibility.


The blessing – Scheduled recording

 One of the most useful features Movavi could offer in its software, as we personally believe because this is something that has been lacking in many good screen capture softwares out there, was that of scheduled recording. It helps one to configure the program so as to schedule a recording thus providing more autonomy to the user. Run your errands or take a bathroom break as Movaviacts as a streaming video recorder and records according to the customized capture timer settings that help you specify when, what and how much to capture.


A lineup of editing tools!

 We appreciate the software for its host of editing tools at user’s disposal. One can add titles, cut unwanted pieces off the recording, add clips and introduce smooth transitions and thereafter save the file in one of the many formats available.


Support services

 We really like the online support service of the software with its Live Chat feature that provides a faster means of communication for immediate problem solving unlike the conventional emailing. Also, we could access multiple online tutorials so as to learn easy tricks and editing tasks.


Movavi Screen Capture Studio definitely stands out when it comes to easy screen capture and the ability to function as a streaming video recorder with its user-friendly interface, multiple editing tools and a helpful support service. It is competitively priced with some features that could give other softwares a run for their money. The screen capture features along with the various editing tools would certainly help the various tutors running YouTube channels so as to enhance the professional look of their tutorials. The easy recording feature (especially the scheduled recording) would serve as a blessing for those who would want to record a live match and watch it later, or just about anything important as one deems.