5 Tips For Incorporating Ethnic Prints In Casual Wear

Indians are blessed with an array of patterns they can call traditional and ethnic. Ethnic prints do not refer only to Indian prints anymore, however. With fashion becoming truly global, prints that are foreign are also ethnically inclined. However, with so many patterns, you have to keep some pointers in mind to make it work for women’s and men’s ethnic wear. While written in reference to Indian ethnic prints, keep these points in mind while wearing any bold print.

  1. Make sure your patterns don’t clash

There is a lot of wiggle room with patterns and multiple patterns in Indian ethnic wear. It is very easy to get carried away with looking different or even making a style statement. When in doubt, go simple. You can never fault a patterned pair of pants with a plain coloured top. A patterned jacket with single colour pants and tops is a classic, yet different look.

  1. Be Bold

While sticking to simple when in doubt is a must, you should stick to your gut feeling. Styles are made by the bold. Don’t fall into the already defined categories if you are confident about your look. Ethnic patterns on shoes, on your hair accessories, it’s all trendy! Ethnic dresses have been around for a while and they are the perfect fusion of the two trends of fashion. At one point of time, ethnic dresses were a bold choice, too.

  1. Colour choices

Remember, contrast can be very tricky. Traditional Indian ethnic wear has extensive contrasting colours in the complete look. However, when you are trying to incorporate ethnic prints into casual wear, you have to be a little more careful. For example, red and pink looks good in a kurta or a kurti but may not look so good with pants and tops.

  1. Accessorise correctly

With thick black eyeliner and maybe a few bracelets or bangles, the addition of a more traditional print is seamless. Pair with shoes that are neither Indian nor western and you will have a look that is truly fusion. You can choose to wear only accessories that have some ethnicity to it, instead of incorporating it into your outfit. Jackets, shoes and bags are an easy way to change your look completely. Bindis are a brilliant way to accessorise ethnic wear for women.

  1. Choose the right pattern

Wearing large patterns makes a statement. It’s bold and it cannot be ignored. Similarly, subtle patterns are fine distinctions that only the incisive can make. Subtle patterns can be missed, however. The difference between bold and subtle patterns should be noted and worn correctly. Confusing the place and time to wear your style statement can really ruin an otherwise great outfit.

Hassle Free Way To Shop Clothing And Accessories

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Popular terms you should know when you play Texas Hold’em Poker Table Stakes

One of the most popular card games in the world and particularly in Vegas, Texas hold‘em has been around since more than a century. However, not everyone is a pro at this betting game. If you are a novice looking to learn something about this sharp game or perhaps looking to start playing the game yourself, here is a list of terms that you may want to learn to earn some credibility when you sit at the poker table:

  • Table stakes

Probably, the most important term you need to understand is this: texas holdem poker table stakes. It is essentially the limit on the amount that each player can lose or win in a single hand of the play. According to traditional rules, the player is not allowed to bet more money than what they had on the table at the beginning of that particular hand.

  • All-in

If you have watched enough Bond films, you’ll be well-aware of this term even if you don’t know what it exactly means. In Texas hold‘em, a player says “all in” when they wager all their chips. It can also be used to “call” the other player. What follows is imaginably the most pulsating moment of any game of poker.

  • Blind

Basically, these are forced bets that are called so as the players bet without looking at the cards. There are two “blinds”- small and big. The player, rather the seat, directly left to the dealer is always the small blind while the second seat on the left is the big blind. This way, these two players are the first ones to play all through the hand.

  • Call

When you equal the bet of the other player to remain in the game, you “call” your bet.

  • Check

Not exactly a cool way to play, but you say “check” when you wish to pass your chance by not betting any chips.

  • Door card

Again, if you have seen the suave dealer in British spy films deal; you will notice the first card of the flop being shown with a flourish. This is called the Door Card. This is the first card that the players see as the dealer spreads the flop.

  • Hole cards

A very important term, this indicates the two cards that the dealer deals with every player. Solely for your eyes only, these cards are your throughput the hand.

  • Rake

Now, if the casino is helping you have fun, they need to pocket something, right? Unfortunately, this “something” is a part of the tournament buy-in or the cash pot. In case you see the home-game operator or casino staff pocket this, don’t be alarmed, it’s all a part of the game!

On a parting note, ensure that you know the particular rules that the people you are playing with or the club you’re following, as different places have different rules when it comes to their favourite card betting game.

So what are you waiting for? Pretend to be Clint Eastwood and use your swag to play this game!

Get Acquainted With The Legal Status Of Health Boosters

Only a few therapeutic performance boosters have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration till date. However, some have been banned by the law to prevent sports persons and bodybuilders from abusing the power of performance boosters that would have actually given them neat benefits had they used it in moderation. Therefore, it would be better to know the legal status of these health boosters.

The truth

The truth about the legal status of the performance enhancers can be found at websites such as http://clencycle.com/. In fact,sites such as these are the ultimate resources on them and how to cycle and stack them with ease. There is also adequate information on the internet on how you can avoid the side effects of consuming the health boosters as well as those of the comments the jury at the court would make in case you have been caught abusing the health enhancers. Websites such as this one are also excellent resources for comparing the then and now pictures of celebrities, who have been involved in bodybuilding using health boosters plus buying resources for performance boosters. If you want to know the truth about performance boosters, try an internet search for the variegated legal problems bodybuilders face on a regular basis as users of the same.

Using the health boosters legally

Your gym coach or an expert on health boosters can tell you a lot about health boosters that even websites may not reveal much about. You never know what you might find out when you talk to him or her about them. Do not switch yourself off from the different resources that would help you find out why the health enhancers are illegal or banned in certain countries and what else you can do to buy them discretely or without the knowledge of those who might oppose the use of these health enhancers. Since these were originally designed to treat asthma attacks in animals and later, to treat children, who have become weak due to some illness they were suffering from, they would need to be used carefully. Otherwise, they can cause you to experience what you had always dreaded.

It’s no big secret

It was once a secret that many people kept from the others regarding the performance enhancers. However, it is no big secret any longer that they have side effects on their users. In fact, websites such as http://clencycle.com/will testify this for you. If you wish to stay lean while not giving up on those muscles that you have earned after working out, consider taking in some health boosters, which will give you that healthy body you had always been craving for. However, you need to remember that they are no substitutes for your exercise regimen or that strict diet you have been following all these years. In fact, no matter what you do, you need to remember that you should consume these in moderation and that exercising is the only way to nullify the side effects of the same.