Boost the health of your liver with silymarin

Maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit is quite a challenging task for human beings living in this toxic environment. Not only proper behavior and attitude but having a proper diet is the key to maintaining a balance between the physical and mental stability. Nowadays, various noxious chemicals are being used in the food that is consumed by the common mass and statistical studies show that good health is on the decline leading to severe diseases like cancer that have reached epidemic proportions. The key to maintaining a good health is by taking proper care of the liver as it’s the liver that takes majority of the burden. The best way to maintain a healthy like is through the consumption of silybummarianum or by the consumption of a combination of its three active compounds collectively known as silymarin. It said to cleanse the liverfrom toxic chemicals and rebuild its normal functioning. It is considered to be one of the best compounds for the protection, detoxification and regeneration of the liver.


Various research studies

Several research studies are being conducted to explore the yet unidentified benefits of this medicinal herb. It has been used both on animals and humans to establish the safety and effectiveness of this magical herb. Some its effects are strong enough to have severe impacts on the human body which is why it is necessary to take the advice of qualified healthcare professional. Studies in Europe have suggested the oral form of this compound to cure cirrhosis. Years of research conducted on human beings indicated the effect of it to reduce the mortality rates on humans suffering from liver ailments. But as all these research have been poorly designed there is lack of sufficient evidence to prove its beneficial effects on consumers. It has also been seen that silybummarianum liquid tinctures keep the blood sugar level in patients within controlled limits but such experiments has only been carried out through trial and error method.

Manner of intake

Many people think that since Milk Thistle is consumed as a liver detoxifier it tastes inedible. But the truth is that all parts of the Milk Thistle is edible and is quite popular in the Mediterranean countries. The bitter leaves of this plant can be chopped and trimmed to be included in a vegetable salad, while the roots can be eaten raw. The flower buds can also be steamed and eaten as an appetizer. The key compound found in the seeds of this herb is silymarin which is known to be up to ten times more effective than vitamin E. Not only is its taste worth mentioning but also its safe and natural healing properties known to protect one of the most important abdominal organs of the human body. There are various chemical drugs in the market that claim to provide adequate protection and healing to the liver but none of them can match the healing properties of silybummarianum liquid tinctures.

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