is a free recruiting platform that aims to help employers to save time when looking for a prospective employee for a job position. Normally, employers have to spend a lot of time reading hundreds of CVs when doing an evaluation for potential candidates. Rekruited solves this problem by allowing employers to create questionnaire and sending invitations to potential candidates. It has a built in tracking system that allows you to track every candidate. Besides, it also serves as a platform to connect all potential candidates so that they can easily find the job they like.


Recruiters must first register for an account as Recruiting Agency. You can sign up for an account through your social media account or email. If you register by connecting directly to your social media account, the registration process will be faster because you don’t have to wait for the confirmation email. If you sign up by entering your email address, it will send you the password and confirmation which you have to click to confirm the account.

Once you have registered for an a Recruiter account, you can create a job listing by entering details such as job title, job description, validity date, and country. You can also create an interview by providing information such as interview title, duration and number of questions. For the questionnaire, you can create a text or multiple choice questions. Once you have finished creating the questionnaire, all you have to do is to start inviting potential candidates that match the criteria of your job listing.

There is a convenient button called Dating with Recruiters that allows you to post your job listing to social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +. If you have a lot of followers on your social media account, this feature will be useful. If you don’t have a social media account, you can send the invitation to the potential candidate through email. The final option is to send your invitation to Dream Job subscribers based on the title of the job listing, location and job industry. The invitations sent via email or dream job subscribers will contain the job code as well as a link to the interview questionnaire.

Job invitations that have been sent will be listed under the Job Invitations section. The system will send an email alert automatically after someone has responded to the invitation you sent. When you click on the Candidates section, you will see all the candidates who took part in the interview questionnaire. Every candidate who takes part in the questionnaire will be listed under this section and they are ranked according to the scores that they achieved.

If you are a candidate looking to apply for a job, you can become a Dream Job subscriber so that you will receive invitations from the prospective employers. Your prospective employers will be able to see your profile if you accept the invitation. When subscribing to the Dream Job, you can choose your country and job position. You can choose to use your email or connect with Facebook to subscribe for a dream job.