Phentermine 15 mg works well to produce faster results

There are many types ad forms of weight loss supplements available, some may be more popular while some may not be that known, some may be very effective while some may not provide any results. Of these, some come under controlled drugs due to legal regulations. Phentermine is one such drug. Yet, it is found to be very popular and commonly used to fight weight gain.

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Phentermine 15 mg is a prescription medicine

Phentermine is a legal and registered weight loss supplement but its use is limited to medical purposes only in many countries. Doctors too cannot prescribe to one and all as rules mention that for doctors to prescribe phentermine to patients, the body mass index of such patients should be over 27.

Obesity needs to be treated medically when it puts patients at a risk for life-threatening sicknesses and also many health disorders. Of course, when the doctor recommends its use to patients, they are monitored well, along with providing nutritious diet low in calorie and also motivating the patients to exercise.

Phentermine is available in different dosages. Phentermine 15 mg is the lowest dosage.  Doctors treating obesity or bariatric specialists often start with the lowest dosage of phentermine to check if the patient’s body is able to tolerate it well. Once, they see that it is being taken well, the dosage may be increased as per the person’s requirements.  The main manner in which phentermine works is that it is able to suppress appetite as it releases appropriate nerve transmissions.  Less appetite means less calorie intake and thereby less weight gain. Though phentermine is available in doses such as 30 and 37.5 mg, beginners are advised to start with phentermine 15 mg.

Results from phentermine 15 mg

When the body mass index crosses 27, a person is said to be obese and unhealthy. It is also the time when the person can at higher risk for diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and so on. If this kind of obesity is not treated in time, then the condition can turn fatal.  Doctors often advise phentermine to treat obesity because of its ability o suppress appetite and thus aid in weight loss. Phentermine 15 mg being the lowest dosage available at the generic pharmaceutical manufacturers, it is what is prescribed first. But if the person does not respond to such a lower dosage, then higher dosages of 30 mg or 37.5 mg is advised.

There may be some side effects associated with phentermine 15 mg or the higher dosages such as nausea, hypertension, and so on. People who suffer from cardiovascular symptoms too are not advised to take the medicine. Also, those who have had drug abuse history too are not prescribed phentermine.

Also, phentermine’s role in catecholamine release is much established and that is why it is regarded as an effective weight loss supplement. The catecholamine is released in the hypothalamus and is responsible for suppression of appetite. For better phentermine results, it is important to adhere to a low calorie but nutritious diet and daily exercises. In some patients doctors may also recommend additional therapies as well.

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