It costs more money to gain a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer. Every happy customer who walks away from your business feeling satisfied is one who will tell others about his or her experiences. That is why so many companies rely on the motto that the customer is always right. While you shouldn’t work hard to retain customers who constantly complain or ask for free products, you should work hard to retain the customers that you already have while targeting new customer bases.

Reward Loyal Customers

A customer loyalty program will cost you some money upfront, but you can make back that money in no time. Many of these programs feature cards that reward customers with points for each dollar they spend. They can then trade in those points to get discounts or other free prizes. You can also host customer loyalty days and reward customers with exclusive discounts when they shop with you. These simple programs make customers feel like you care about them and will make them want to spend more money in your store.

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Work on Employees Skills

A bad employee can completely ruin the reputation that you worked so hard to earn. This might include someone who snaps at a customer at the checkout counter or someone who refuses to let a customer exchange a broken product. Working on your employee skills is especially important when it comes to call center work. Call center consulting is a great way to uncover problem workers and improve the customer service skills of all your workers. They can learn now methods of talking to customers on the phone, find ways of handling customer complaints and learn when to turn over calls to management.

Check Social Media Sites

It only takes one negative review or complaint on a social media site to make other customers hesitate before working with you. That is why you should check your social media sites several times a day. Hiring a social media manager is helpful too. That manager can post reviews and updates for you, respond to comments left by customers and let you know about complaints and bad reviews found online. The reputation of your company is important, which is why many business owners work hard to keep customers happy. Retain your customers with reward programs, social media comments and employees who can better handle their problems.