The benefits, dose and side effects of Serostim HGH

Growth hormone is necessary for body’s normal growth and is secreted by the body. It is responsible for many functions and it also helps in the maintenance of muscles. When the levels of the hormone are reduced in the body, apart from many symptoms related to growth, muscle weakness too can occur. That is when it becomes essential to administer the hormone to the person. The FDA has approved the hormone drug, known as Serostim HGH or Somatropin for treating with those suffering from muscle-wasting as a result of HIV and AIDS.

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Serostim HGH benefits

Serostim HGH works in similar ways as the natural growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland as the chemical composition of both is almost alike. It comes in the form of injections that need to be taken subcutaneously. It brings about various benefits such as increase in protein metabolism, and it also acts on lipids as well as carbohydrates. It also helps in the retention of various nutrients including minerals, nitrogen and more. It also improves the physical performance of the users. It is thus in demand with athletes as well, though legally there are restrictions on such use. Though predominantly it is used to treat the dropping of muscle issues of HIV patients, the therapy is also used in geriatric patients. The benefits of Serostim HGH have also been proven in many clinical trials, but most of the tests were on those suffering from HIV.

It helps in weight gain and also helps in the enhancement of muscles in the body. Know more about Serostim kits here.

Dosage and safety instructions for Serostim HGH

Generally, the Serostim HGH injections come in 5 mg and 8 mg vials. It is available for single and multiuse as well. The dosage advised depends on the current weight of the person. For example for a person whose body weight ranges from 75 to 99 pounds, the right dosage is 4 mg per day. Those whose body weight is just 121 pounds or so, 6 mg will be required. For those who weight less than 75 pounds, only 0.1 mg is required.

It is important to use it as instructed as wrong way of using it, overdose or using it for prolonged periods can bring about many side effects. One is it can worsen diabetes condition and it can even induce diabetic coma. There are also cases of pancreatitis in some patients but it is rare. Some other side effects may be related to the symptoms of HIV. Intracranial hypertension is another side effect seen in the initial weeks of using the hormone supplement but it discontinues once the dosage is lowered or the therapy is discontinued. Edema can also occur.

Also it is important to seek the advice of a doctor before one starts on the injections. If your doctor has suggested hormone therapy, then you need to find out from him more about as you should know the benefits as well as side effects of the therapy.

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