The Best Online Tools for Testing Responsive Websites

In web design, responsiveness refers to the ability of a website to adjust to the display size of any given device. Responsive websites look good on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. In contrast, static websites require scrolling and zooming to be usable on mobile devices. While many templates and themes claim to be responsive, some display better than others, and some won’t project correctly on less common screen sizes.

Even if you have a fully responsive theme, you may need to check your website for responsiveness after adding plugins, modules, or other site elements. Luckily there is an easy way to check your website for responsiveness. Use these various responsive design testers to see how your website displays on just about any device from a small iPhone screen or e-reader, up to a large slate pc or smart TV display.

1. Responsinator

The Responsinator website is a great tool for checking your site’s layout or template. This online tool is free and easy to use. It replicates four of the most common devices used on the mobile web, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Nexus 4 and the iPad. To check your website with the Responsinator simply enter your site’s URL in the upper left menu of the site.

Scroll down to see your website as it would display on the four popular devices that Responsinator checks for. The makers of this tool recommend using Chrome with OSx 10.7 or higher for the most accurate results, but it also works well with Chrome or FireFox on Windows. One great thing about this tool is that it can check for each device using portrait and landscape modes, so you know how you’re site will look either way your visitors hold their device. If you’ve got responsive ready template and web hosting, then this tool is all you need to see what most of your visitors will see when they visit your site.

2. CSS Chopper Responsive Design Testing Tool

Another great tool for checking your website for responsiveness is the Responsive Design Testing Tool from CSS Chopper. This tool shows you how your website will look in 10 different display sizes. It’s easy to use as well, simply enter your sites URL and select your desired screen size to get started.

This tool is very comprehensive, offering 10 screen sizes ranging from 320 x 480 to 1024 x 600. The tool gives a brief description of which devices display at each set of dimensions, but doesn’t list exact device models. For example, the 515 x 295 display size is listed as “Nicer Android Device.” This is a great tool for checking general results on a variety of devices.

3. Am I Responsive

Am I Responsive is an excellent choice for testing your site or blog for responsive design. This tool differs from the others in that you can see how your site looks on four popular display sizes at once. This tool is also designed to let you share your results with other users. To do this enter your sites url after the tools URL, for example This will let you share results with coworkers, or project supervisors without technical training. To check your site with the the Am I Responsive Tool as you make updates, simply bookmark this extended URL for one-click testing.

Another feature that makes this tool unique is that you can use it to test websites hosted on your local machine. This is great for making sure your website is fully responsive before uploading it to the web. One reason to do this is so that users never see your site with unintended scrolling, and it ensures your site won’t be captured or snapshotted by web caching services in its improper form. To test your local website simply enable your local web server and enter “localhost/” in the URL bar of the Am I Responsive tool.

Your Results

If your website isn’t showing as you want then it’s time to investigate what’s throwing your responsive design off track. The first place to start is to check with your web hosting and make sure there’s no compatibility issue. If your host allows your chosen CMS and coding, then you need to make sure your layout or template is fully responsive. If everything checks out with your layout, then inspect your navigation bar and plugins for responsiveness. If you’re still having issues then chances are a plugin or widget is the cause.

Using these powerful online tools to check your website for responsiveness will ensure your site displays well on all user devices. You should test your website with these tools anytime you change templates or themes, or even when you add a new element to your sites front end. Most web traffic is mobile now, so it’s becoming increasingly important to make sure your website or blog has responsive design.


4 Reasons Professional Athletes Need a Financial Advisor

Professional athletes have the potential to make a lot of money. There are a few caveats that come along with that, though, namely the fact that they make the same amount of money that another person makes in their entire lifetime in just a few years. Of course, this presents a lot of great opportunities to the individual, but it also comes with some dangers.
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Luckily, there is financial planning for professional athletes designed specifically to fit their unique lifestyle and financial situation. Each individual has different financial goals, but none of them are trying to end up broke, that’s for sure, and that has been a common problem with some famous athletes that made too much money too fast and didn’t know how to handle it.

Four Reasons Athletes Should Have a Financial Planner

They Can Set a Long-Term Destination – You need a plan if you are going to save money. A planner will be able to look into the future for you and tell you what you are capable of. Then, they can give you the advice and the steps you need to take to reach that goal.

They Understand the Importance of Savings – Putting money away each month into a savings account isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but the long-term advantages are apparent. Some people are born the with the gene to save money and others need a little help and encouragement along the way from someone like a financial advisor who they can trust.

Insurance – An advisor can also help an athlete understand if they are properly insured or not. This goes for life insurance especially. Pro athletes have a lot more to consider when they are insuring themselves. They have more assets to protect and their health is important because, without it, they can’t play and make money. The intricacies of insurance are something that only a professional can understand.

Any person that needs to manage a large sum of money should employ the services of a financial planner because they have the knowledge and professional experience to make a person’s money work for them in ways they have no clue about. If you are going to hire a planner, try to hire one that only charges a fee and not someone that works on commission. This will simplify things for both parties.

Architectural and Engineering Experts for Environmentally Sound Church Renovations

Purchasing an older church and renovating is one way that an organization can save a lot of money, but the project needs to be planned well for the best results. Hiring architectural and engineering experts is one way to guarantee that the building will be sound and provide for every need. Renovating an older church building is a more environmentally sound way to provide your congregation with a one-of-a-kind worship center.

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When Retaining History Is Important

Older churches in most areas are some of the oldest structures that survive through the years. Being able to renovate them is an important part of retaining a bit of local history. Most church building have been known landmarks for decades, or even centuries. Careful architectural and engineering plans can be made to take the roughest buildings and make them look new again. They will once again have the ability to be a beacon in the community for the foreseeable future.

The Perfect Blend of Style and Usable Design

Expert architects and engineers will take the time to gather all of the information needed to determine what the needs will be for the structure. All plans will be made to accommodate the needs, while maintaining as much original character as possible. The results will be a perfect blend of usable qualities with stunning good looks.

Environmentally Conscious Design and Methods

Engineering and building methods are much different today than they were a hundred, or more years ago. Materials and methods of construction are more environmentally friendly. The end product will be more energy-efficient and ecologically neutral than ever before. The goal is to offer a beautiful, functional church that causes no harm to the surrounding environment.

Aesthetically Pleasing Results

Experienced architects and engineers will work with you during the entire process of planning to ensure you are getting the design you want. Along with renovating the main structure, there can be plans made to incorporate additions and storage areas to suit the needs of your organization. Every part of the design will be fluid and never look out of place.

Contact architectural and engineering experts like O’Brien and Keane for your church renovation Virginia today!

Make Clenbuterol work amazingly in your body by following these simple tricks!

You often hear the name of Clenbuterol while going through online websites, or reading somewhere in reputed nutritional journals. Have you ever wondered why this product is so famous among fitness enthusiast involving professional athletes, body builders, wrestlers, actors or weight lifters? Many prominent names including Hugh Jackman, Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Tyson and so many more have been caught using steroidal medications for the purpose of gaining muscles and immense body strength. Such an illegal practise of taking hormonal regulatory products before any competition or tournament for enhancing athletic performance is known as doping. But do you know that clenbuterol is not a steroid? Yes it is true that there have been many controversies raised on the issue of putting clenbuterol in the category of controlled substances because of its behaviour as a steroid. But to be honest, it is a non steroidal dietary medication that is used for causing effective weight loss in obese people.

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How are the Clen cycles?

There are a lot of Clenbuterol cycles that work for men and women, but it is up to you to choose the most appropriate cycle according to your body type. A typical Clen cycle often starts off with lower dose strength and is then gradually increased till the maximum safe limit for quick results. Such a cycle is recommended by physicians that last for 4 to 8 weeks (around 2 months). Many people have the misconception that the half life of any form of Clenbuterol is 48 hours, but actually it is not so. After conducting several experimental studies it was observed that the actual half life of clenbuterol is 35 hours, after which it gets disintegrated.

Clenbuterol has been released into the market in various forms of pills and tablets, which are standardised with particular dose strengths. You will available tablets in the strengths of 20 mcg, 40 mcg, 50 mcg, 60 mcg, 100 mcg and 200 mcg. There are even injectable forms of clenbuterol, Clen pumps called Ventipulmin, liquids or syrup forms, bulk powder as well as spray pens of different concentrations. The adequate dosage suggested for a proper clenbuterol cycle is taking around 4 to 8 capsules per day in the case of male consumers. For female users, you should less than males (around 2 to 4 capsules per day).

Do the effects wear off easily?

Since the half life of the product is low, the effects are there for a long time, till the administration of the drug not more than 12 weeks. The anti catabolic effects and the anabolic properties of the product do not stay over 18 days. As clenbuterol works inside the body by raising the body temperature, the increase thermogenic capacity of cells is again brought back to normal within a few days.

Always remember to not stop the clenbuterol cycle abruptly after some days of administration without any PCT or post therapy cycle. There are many options in the post therapy cycles that work for men and women in the case of Clen cycle as given on the official website.

LeEco will not acquire TV maker Vizio as planned

Chinese electronics giant LeEco will not acquire U.S.-based TV maker Vizio as announced, the two companies said today. The deal has been hitting roadblocks according to recent reports, and now it’s officially ended as a result of “regulatory headwinds,” according to LeEco.

The companies are quick to note that this isn’t the end of the relationship between the two. There’s a new agreement in place that will see the two “explore” continued partnership around content, leveraging LeEco’s network of available content via Vizio’s connected app ecosystem and distribution platform.

LeEco had originally planned to acquire Vizio for around $2 billion, first announced last summer. Even after a report revealed privacy issues around Vizio’s data collection practices, and a resulting FTC charge, the deal was said to be still in progress as of February. The deal had “stalled” as of late March, however, “pending regulatory approval.”

 The continued relationship between LeEco and Vizio will include bringing Vizio hardware to the Chinese market, LeEco says, but it’s not yet talking about specifics regarding its path to making that happen.

How California is trying to keep autonomous vehicle development on track

After California’s Department of Motor Vehicles recently proposed new regulations governing the testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles, many were left to wonder: Will this help retain the state’s status as a testing and deployment ground for the technology, and will it make California safer?

The answer is… yes and … maybe?

The new regulations would keep California in the game, principally by removing earlier roadblocks to deploying fully driverless vehicles — those that can operate without human-driver intervention.

They also keep the requirements that remain workable, such as requiring manufacturers to obtain testing permits and demonstrate financial responsibility. Twenty-seven companies** are testing autonomous vehicles in the state. These developers didn’t flock to California because of its great regulatory environment — they are here largely because Silicon Valley is home to much of the talent, entrepreneurial ethos and investment startup expertise needed to develop the cars of the future.

The proposed regulations are now undergoing a 45-day comment period before a public hearing scheduled for April 25 in Sacramento.

California has faced criticism for bringing perhaps too much zeal to regulating the development of autonomous vehicles. Of the few states that have autonomous-vehicle laws, California is the only one that requires companies to publicly report crashes and “disengagements,” the moments when a human intervenes out of a concern for safety.

Developers have criticized the requirement as both burdensome and relatively meaningless because it is not necessarily a good measure of safety — but could be misconstrued as such.

Yet the rule about reporting disengagements remains. The DMV releases an annual report of these and maintains that they offer safety insights.

 Also remaining is the rule initially proposed in September requiring developers to wait six months before their application to deploy driverless cars be approved. It is still not clear what will happen during that six-month wait, and six months is a very long time in a technology-based industry. If that proposed rule becomes a bona fide regulation, developers might be tempted to game the system and submit applications six months before they are ready to deploy so they can have the green light when they are ready.

As for assuring safety, the regulations place much of the responsibility on the manufacturers and the federal government. On the one hand, this is a useful step away from the innovation-stifling patchwork of state-by-state safety and technology regulations that industry and policymakers fear. But it still does not address the question of how safe autonomous vehicles are, or how safe they should be before you or I could hop in.

The proposed regulations back away from an earlier proposal of requiring qualified third parties to certify the safety of developers’ autonomous vehicles, perhaps in large part because the state recognizes that there’s still no feasible and proven way to demonstrate that the technology is safe.

Instead, California requires autonomous vehicle developers to submit to the state the same “safety assessment” letter they are required to provide to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. In practice, this means the technology is judged safe enough essentially if the developer feels it is safe enough.

Other states have thrown up hurdles. Many autonomous vehicle developers have criticized Michigan, for example, for including language in its regulations that seems to limit participation in driverless taxi services to eligible automakers while excluding Uber, Lyft, Google and other nontraditional original equipment manufacturers

California doesn’t need the most permissive regulations to remain competitive — the state just needs to create a sensible regulatory road map that keeps the engine of autonomous vehicle innovation humming. These proposed rules seem to do that.

**Nidhi Kalra’s husband, David Ferguson, is co-founder and president of Nuro, a machine learning and robotics startup engaged in autonomous vehicle development. He previously served as a principal engineer for Google’s driverless car project.

HGH and Its Effects

Human Growth hormone is the principle hormone synthesized in our body, in the anterior pituitary gland, as signaled by Hypothalamus. This hormone is involved in cellular regeneration, growth, and development of the body. It is just not only important for achieving physical height, but also influence mental growth as well as monitor emotional behavior.  Its sole function is to maintain optimal health and well-being of a person.

But in certain cases, when there is a damage or destruction of normal pituitary gland functions (or even hypothalamus tissue damage) by injury or tumor, there arise the situations of hormonal glitches called Acquired Growth hormone deficiency. This is associated with substantial changes in Body opus, bone density, Lipid ADME, cardiovascular functions, and physical routine of the body. In such case, people adopt the method of Recombinant Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy. It has been quite established in children but research is going on to comprehend its application in adults. Approx., 1 in 70,000 children suffer from Growth Hormone, due to many genetic diseases like Down syndrome, Prader-Willie Syndrome, etc.

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Signs and symptoms of Growth hormone Deficiency

GH is involved in facilitating bone growth in children and as one matures, it diverts its function to develop muscle strength, maintain blood sugar levels in the body, and influence the basic metabolism of the body. Upon receiving information from the hypothalamus, it even coordinates all other hormones in the body. HGH levels remain high and stable from puberty until the age of 25 after which it declines. Some of the signs and symptoms evident in people with GH deficiency are reduced muscle power and development, below average body height and weight (especially in the case of children), Rounded face (e.g. Down syndrome patient), deferred sexual development, decreased bone strength, lethargy, and weakness. Well! GH deficiency can even target the emotional balance of a being and can cause anxiety, depression, profound mood swings, lack of concentration, memory retention problems.

Replacement Therapy Benefits

The growth hormone therapy has been able to treat HIV-wasting syndrome, in which the patients were reported to lose their muscle mass frequently, as a result of the deadly disease. It has been able to improve bone strength in older people, but not their overall functional capability. It has been able to treat children with stunted growth. This drug is also applied by Bodybuilding aficionados in their regular diet plan as a helping hand to support their overall muscle growth and development and help them achieve slender a fit body when stacked with heavy steroids. The effect Growth hormone has, only depends upon its dose and frequency of intake, considering the medical background and regular diet of a person.

Some Side-effects of HGH in children

The side-effects are trivial but shall not be ignored. The most common side-effects start with a headache and nausea. There is even inflammation at the site of injection, sometimes. There are few severe side-effects also when the dose is alarmingly high like a pain in the hip region and potential damage to the spine.

So one must keep in mind that Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is essential, however, a lot of things are important to consider before opting for it. Read all the reviews carefully and take your doctor’s suggestions positively.