When it comes to mattresses what are the factors that you give the most importance to? Is it health or comfort or durability? Well everybody would love to buy a mattress that possesses all of these qualities but it is quite unfortunate that not every mattress possess all the three qualities that people mostly look for.

But like exceptions are everywhere there are some kind of mattresses that have all the qualities that not only takes care of the health and are more comfortable but more durable also. We are talking about latex mattresses that are known for their superior quality, unmatchable comfort and long lasting properties. Many people might find this statement biased as they prefer memory foam mattresses over latex mattresses.

Well memory foam mattresses are good and are known for their comfort and pressure relief but not many people know that they are made with some pretty harsh chemicals that can lead to health issues after some years. On the other hand if we talk about latex mattresses they are more durable, healthy and on top of everything they are made up of natural components.

Here are some properties of latex mattresses that make them superior over memory foam and other kind of mattresses:

Natural: Latex mattresses are made using natural and certified organic components. Metal is not used in the making and hence it remains natural in all its composition.


Clean Air (low voc): The biggest advantage of latex mattresses is that it is not exposed to harmful chemicals. It has very low VOC exposure and hence is good for the health of the people.


Sleep Cool: Latex mattresses are more ventilated than its counterparts because heat dissipates through the mattresses and away from the body.


Posture Support: Latex mattresses are very comfortable because they have the quality to eliminate negative space. These mattresses are the most ideal for proper spinal alignment and because of it people doesn’t feel back pain when they wake up in the morning.


Pressure Relief: Latex mattresses are known to curb numbness and soreness. This is because it provides pressure relief and people lying on it feel more active.


Optimal Blood Flow: This is something that most people are not aware of and opt for ordinary foam mattresses which make them regret their decision in the end. No matter whether you are walking or lying on your bed your blood circulation must not be interrupted. Thus latex mattress is designed for optimal blood flow. This is because it remarkably distributes the overall body weight to allow uninterrupted and increased blood flow which is required for proper organs functioning.


Fully Optimized Sleep: A sound sleep is very vital for health as it has been concluded in various studies that people who don’t get sound sleep are often stressed, irritated and inactive than people who get sound sleep. Latex mattress is known for its comfort, pressure relief and optimal blood flow and hence it reduces sleep interruptions which means the person will get a sound sleep.


If you compare latex mattresses with any other mattresses, every time you will find that it surpasses every other mattress in most of the quality factors.