Usage of IGF and common myths

Insulin-like growth factor or most commonly called as IGF is a drug that would have an impact on the growth and development of all kinds of cells in the human body. these are nothing but group pf proteins combined together that could affect the growth and development of many cells in the human body. mostly on medical grounds, this is used to heal tissues and help in tissue regeneration. In the medical field, this is more often used to cure cancer. However, apart from medical reasons, there are many other reasons why this IGF can be used.

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How does this IGF deliver results in the human body?

In natural, growth hormone is produced in the pituitary glands that stimulates the liver to stimulate IGF-1 and subsequently stimulates growth in the human body. this will have numerous effects such as growth and development of human cells, strengthening of muscles, helps in quick healing of repaired cells and tissues and the list goes on. If this IGF is not secreted in a proper manner, it may lead to many growths related complications both in childhood and adult stage. These artificially produced IGF are the one which is used to stimulate growth cells in the human body. this growth factor helps to increase the protein synthesis, increase antioxidants in the body, decreases inflammation and increase immunity, increase and improves both stamina and strength, promotes the growth of muscle tissue, and overall this drug is deemed to be good for the brain too. But, any over dosage are prolonged dosage could result in severe impacts and lead to disastrous effects in the human body. when the hypothalamus glands want the pituitary glands to secrete IGF it sends neurohormone transmitter to the central nervous system that signals the brain for more secretion. Same happens, when the secretion needs to be stopped. So in the case of taking artificial drugs for this purpose, the signals sent to the central nervous system itself will be interpreted and changed. Thus, if not take in a controlled manner, this will have a huge impact on the human system.

Field where IGF is used

IGF is mainly used on medical grounds with a valid prescription. people who have growth related issues and vulnerable to many growth factors that impact their lifestyle are commanded use of this growth hormone. This is one of the valid reasons for using IGF. But, apart from this one can see many body builders and weight lifter use this drug on non-medical grounds. This is not only illegal but also can cause many impacts to their body. though there are several bans on usage and buying of these products, users very often find a way to purchase and use these drugs on their own which is not recommended.

Dosage recommendations and considerations

Many of these IGF are prepared in a controlled environment and will have to be monitored while using and after usage. Even a milligram of these products could be harmful to many. This drug apart from bone and muscle development also helps to promote the growth of muscle tissue in the human body. some products like deer-antler spray and extract are very rich sources of this IGF factor and used both in medical and non-medical grounds.

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