The Top 7 Adobe Creative Cloud Tutorials

Adobe Creative Cloud is a software suite that contains all of Adobe’s most popular design applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. For a monthly fee, anyone can access this subscription-style software service, and have a comprehensive toolkit for editing media and create websites and other designs. Creative Cloud applications do have a learning curve, since they are robust and capable of performing professional, commercial-quality edits. Get started using Creative Cloud today, and master select topics by following these 7 well-stated tutorials.

1. Creative Cloud Photo Editing Tutorial

The first thing you’ll want to do with your new Creative Cloud subscription is jump into Adobe’s flagship application Photoshop to experience its powerful photo editing capabilities. This tutorial will walk you through editing a photo using cropping, perspective adjustments, blurring and cloning.

These basic instructions for fixing flaws and straightening your photos will enable you to edit your raw camera files for finalized publishing on your web hosting. This tutorial also includes a basic guide to Adobe Lightroom for putting the finishing touches on your project.

2. Creating Designs

This tutorial is great for current or inspiring web and graphic designers. It shows you how to create a complete design project and export it to a website-compatible format. You will become more familiar with Photoshop’s Layers feature throughout this tutorial, enabling you to create complex, layered images with varying levels of depth, filters, and effects.

The steps shown in this tutorial from Adobe will also familiarize you with Vector graphics, which is a must-have for any web designer. Create a logo or scalable web graphic by following the steps and video shown in this comprehensive tutorial.

3. InDesign Tutorial

Web designers with Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions would be doing themselves a favor to check out this tutorial for getting started with InDesign. This official guide from Adobe will teach you how to create a new project, using provided sample files of a digital business card.

Follow the steps in this tutorial to modify the project sample files and create your own digital business card, for uploading to your web hosting or printing out for your wallet. This InDesign tutorial covers logo and text placement, as well as image mapping and content configuration.

4. Editing Video with Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an advanced video editor and compiler that you can use to create any video project ranging from music videos or vlogs, to TV and web advertisements. This tutorial will show you how to transform your raw camera files directly from your DSLR into high-definition finished products that are ready for your web audience.

Work through this online tutorial to create a video project with a slideshow and time-lapse, and to edit your existing footage using filters and other effects. This tutorial also includes instructions for adjusting colors and cropping your video to the best dimensions.

5. Creating Websites with Adobe Muse

You will be able to setup an entire website layout after reading through this online tutorial for Adobe Muse, provided by Adobe’s official Creative Cloud portal. This online video tutorial takes you through the planning stages of creating your next website and shows you how to get started using Adobe Muse for website creation.

The best thing about this tutorial, and Adobe Muse in general, is that you can create websites without any knowledge of coding or programming. You will be able to point and click your way through setting up a website, and see your concepts come to life through automation and graphical user-interface tools.

6. Adobe After Effects Tutorial

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal as a Creative Cloud subscriber is Adobe After Effects. You can use this software to create animations and other graphics and video overlays. After effects is capable of movie studio quality special effects through image tracking, filters and video mapping.

Use this tutorial to create your own hoverboard effect and familiarize yourself with the basic tools and options found in the After Effects portion of you Creative Cloud suite. This educational tutorial will take approximately an hour for beginners, though the finished product is rewarding and worthwhile.

7. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is an important tool included with the Creative Cloud suite. This application gives you access to thousands of high-resolution images and stock photos for use in your web and marketing projects. This tutorial walks you through finding the perfect images for your design projects, and shows you how to view licensing information and other details about each image.

With Adobe Stock you can find similar images to the ones you select, following the simple menu options described in this guide. This short tutorial will get you started using professional database of images that you can purchase for watermark-removal and commercial usage.

These tutorials will enable you to learn the basics of Adobe Creative Cloud software and create some unique media projects for your website or graphic design project. With access to Adobe Creative Cloud, and a little self-training through online tutorials, you will be ready to create designs using the same programs the world’s top designers utilize.

There are over 10 anchor applications included with your Create Cloud subscription, including the leading photo editor program Adobe Photoshop, and even beta versions of new software beginning with Experience Design. A studious review of these tutorials will leave you more than prepared to delve into your next Adobe design project.

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