In the past China has been widely known for the manufacturing of different goods and its relatively cheap labor as compared to other countries. A lot of companies have decided to have their products manufactured in China giving a lot of business to its manufacturing industry. This could be considered as a smart move by different countries because the cost of manufacturing products in China is cheaper compared to others due to lower cost of labor and other factors. Aside from this the companies that manufacture these different products are welcome to accept the job and easier to make a deal with as compared to manufacturing companies from other countries. Recently China has started to branch out from the manufacture and labor sector and start to make aggressive moves in markets where they were not really known before. These markets include the electronics, smartphones, gadgets and even automobile.

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Since China has started entering these different markets the progress and attention these companies are getting cannot be avoided. However the common notion for these products could not be avoided. Even if people at first think the product is good and the features are at par with the current products in the market from other foreign companies, once they learn that the company behind the product is from China they start to lose interest. This happens because in the past products from China have been seen as unreliable, of bad quality and cannot match those that are in the market today. Yes some of the products might have failed to meet expectations in the past especially those that were considered as knock offs which is why people today have a negative image whenever they learn that a certain product is from China even if the major tech companies today have their products manufactured in the same country.

Aside from staying competitive with other big players in different markets, convincing people that their products are different from what it was perceived in the past is a challenge that these companies from China should be able to tackle when entering the market. No matter how good the features of their product are or how different and advanced it may be, Chinese companies have to gain the trust of most people who see their products as knock offs. The problem with the products in China is because people are used to having their products as cheap and unreliable this is also how they might view the products in the market today, if it is cheap they might see it as something that would break easily and if it is expensive then they might think to just buy the popular brands in the Market.

With all of this being considered companies from China that wish to become big in the international tech markets just have to continue to prove that their products are different from how products from China were seen in the past. A lot of changes have already been made and the tech industry in China is just starting to boom. If companies also want to enter different markets it has to somehow resolve issues with partner countries such as those regarding the rape of Nanking and its territorial dispute with neighboring countries. Since their product is cheaper it could become big in smaller countries since more people might opt for their products since they come with almost the same features but a lower price. The important thing for China is to avoid controversy or any issue regarding the quality and reliability of products in order to build up their reputation in the tech industry.