Vector images are a great choice for the graphics in your web design project. Vector images are scalable graphics that you can edit in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and other popular web design applications. This image type allows for responsive design and lossless image quality, making it the perfect choice for all websites. If you want to make a website with a pre-built vector image background then you should check out these 10 stunning vector illustration scenes to get started.

1. Nature Vector Illustration Scene

This well-designed vector illustration makes the perfect background for any nature or outdoors scene on your website or app. Include this in your web design project to bring your graphics to life. This illustration contains several nature-themed images including grassy hills, trees, skies with flying birds, ladybugs, and other wildlife.

2. Wintry Snowman Scene

This snowman illustration with accompanying wintry scene is perfect for web designers using Adobe Illustrator. It comes as a free download in AI format, and contains several winter-based characters, most notably a friendly looking snowman that should suit any seasonal website or app. Use this theme to spruce up seasonal sales pages or decorate the background of your animated or text content.

3. Beach Illustration Scene

If you’ve got a web design project that includes beach or holiday themed pages then this vector illustration will come in handy. This scene depicts three small buildings on a beach with chairs and other holiday decorations. Considering using image splicing and web links to make each building a clickable URL for games or navigation on your website. This would also work great on landing pages or as the background for your motion graphics projects.

4. Forest with Deer

This forest illustration scene containing a deer and several trees is the perfect background for your website’s header or title. You can even use this image as a background for your logo or product catalog, especially if you’re selling outdoors items or run a blog about nature. This broad-themed nature illustration is a great vector image to store back for future projects.

5. Landscape with Tree

This stunning sunset landscape illustration scene was designed with Adobe Illustrator and is free to download. It contains a trendy and artful tree style with curled branches that can be used to offset your foreground content. This is a great theme for jewelry and art websites and blogs of just about any topic. Consider using this landscape for the background of your entire site, or simply in your advertising images.

6. Theatre Stage Vector Illustration

This premium theme is the perfect theatre stage that many web and graphic designers seek. If you’re going to make a website and need an ‘Under Construction’ page or simply want to display special content then you can undoubtedly think of several uses for this red-curtained stage vector illustration. This works great for drama, events, acting, and entertainment websites, as well as general sites with important content to showcase.

7. Girly Stage Scene

This feminine vector illustration scene was designed to be a cute, girly background for your blogs and music and entertainment sites. It is free to download and use under Creative Common licensing and is perfect for sites with characters and animations to overlay. Consider saving this free vector image back now for future use while it’s available, since it’s such a great addition to any web designer’s portfolio.

8. B&W City Scenes

You can build any website or marketing page with this awesome black and white cityscape scene collection. This download contains several generic skylines for depicting major and smaller cities. Use this on social media content pages or for urban, city-based website content. This premium vector illustration pack is a great addition to any web designer’s toolkit and works well with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop as it’s in the native Adobe .AI formatting.

9. Spooky Vector Scene

This free vector illustrations shows a Halloween scene fitting for any seasonal or dark-themed website. The scene shown in this image is black and red, with a detailed graveyard complete with tombstones and trees. This is perfect for websites and games with spooky Halloween content. This vector image is free to use and will scale nicely to fit any sized web design template.

10. Spotlights

Spotlights are a classic theme among backgrounds and web design projects. They can easily highlight special areas of your content and form a perfect stage for displaying important pictures. Incorporate this well-designed spotlight vector illustration scene into you web design to literally showcase the most important photos on your site.

These vector illustration scenes make the perfect backdrop for any web design project. They can serve as the background for your website or app, or as background images in your motion graphic projects. Consider using a vector illustration scene anytime you need a non-plain background that can easily be resized to fit your visitor’s display. With the importing and editing options available through vector graphic editing software you can tailor these 10 stunning vector images to fit any web design project.