Three Reasons You Can Request a Modification of Your Child Support Order

When you become the noncustodial parent of your children following a divorce, you will need to make payments to your former spouse. The court views that individual as the custodial parent and requires that you pay child support to help your children. Child support payments should go towards the living expenses of your children. Your former spouse can use the money to pay for school expenses, medical bills and even new clothes for your kids. The order the court issues during your divorce can change though. There are some situations where you can request a modification of that order.

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Spouse’s Income Rises

One reason you can request a modification is because your former spouse’s income rose. Some noncustodial parents think that orders will change when spouses get married again. That new spouse is not responsible for the care of your children though and will not change your order. If your former spouse gets a brand new job and suddenly makes significantly more than he or she did in the past, you can request a change because that individual afford to cover more of your children’s care.

Your Income Drops

The order issued in your name used the income you made at the time to determine the amount that you paid. Any changes to your income should result in the court adjusting the order. Your income may change because you lost your job and no longer have a way to support yourself or because your employer significantly reduced the hours you work during each pay period. If you decide to go back to college and want to work fewer hours, you can petition the court to adjust your child support order based on the hours you now work.

Change to Custody Status

If you and your former spouse make changes to your custody agreement, you can work with a family law Centennial firm and ask the court to change the child support order. This commonly occurs when one parent decides to let the noncustodial parent keep the children more or when the custodial parent turns over care of the children to the noncustodial parent. The court may void your order completely, require that you former spouse pay you child support or reduce the amount that you owe each month. Working with a lawyer in family court ensures that you get the help needed to modify your order.

Ethicon Harmonic Scalpel Repair

Harmonic scalpels are an essential surgery tool for cutting through thick tissue and to simultaneously cut and cauterize wounds. Many surgeons are worried about repairing harmonic scalpels because they require extreme precision and doctors cannot afford to get them back in less-than-perfect condition. While it might seem more efficient to buy an entirely new scalpel, getting repairs from a qualified establishment, such as, will ensure that the harmonic scalpel comes back in perfect working order.

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The most obvious barrier to seeking an harmonic scalpel repair service is efficiency. Surgeons need to be guaranteed that their tool will come back with just as much cutting potential as it had when it was new. Qualified repair services will typically offer a guarantee in two different ways.

They will first promise to restore the scalpel to its peak cutting potential, usually based on its original equipment standards. The second guarantee is that they display how many scalpels they have repaired without incident. A good repair facility will have repaired thousands of harmonic scalpels without harm to any patient.


Even the cheapest harmonic scalpels tend to be thousands of dollars. Buying a new tool every time one wears down can cost the office or hospital a massive amount of money. Repairs are only a fraction of the cost it takes to buy a new tool, ensuring that you can make the most of your budget while keeping your harmonic scalpels at peak efficiency.


Here is another logical fallacy that many doctors and administrators experience. They assume that buying a new harmonic scalpel will be much faster than seeking repairs. This makes sense because repairs require extra steps, such as shipping the scalpel to the facility and actually getting the repairs done.

While there is a slight delay and buying a new harmonic scalpel is somewhat faster, most hospitals and offices will hardly notice. It typically just takes one or two days longer. That’s because experienced repair facilities know how important speed is to medical establishments.


There are a few benefits to buying an entirely new harmonic scalpel, but it’s much better for your budget to seek out a qualified repair facility. Not only is it more affordable to repair the harmonic scalpel, but it will come back in peak condition and typically within just a few days. While there may be some instances where purchasing a new scalpel is the right choice, repairing the tool is usually the best for your business.

How Can You Best Balance UX and Site Crawlability?

As a web designer or administrator, you may find yourself wondering how to best balance UX with other factors like site crawlability to extend your site’s reach while maintaining a great design. The user experience, or UX, of your website describes how users feel about your site and content while browsing it. Easy navigation, creative menus and content, and animations and other effects can all improve your site’s UX. Too many types of scripting, however, along with other unique UX features, can sometimes interfere with the crawlability of your content. In order to crawl through and index your content, search engines like Google need to be able to read through your site’s structure and information. For example, Javascript and other scripting used to improve UX can often hide content and links from search engine crawlers, potentially lowering your position in search engine listings. Follow these tips to perfectly balance UX and site crawlability on your own website.

Dividing Your Focus

Every step of the process of designing, building, and maintaining your website requires attention to both, SEO and UX factors. Sometimes theses areas can seem in conflict with one another, making for some difficult decisions. In order to find the best balance between SEO and UX, you’ll need to divide your focus equally and make sure to cover the basics for each area.

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The Basics of Website Crawlability

In order to become listed in search engine results, search engine crawlers need to be able to read through your website. These automated search engine crawler bots continuously scour the web for information to provide their users. Since they are just coded bots, they won’t be evaluating your website for aesthetic or superficial factors. Instead, crawlers look for functional links, coding and scripting errors, buggy redirects and other erroneous content, and any text or media found on your site. They then compute your site’s overall quality through secretive, proprietary algorithms and rank your site in association with a list of search terms.

How to Improve Your Site’s Crawlability

There are a few things you can do to improve your website’s crawlability. The first step is to make sure you’re using a fast, reliable web host. If you have a WordPress website or blog then make sure you have optimized WordPress hosting. By getting web hosting that’s tailored for your website’s platform, you are ensuring your content displays faster and with fewer errors than it otherwise would. Make sure your chosen WordPress hosting company has a strongly guaranteed uptime so that your site isn’t down when the crawlers visit it for indexing.

The next step is to make sure you have a well-written¬†robots.txt¬†file in place. By including a robots.txt file on your server, you will be able to tell search engines which parts of your website to index. If any particular part of your site would be bad for SEO purposes, such as example or demo content you’ve not deleted yet, then disallow search engines from viewing it.

If any part of your website is inaccessible to search engine crawlers then you’re reducing the site’s overall crawlability and most likely harming your chances at showing up in search results. Make sure your site’s main content is listed as allowable in your robots.txt file, and that you’re not using too many scripts that crawler bots can’t understand such as JavaScript. This is also a good reason to have text headers and logos, rather than using image files with embedded text.

Website UX

While it may seem that a fully accessible, boring, text-only website would be the best theoretical candidate for maximal site crawlability, users would be turned off by such a dull experience. A balance between crawlability and UX therefore, must be struck. It’s typically considered acceptable in terms of SEO to embellish your site with images, media, animations and special effects. Having lots of efficiently compressed images is actually thought to have a positive impact on search rankings now. To make sure your on-site images and video don’t interfere with search indexers, use meta-tags and hover descriptions to describe each media file being displayed. This will help current generation search engine crawlers identify your media.

Improving UX Without Harming Crawlability

Creative UX designs sometimes require the use of Javascript and other content that isn’t ideal for crawlability. In order to combat the negative impact this content could otherwise have, make sure to use your robots.txt to stop search engines from crawling their containing pages. You can also offer alternative content for devices that aren’t able to view your site’s primary display, such as for browsers and devices incapable of installing flash. Even if you’re using images and animated navigation menus, which crawlers may not be able to read, make sure to include a text-based link structure on the bottom of your website for easier indexing. This will ensure you’re able to provide a great UX and still get your content indexed.

By following these tips and dividing your focus between the UX and crawlability of your site, you will find your content being reached by more visitors without sacrificing creativity or aesthetics. Make use of robots.txt files and always include text descriptions for images and media to conform to search engine crawler standards while maintaining good design practices.