Advantages of Technology Integration in Classrooms

Technology in the classroom is of the trending issues which make it interesting for a fence sitter to debate about its pros and cons. To blindly rely on technology to make students study is a gamble as there are many convincing aspects for and against it. Many teachers find technology to be a better medium and handy in some situations while some find it as a chance for students to form a distraction. Technology provides us with the ability to learn in ways our grandparents never had. Today children have immediate access to any question from any topic like the nomenclature of organic compounds to acid rain. Yet, this easy access has changed the mindset of students about their work and responsibilities. Let us look at some of the positive impacts of implementing technology in classrooms.

  • Data reporting: Apps and forums offer teachers effective ways to combine all the information that needs to be collected such as test results, attendance history, proficiency of English language and much more. With the use of technology, teachers can save a lot of time and have an appropriate record of every student’s performance along with subgroups. Also, the assessment data can be shared with parents and administrators.
  • Differentiated instruction: The educational apps enhance child’s progress at their own pace. Most of them are adaptive which shows the questions get easier or difficult based on the student’s performance. The programs can meet at their level of learning ability. Also, the multipurpose software and apps can be used by the students and teachers too, depending on their interest.
  • Learning modalities: Collaborating technology in the classroom indicates that students have access to different means of gaining knowledge. Some students find lecture environment to be appropriate, while the students with different taste prefer to be independent learners and gather information from educational sites. Providing room for different learning styles to explore different techniques makes the student think outside the box and develop innovative ideas. Supposedly if a student finds some difficulty in understanding a topic, supposedly atomic structure, the student can go through multiple channels to understand the topic properly.
  • Assistive technology for special requirements: Apps are designed to make it possible for students with different tastes to excel in academics. From adaptive apps to forums which speak for children who struggle with a particular language. Technology allows children to be interactive and stay involved with their classmates and teachers.

Thus, we have seen a few of the aspects of technology can make teaching and learning more convenient for both the students and teachers. With the advantages it brings to the forefront of education, it is clear that technology integration is going to be a game changer in the educational industry. To get an idea of how technology has influenced the way we learn, check out this YouTube channel offering a new approach to learning with audio-visual integrated content-

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education

Although the Internet has helped to shape many aspects of our lives, few people really stop and consider just how much of an impact it has had on things that we commonly take for granted. For instance, there are actually quite a few ways in which modern technology has evolved to the point that it has completely altered the way traditional education is done. Regardless of whether you’re a teacher, a student, or someone who’s simply interested in learning about a new topic or skill, it’s worth knowing exactly how the Internet can help. With that in mind, here’s a quick overview of just some of the many ways in which the Internet is revolutionizing education.

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Increased Functionality

Although online programs have been around for a while now, it’s worth noting just how much a student can get done without ever stepping foot in a traditional classroom. In fact, it is now possible for students to complete an entire degree program from the comfort of their home. While there are obvious benefits to online classes, such as being able to complete a course at your own pace, there are also more subtle economic benefits. For instance, by staying at home, you don’t have to waste as much money going to and from your university. And, if you’re in charge of a household, online classes can help you balance your responsibilities more effectively.

Improved Accessibility

In addition to household responsibilities, the Internet can also help people with other types of education responsibilities. For instance, companies like American Integrity Courses now offer court approved domestic violence classes online, as well as a host of other court-related classes. Being able to access these classes online, while still fulfilling the court-mandated obligations, can be a tremendous help to those who have other responsibilities to take care of.

While it’s interesting to see just how much the Internet has changed education today, it’s even more interesting to think about the changes that will come in the future. Will the Internet take over the bulk of our education needs? While it’s unclear at this time, at least it’s clear that the Internet has already done much to change the way we think about thinking.

Your Interest and Skill should dictate your Choice of Engineering Major

It may sound unbelievable at first, but it is solid data that more than 1.5 million engineering aspirants sat for JEE Mains entrance examination in the year gone by, thereby making it one of the largest entrance examinations in the world. Joint entrance examinations (JEE) conducted by CBSE is the most prestigious competitive engineering exams in India taken by students seeking admission in venerated Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) engineering colleges.  In addition to JEE, there are several other national, state and private level competitive engineering tests whose successful clearance can help you fulfil your dream and aspirations of becoming an engineer.

Engineering course in gurgaon_1

All these competitive engineering entrance examinations tests a candidate’s aptitude, knowledge, attitude and skills that will help him/her successfully complete her course and become a good engineering professional.

Hundreds of thousands engineering students sit for these exams as well hoping to secure a seat in an engineering institute which can help them develop both personally and professionally.   The huge number of students who are interested in pursuing this highly popular professional under graduate course attests to the popularity and the prestige associated with this course.  The popularity of this course is likely to move northwards in coming years as the desire for technological innovation and excellence will fuel the demand for qualified and skilled engineers in the marketplace.

Engineering is a highly popular course but the sheer number of engineering colleges and the stream engineering offers sometimes tend to confuse students. You are most likely to have come across engineering aspirants with a lot of queries and questions written markedly over their face.  Questions like: Which are thebestprivate engineering colleges in Delhi NCRor for that matter anywhere else in India? Which are the best streams offered by these particular institutes?Which engineering major should I opt for?  What engineering institute will help me meet my career goals and objectives? Which institute will help me get the best placements, etc. .?,are the ones that trouble students the most.

The choice of engineering major should be dictated by your career goals and preferences. Under no circumstances should you let market buzz dictate your choice of streams. Just because you keep hearing about high demand for IT professionals in the marketplace, it does not mean you should opt for software engineering despite your lack of interest in it.  Even if you ask your mentors or engineering experts about different engineering streams and career prospects in it, you will most probably be told that all engineering streams are good and pursuing any engineering major from a good engineering school can propel your career in the right direction. In the end it should be your interest, preferences, aptitude and skills which should dictate your choice of engineering major.

Another factor to consider if you are interested in studying in top B. Tech colleges in Gurgaon or for that matter top quality colleges anywhere else is the reputation of the institute. You can take the help of internet or your peers, teachers or friends to find out more about an institute and the quality of its teaching and placement. All the information about different engineering schools can be easily found on the net.

JEE Main 60-40 System Scrapped

The Joint Entrance Examination Apex Board has finally decided to scrap the current system of 60-40 marking scheme. Till now, the JEE Main rank is calculated considering two factors.
1. JEE Main Score.
2. Board Marks.

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JEE Main score in given 60% weightage, and board exam is given 40% weightage. They also had to secure 45% in each subject.

However, now onwards, this system will not be followed, instead, the criteria is changed to the following:

Only a minimum of 75% or rank among the top 20 percentile students in their respective board exams is required.

NIT’s, IIEST, IIIT’s, and Government Technology Institutes are going to accept the new selection criteria. The old system brought a lot of burden on the shoulders of the students and expected them to excel both in the boards as well as the JEE Main exam. While this may not be impossible, but it most definitely is not a cake walk. From what we think, it’s an over burdened expectation from the students who are yet to actual put their first step in the outer world.

A person will put in effort for something he really wants to achieve. It sounds illogical and appalling to put in effort on something for something else. Would you be given a drivers license for a four wheeler on the basis of checking how you drive a two wheeler? No. Exactly.

You may argue that this is the level of excellence that is needed if someone wants to get into a reputed college, but that doesn’t have any strong argument in it’s favor. Hence, we welcome this move by the authorities and are sure that this will make thing easier and more relevant for all the students. JEE Main is an exam which requires more smart work and planned efforts. There’s hardly anything you’ll be able to achieve unless it’s a done in a systematic way. Embibe is a JEE Main rank website and android app that allows you to prepare like a pro. The best part is that it has an incredible analysis which guarantees score improvement.

Why Should We Learn Microsoft Framework Certification Course?

The Microsoft net framework course is developed by Microsoft for running, constructing and positioning services and applications that employ .Net technologies. Mostly, desktop applications and web services employ the .Net technologies. So, with the Microsoft Net Framework certification courses, one can effectively operate, design and arrange the web applications and desktop services. This course covers three key components which are ASP.NET, common language runtime and framework class library. Rather than covering these three things, the course will explain the nooks and corners of these topics. With these major concepts, one can effectively access and control the web applications and services that are based on .NET.

Image result for Why Should We Learn Microsoft Framework Certification Course?

What the Course is about?

This course will let you know how to develop and design web applications employing the .Net framework technology. The top to bottom concepts of .NET framework and ASP.Net will be covered in the course. The course will also teach you how to develop and design web applications using the visual studio 2010. In addition to these, the Microsoft Net Framework course Washington covers the following areas,

  • Basics of web development
  • An introduction to ASP.NET
  • NET in action
  • Controlling the services and applications using .NET framework
  • An introduction to .NET framework
  • In-depth documents of .NET framework
  • Visual web development basics and concepts
  • Objects oriented development
  • Web development architecture
  • Website spark
  • Getting set up with ASP.NET and .NET framework
  • Dream spark
  • Visual studio 2010
  • Web application development using visual studio

Who should do this certification course?

Before doing any courses, it is vital to know whether or not the course suits your career. Since, it is of no use in doing any course that does not make sense to your career. The .NET framework certification course is just for the following personalities,

  • Software development leads
  • Software developers
  • Web designers
  • Web applications developers
  • Software developers that employ ASP.NET 4 to create web solutions
  • And persons that are passionate to learn more about ASP.NET and .NET framework

The benefits of learning the course

By the end of the certification course, the participants will be able to,

  • Control the web applications that use .NET technology
  • Create the web application using the .NET framework technology
  • Create the web pages and applications
  • Develop a web page using the concepts of web development and design
  • Get in-depth knowledge of web development and the web application design
  • Improve the personal profile

Course Certification

The candidates will be given course certification at the end of the course. Some institutes may ask you to write an examination to receive the course certification. Some other institutes will offer course certification right after the completion of the course. It is up to you to decide which kind of institutes to join. Also, some institutes offer smart classrooms to offer better understandability to the participants of the courses. Explore different institutes and choose an institute that offers Microsoft Framework course at a reasonable cost, and also offers good services, so that you can avail maximum profit from the course.

The Medical Science Colleges selection after aipmt 2014 result date

Legal science universities have practical experience in the utilization of an extensive variety of learning, procedures, and strategies used to discover proof from a wrongdoing scene, these schools train to help law authorities to convey the guilty parties to equity.

Measurable science started from Latin, which signifies “before a discussion”. Most researchers are utilized to confirm and affirm proof in court suits. Individuals who expert in legal science generally start as lab researchers doing research and examinations. They are maybe appealed into the law implementation bolster capacities for the exciting background of interpreting the secretive, the confounding, and verging on insolvable wrongdoing stories. Legal counsellors, policemen and columnists may enlist in schools to expand their ability sets. There are various science schools and colleges that offer science as an elective. Short courses are additionally offered online for graduate understudies.

Why to Enrol in Forensics in a Medical College after aipmt 2014 result date

Criminological science understudies can get degrees in any of the Forensic Science disciplines, including criminalistics, designing sciences, law, odontology, pathology, physical human sciences, behavioral science and psychiatry, surveys and toxicology. Admissions to scientific science schools clear path for understudies to look over an incomprehensible cluster of specialized or medicinal openings for work.

The most effective method to get conceded in a Medical Science College for Forensics

To get conceded in these universities take after the beneath specified strides:

Begin youthful with your objective in criminological science. Pick PCM or PCB mixes of subjects in your secondary school classes. Understudies need a broad learning in science, science, material science and brain science. Take a rundown of the names of prestigious medicinal science schools, seat accessibility and cut-off rate. Additionally think about the accreditation of the college. Fill in the structures for passage tests in various restorative science schools and concentrated measurable organizations.

Take compressed lessons before the science school placement tests and endeavour to get decent evaluations. Take an interest in some science clubs to keep your insight into the subject redesigned. You may likewise take an interest in fake sessions.

Main 10 Medical Science Colleges for Forensics

Locate the main 10 Medical science universities to enlist and seek after investigation of criminology:

  1. J. Somiya Medical College
  2. Christian Medical College
  3. Woman Hardinge Medical College
  4. Maulana Azad Medical College
  5. Calcutta Medical College
  6. All India Medical Institute
  7. Jawaharlal Institute of Post-graduate Medical Education and Research
  8. Ruler George’s Medical University College
  9. Military Medical College
  10. Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute

Understudies are encouraged to plan and select for PMT passage and other state sorted out restorative passageway tests in the wake of moving on from any science school to spend significant time in legal science.

Additionally there are such a large number of private Medical establishments the nation over which offers you a medicinal seat yet at a cost. These Medical foundation are controlled by private administration and consequently for their survival they do take high expenses from the understudies. So it will doubtlessly chomp your folks take however in the event that they are prepared to bear to you then why to think back. Before you choose sit together with your family and get their assessments and investigate each conceivable point with regards to the choices accessible to you as far the restorative affirmations are concerned on the grounds that once chose you can’t venture back. On the off chance that you are likewise getting befuddled as to choose which establishment to select get master exhortation from your educators, relatives, any seniors or anyone who has experienced the procedure before to look at the best institutions.

Why Online MBA Is Emerging As The Hot Favourite For Working Professionals?

Online MBA has become one of the most sought after alternative for working professionals who want to pursue higher education in this advanced epoch. The job market is highly competitive and a simple graduation degree cannot cannot take you much ahead in your career. This is the reason why so many professionals are opting for distance education courses—online BBA and MBA being the most popular among them.

How Online MBA Degree Helps?

An MBA degree, as per experts, can help you move to top managerial positions and get better salaries in your existing company. As a result, more and more employees and not only students are vying for an MBA to improve their skill sets, and escalate their managerial proficiency. If you don’t want to take the risk of quitting your job, an online MBA is the most feasible option. There are many universities offering competitive educational solutions when it comes to distance BBA and MBA, and this is also a great choice for students who shy away from classroom teaching.

With the use of state-of-the-art technologies, more and more universities are making use of video and audio tools, to ensure that you don’t feel any lack of attention from the teachers. The cost is another factor that attracts professionals to distance MBAs; it is much less than their traditional counterparts.

The flexible timings attract most working professionals to take up these online courses. You have the freedom to choose your own methodologies to learn, structure your own schedule to study and complete the assignments, and not attend classes. You can save in terms of transportation costs and travelling time too. In short, you don’t have a strict schedule to follow and can reorganise your time table in a way that suits you.

How To Choose An MBA Institute?

However, before you start looking for online MBA courses, it is important that you choose the right MBA institute. Make sure that it is accredited like Bharathidasan University, as that will only make your degree worth it. Compare the history, faculty, infrastructure, and affordability of few short listed institutes before making the final choice.

How To Plan Well For Your Medical Career – Top Advice

You’ve wanted to be a doctor since your childhood but have you decided what kind of doctor do you want to be? Medicine offers a myriad range of options and is definitely a highly rewarding career, but selecting the right way needs a high amount of planning and thoughtfulness. You may also be compelled to make some difficult choices to achieve your goal. Some experts’ advice and guidance can prove to be helpful to guide you along your career planning.

medical-career-trendsWhat should be my objective? The notion of a “perfect career” shall be relatively different for each and every person but it is nevertheless unique to you. You should ask some elementary questions to yourself so that you can fall on the right track of pursuing your medical career.

  • What according to you is a rewarding career?
  • What sort of achievements do matter the most to you?
  • Which factors of your work and life do you aim to balance?
  • Which skills of yours do you wish to utilise and optimise?
  • Do you have any special preference for a particular type of team work and working environment?
  • And finally, which practical factors are the most important to you?

After cracking the AIPMT entrance, some doctors may prefer to choose between some kind of speciality or GP   training, while others may opt to gain general experience in his native country or overseas. Remember, none of these career options is the most perfect way of starting your medical career, it is all about following the track that’s perfect for you.

Change is the only constant: You can rarely find a doctors who would agree that that they have ended up in the career they aspired to when their medical course began. Regardless of which career path you select, your priorities will change with the passage of time and what you least expected of may happen. As a result, your goals and ambitions may turn topsy-turvy, which would eventually influence your career choices.

Always be practical: It’s great to have a dashing career plan. But it may not be practically attainable owing to your merits, money, present job scenario as well as your personal circumstances. Don’t ever move ahead without a backup plan. There is an immense choice in medicine along with various pathways that will help you to reach your goal.

So where should I start from? Try to structure your medical career planning and decision-making skills for encompassing the clear stages of career development.

  • Assess your educational history: Exploring your motivators, career values, preferences,personal strength and weaknesses will help you understand yourself much better than assuming what’s right for you and you can easily get directed towards the career that would suit you.
  • Explore your career opportunities: Establishing your options and alternatives will help you to gather information about what you want to be. If you’re specifically interested in something, but have no clue as to where it can take you then you can seek help from the organised testers. You can also speak to someone who is experienced in these matters and can guide you well. But above all be proactive with all the advice and support you receive.
  • Decide what’s better for you: Evaluating your options, skills and attributes against the actual roles will aid you in considering and clarifying your options and preferences and make choices.

•Implement your plans properly: This is the final step towards reaching your medical career goal through AIPMT 2016. Here you will have to undertake a detailed research into the posts that you’ve aspired to pursue along with preparing for assessments and interviews.



UPSC or Civil Services exam is one of the most sought examinations in the country pursued by thousands of students and professionals every year. Due to its vast syllabus and diverse test patterns, candidates find it as an impossible nut to crack. But, this is not the reality!According to IAS/UPSC experts, cracking an IAS exam is all about strategic planning, and studying the right material at the right time. Implementing this practice during the preparatory stages helps a candidate to achieve the target with necessary efforts and time.

IAS coaching classes at BYJU’s, helps candidates to design and implement the strategy to cover the complete syllabus in minimum time that makes them competent and confident to clear the UPSC/Civil Service exam. Our renowned trainers from Delhi and across the country always provide proper guidance to the candidates. With their experience and immense knowledge on UPSC/Civil Service exam and syllabus, they provide subject wise explanations covering all the important topics.

The methodically planned study materials along with subject wise notes drafted by our experts, are one of the key advantage which our student can avail makes it possible for them to easily retain the lessons taught to them. This assures the continuous knowledge gain, which is continuously evaluated through mock tests and preparatory tests conducted throughout the year.

Constant evaluation helps a student as well as the mentor to gauge the progress of an aspirant before UPSC evaluates them.

Apart from the traditional classroom sessions and learning tricks & techniques, BYJU’s UPSC/IAS preparation program is supplemented with Tablet which gives you a flexibility and convenience to do anywhere and anytime learning. The complete IAS syllabus is covered in 500+ hours of video lectures delivered by India’s Best IAS/UPSC faculty.


BYJU’s have a separate learning module for students from Classes 6 to 10 under the K -10 category,where school students learn problem solving techniques for maths and

conceptual explanations for science subjects respectively. 10th being the stepping stone of a student’s life determines the directions of their career. And to ace the 10th exam a student’s clear understanding of a concept is the most important factor that, if understood by a students at a young age will be benefitting in the long run .

At BYJU’s expert teachers dedicates themselves to give their students the best knowledge and understanding of the subjects they teach and helps them get a solid foundation. K-10 learning module provides online and tablet learning giving them the perfect opportunity to learn at their own convenience. Classes are conducted where concepts about problems and sums are cleared by the mentors, and further one-on-one sessions are conducted if a student needs more guidance from their mentor. Engaging video lessons explains all the complex theories of science and maths with animations making it easier for the children to understand it. The adaptive learning technique of BYJU’s learning app is designed to help a student learn at their own pace adjusting itself to the learning pattern and aptitude of the student.

Distance MBA the next step in your life

Distance MBA courses are great for anyone who wants to boost their careers while still working. Online programs are available on the Onlinepondiuni portal. Most of these programs are affiliated to the standardized universities. If you take up MBA distance education, you might learn subjects like, organizational behavior, financial accounting, financial management, marketing strategy, Boolean math, economics and statistics, and many more interesting subjects along with their case studies.

If you take up MBA in hospital management, then you can work for any of the corporate hospital as the head administrator of the hospital. You will be the only person to make policies, sketch a financial plan and budge for the hospital, get sponsors, manage different departments in the hospital, and fulfill the responsibility of managing the entire hospital and take care of all its operations.

Online MBA courses have multiple advantages. The first advantage is that they are not as expensive as the regular course in campus. You don’t have to write CAT or GMAT to register for this course. If you have a CAT score, that could only be an added advantage to get an admission in an online course by registering on Onlinepondiuni portal. The fee structure is also simple. A few online course providers also have the facility of accepting payment of fee online, through cheque, or a demand draft.

You will be given all the updates via mail and postal address, as and when needed. It is convenient to check your mail, sitting at your place and attend all the online classes, special programs, workshops, and seminars that are conducted during the course. You can download all the applications and mail them back the signed and attested copies of all the documents. You can either upload these scanned documents online or post it to the address displayed on their websites.

Additionally, you also have access to their telephone numbers, email address, and websites to download or contact them for any information. These portals are regularly updated about any changes in the free structure, and examination schedules, etc.  You will also be informed about these changes via mail.

If you are a people person, and you have a good insight into how to recruit people, then you can do an MBA in HR course, as this will help you scout the best talent for companies. Your responsibility will be to make sure that you choose the right candidate for any of the vacancies in your company. You will also know how to conduct interviews and choose parameters to select any candidate. Your role also requires you to deal with employee and management conflicts, especially, with regard to pay, code of conduct, and issue pertaining professional ethics.

If you are aspiring to become a company secretary or a charted accounted, then you can do an MBA in financial management. Whether you have a commerce background or not, with a graduation degree and relevant work experience, you can take this course and fulfill your dreams.  You will be able to understand stocks better when you do this course.