The Tie Of Love From A Sister To Brother In Chennai

RakshaBandhan is a festival that brings the sisters and brothers together to celebrate their lovely union. A brother and a sister is the best friend for life because the foundation of their friendship has been based in childhood. And that’s why they feel bad when they cannot be with each other to celebrate this day. But you cans send rakhi to Chennai or wherever your brother is and complete this bond of love. As a tradition of this festival, it is mandatory to get a gift for brother along with rakhi threads. So, I would love to suggest you some gift options that you can buy for your brothers and have a splendid celebration of RakshaBandhan.

God Idol

  • Idol of God: As per Indian traditions, worshipping of God and Goddesses on any occasion is mandatory because it is believed to be auspicious. On rakshabandhan occasion, you can get an idol of Ganesha or Krishna or Shiva. Ganesha is always worshipped before starting anything new so, keeping a Ganesha in your home is believed to bring good luck. Shiva gives power to fight challenges of life. SO, you can either combine all these idols or send any one of them as a nice rakhi gift for your brother.

Bracelet with Personalised Mug

  • Style element: As a style quotient for your brother, you can get a sunglass or reading eye glass, bracelet, hair band, broach, or watch etc. Make sure the watch should be of a reputed brand while the broach should be a royal one. Rakhi comes once a year and that’s why searching for the most stylish gift is obvious. He would be very happy and thrilled with this shower of gift.

Shaving Gift Hamper

  • Personal care: A shaving kit for your brother with all arrangements of shaving like shaving gel, after shave lotion, brush, to make a perfect shaving kit would be fantastic. As a personal care item, you can get perfume for him. There are many brands in perfume and get the best perfume for him.
  • Food and Sweets: You can get him a discount coupon to some popular restaurants as a great rakhi gift for your brother. A traditional food platter is always alluring as a festival gift for any loved one. Food from Biriyani to Pizza would be savored on this festive mood. While sending rakhi to Chennai, you can also include a tray of sweets like Rasgulla, GulabJamun, Kaju Roll, KajuKatli, DodhaBarfi, and Laddoo.

5 Tips For Incorporating Ethnic Prints In Casual Wear

Indians are blessed with an array of patterns they can call traditional and ethnic. Ethnic prints do not refer only to Indian prints anymore, however. With fashion becoming truly global, prints that are foreign are also ethnically inclined. However, with so many patterns, you have to keep some pointers in mind to make it work for women’s and men’s ethnic wear. While written in reference to Indian ethnic prints, keep these points in mind while wearing any bold print.

  1. Make sure your patterns don’t clash

There is a lot of wiggle room with patterns and multiple patterns in Indian ethnic wear. It is very easy to get carried away with looking different or even making a style statement. When in doubt, go simple. You can never fault a patterned pair of pants with a plain coloured top. A patterned jacket with single colour pants and tops is a classic, yet different look.

  1. Be Bold

While sticking to simple when in doubt is a must, you should stick to your gut feeling. Styles are made by the bold. Don’t fall into the already defined categories if you are confident about your look. Ethnic patterns on shoes, on your hair accessories, it’s all trendy! Ethnic dresses have been around for a while and they are the perfect fusion of the two trends of fashion. At one point of time, ethnic dresses were a bold choice, too.

  1. Colour choices

Remember, contrast can be very tricky. Traditional Indian ethnic wear has extensive contrasting colours in the complete look. However, when you are trying to incorporate ethnic prints into casual wear, you have to be a little more careful. For example, red and pink looks good in a kurta or a kurti but may not look so good with pants and tops.

  1. Accessorise correctly

With thick black eyeliner and maybe a few bracelets or bangles, the addition of a more traditional print is seamless. Pair with shoes that are neither Indian nor western and you will have a look that is truly fusion. You can choose to wear only accessories that have some ethnicity to it, instead of incorporating it into your outfit. Jackets, shoes and bags are an easy way to change your look completely. Bindis are a brilliant way to accessorise ethnic wear for women.

  1. Choose the right pattern

Wearing large patterns makes a statement. It’s bold and it cannot be ignored. Similarly, subtle patterns are fine distinctions that only the incisive can make. Subtle patterns can be missed, however. The difference between bold and subtle patterns should be noted and worn correctly. Confusing the place and time to wear your style statement can really ruin an otherwise great outfit.

Top Six Fashion Apps For Boys – Your Retail Partners

Most men have their smartphone in their pockets 24×7. They do not like to be weaned away from their favorite gadget. Even when they go to bed, they use their smartphone for their morning alarm. Men learn a lot from apps they download on their smartphones. However, they are not aware that they can learn a lot by downloading fashion apps too. Given below are the top six fashion apps for boys. These will help you look better tomorrow. They contain tips and tricks to help you make a better, more educated and well-dressed man. In the words that follow, are listed the six best apps for boys fashion.

Top six fashion apps for boys

  • GoFynd

This fashion app has everything a boy could need to shop for fashion accessories. Therefore, it is popular among all guys. It contains the best pictures of seasonal suits to images of various fashion accessories from different brands available online. Apart from this, it also contains a number of style guides, which help dress up a man. Shopping app with GoFynd is an experience in itself. It has to be experienced to be believed. Developers have come out with different versions of the app for Apple phones, Android phones and Symbian phones.

  • Gilt-free

The Gilt app is part of a well-known retailer’s brand. Apart from the availability of fashion items for guys, boys can also browse the instant styles that are trending in the market. This app is not only used to buy pieces of clothing, but it is also being used to surf through style guides and also learn about what is trending right now. This app for Android and Apple phones can be easily downloaded online from the Gilt mobile site. This app provides guys with instant answers to their questions pertaining to fashion. It can also guide boys on how to dress well so that people are attracted to them.

  • Headquarter the fifth-free

Like a lot of apps for boys, this app also helps boys find great restaurants and bars. It helps you share photos with your friends and family through social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin. Of course, it helps boys find all sorts of fashion items to fill out their wardrobe. It even goes to the extent of pairing clothes together to help men get dressed. Not only is it a men’s fashion app, but it also contains facilities for men’s lifestyle like a feature to find good fine dine restaurants and bars, gymnasium memberships, etc. Thus, this is one of the must have apps for men on account of the diverse amount of products available on this site.

  • com-free

For men who like to stalk the runway shows and browse through the hottest trends in the fashion industry, here comes app. This can give you ready access to the latest trends in the fashion world, apart from predicting what is going to be hot in the coming weeks. For this app, Apple users can easily download it from iTunes. For others, there is the app store given to them. This app is so named because it also gives men a lowdown on the different styles for dressing up to look better. In short it helps to groom them in the contemporary styles.

  • Mr Porter-free

This app is a small part of a large fashion megastore in the real world. This store sells the best fashion garments for men who are turning as finicky as women when it comes to their appearance. They know that it is the period of showiness where one has to be in one’s best attire at parties and get-togethers. Not only does this app let you browse through the collection of fashion accessories available at this store, but it also lets you take a peek at the hot fashion trends in the industry. The Mr. Porter app for Apple, Android and all other smartphones is easily available online on any store helping you download apps.

  • Cloth-free

Gone are the days when you dug through your closet if someone asked you about your wardrobe. Now, you just have to look at the smartphone-based inventory of your clothes so that you can easily buy garments, which go well with your existing clothes. You can even click selfies of what you’re wearing and upload them on the social media sites for your friends to view. They can then give their opinion on what you are wearing.


Thus, we have seen the top six fashion apps for boys. There are hosts of other apps for boy’s fashion, but the ones named above are user-friendly, popular and they contain a lot of information and purchasing opportunities for boys. These apps are specifically for boys because they cater to boy’s fashion. There are some other apps, which cater to both boys and girls, but they are out of the scope of this article.

Know about the latest Fashion trends in online shopping

Internet has made everything easy and comfortable. You can easily do your work through the internet without any difficulty. Whether you want to do the work, paper work, sending emails or want to do the shopping you can do easily with the help of the internet. In simple words you can say that internet has become the best medium through which you can everything without any difficulty. You can even enjoy the online shopping through the internet. Online shopping has become the popular among the people these days. Anyone can do the online shopping by sitting at home.

You can take the advantage of the new fashion trends

Through the online shopping you can know about the latest fashion trends that are popular. These fashion trends can be in clothing, accessories, and footwear and so on. In simple words you can say that you can purchase the clothes of the latest design and style through the internet easily. You can even use the discount coupon through which you can get the discount on the particular product without any difficulty like rediff shopping coupons.

Different offers are available online

You can even take the advantageof the different offers that are provided by the different e commerce website. Different websites offers the different types of the offers to the customer so that they can attract towards their website and can do the shopping like Yepme discount coupons. With the help of the attractive offers customer attracts towards the website and they purchase the various products. Online shopping has become one of the easiest way to do the shopping. You don’t have to rush out of the house to do the shopping. You can be in your comfort zone and can do the online shopping without any difficulty. You will get everything and every product under one roof.

You will get what you want

The major advantage of the online shopping is that you will get everything only at one click. Whether you want the electronic gadget or the clothing you will get everything easily. You need to access the internet and you will get the result of your search without any problem. In simple words you can say that you can search online what you want. In this way you can do the shopping according to your choice without any interruption. You have the different and various option through which you can get the fashion trends easily.

Online shopping will help you to be up to dated

When you will do the online shopping then you will get to know about the latest trends that are available in the marketplace. You will be able to know the different types of fashion that has been introduced recently. In simple words you can say that online shopping helps you to get the latest trends news without any problem. In this way you can update your wardrobe accordingly. Through the online shopping you will be able to enjoy the unlimited fashionable trends and can show them to other easily.

Why Choose Wedding Designer SareesOnline with Bollywood Touch?

Arguably, Bollywood as a one of the most prominent controller of Indian fashion trends. There is no doubt that we are living in a modern age and surrounded by many sources through which we can learn a lot about the world fashion, but people of India prefer to dance to the tune of Bollywood and let the film industry to influence their dressing without any hesitation.



If you are looking for an example, you must remember those short kurtis worn by Bengali beauty Rani Mukherjee in the film ‘BuntyAurBabli’, you can also recall the T-shirt Salwar combo introduced by KareenaKapoor in the film ‘Jab We Met’. Likewise, we can take the example of eye-catching wedding sarees worn by thousands of heroines in numerous Bollywood movies. In short, you can say that the Indian film industry has contributed a lot in redefining the traditional attire. In this article, we will talk about why people love to choose sarees from Bollywood movies.

The Older Clothing Trends with Modern Touch

You will wonder to learn that many centuries ago men used this attire along with women. However, today it is mostly worn by women, the attire offers over 300 draping styles, and each of them provides elegance and grace to the wearer.

However, the traditional attire witnessed a bad phase in the early 20th century, as many women of various ages prefer to wear western clothes. Thanks to the Bollywood that helped the trend of wearing sarees in regaining its place in the heart of millions of Indian women.

How can we forget SushmitaSen wearing a magnificent saree in the film ‘Main HoonNaa’ or the desi girl Priyanka Chopra’s dance in saree in the movie ‘Dostana’.Moreover, you definitely have not missed Bollywood’s one of the most charming lady DeepikaPadukone’s songs in sarees from the movie ‘Chennai Express’. This is how the Bollywood has always inspired the Indian traditional fashion.

The Dream of Every Indian Bride

If you talk about Indian wedding sarees, you cannot go further without mentioning the name of Banarasi silk and Kanjivaram. However, the real fact about the popularity of these two variants of Indian saree is that these two wedding sarees are popularized by Bollywood.

The veteran actor Rekha mostly wore these two variants in her movies. Whenever the legendary Bollywood actor was seen in the parties, she was there in saree with her popular rich-textured drape.

The Rising Popularity of Sarees in Abroad

There is no doubt that the craze of wearing sarees has brought a lot of changes in the dressing sense of Indian women, but the interesting fact is that this traditional ancient attire have acquired its place even in wardrobe list of many global celebrities.

Ranging from the dusky beauty Naomi Campbell, top Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz and gorgeous Victoria Beckham to the rich and popular Oprah Winfrey every one of them wore the traditional Indian attire on several occasions.

Buy Bollywood Designer Sarees Online

There was a time when only top celebs would wear exclusive designs while acting in movies, but the time has been changed and now, anyone can purchase a saree shown in a movie through online stores. Now, it is easy to avail Bollywood sarees for anyone, as many online stores are offering a huge range of sarees shown in various Bollywood flicks.

Sarees have always been the center of attraction in Indian culture and with the help of Bollywood, the trend of wearing designers’ sarees has surged.

Author Bio-Karl Banks is fashion enthusiast, who has written many articles related with world fashion in top-ranked fashion journals. In this article, the author has mentioned how designer sarees online can fulfill one’s dream of wearing Bollywood sarees.

Track pants for fitness freaks

The sort of vitality and adaptability today’s way of life requests is humungous. It is critical to be fit, sound, and upbeat and have a quiet personality. Reflection has turned into a need and without a doubt is in vogue. Why not do this with some style and fabulousness? It is only basic, there is a repetitive method for doing things and there is a fun, charming method for doing things. There is a dauntless settle on the later. So make yoga, reflection and doing gym a vital piece of your life and do it with style. Add to your closet collectibles ladies track-pants and polo shirts for women.


Women track pants are outstandingly agreeable and accommodating. Pyjama party’s with companions, over weekend treks, bicycle rides, camps or extends a walk around the patio nursery, the solace and straightforwardness which they offer is just incalculable. Particularly for athletes and fitness freaks it is their everyday garment need. For exercise centre addicts and wellness cracks too track jeans are simply unavoidable. Whether in thin fit, free style, straight fit, and dry fit-they are only great to wear. Particularly for the boyish girl young lady it’s a closet fav and she will wear it to only anyplace, from school to a trek or pretty much as night dress.

The vibe it carries with it is enabling and fiery! Put on a couple of tracks and you need to do those 100 squats immediately! Keep in mind those PT classes we had in school? We generally wore tights or track-pants; however they were not all that popular then. Today there is exhibit of track-jeans accessible in dynamic shades and new fabrics. There is the dry fit fabric which scores the most astounding among the rest. Cotton, blended cotton and engineered ones are additionally sought after.

So do you get a kick out of the chance to laze around in the cool loose free ones or parade your hot figure in the fitted ones? Picking among the plenty of alternatives accessible in the business sector should now be possible at your own particular comfort and simplicity of time at your own particular home. Simply open the American Swan site to see the most recent and the trendiest gathering of track-jeans for women. Made with 100% cotton, material and polyester it is a definitive scope of solace attire. Doing errands, going for your morning run or simply lazing in your bean sack at home-track jeans are the best alternatives to slip into! Purchase ladies track-pants online in India at stunning costs and practice like a fashionista. The clothing you wear contributes an incredible arrangement to how you feel. So invigorate, include the spunk and ‘to –do’ disposition to your persona , enjoy yoga, reflection and doing gym stunningly with these track-pants. Whether short, seventy five percent or full, these can add a sweet appeal to your closet. There is no better time than now to make a wellness administration, get a cool pair of tracks and begin Today!! Sound body and psyche prompts a more satisfied you.

What I wore this week: summer gothic

Jess on festival wear

Is festival fashion still a thing? It isn’t what it was (and praise be for that), but if there is one day a year when it is still relevant, then Glastonbury Saturday is surely that day. There really hasn’t been anything to say about festival fashion in forever, because it’s been hotpants plus wellies plus edgy top referencing either 70s boho or 90s rave, big earrings and a fringed cross-body bag. Kate Moss always wears something awesome, and everyone else spends the rest of the summer in less awesome versions of whatever Kate Moss wore, and that’s about all there is to it.

But this summer, festival fashion finally has a new look, for the first time in about six years. I’m calling it summer gothic. (And before anybody starts writing in, I use the word gothic in the loosest sense and mean no offence to subcultures, living or dead.) Your fashion coordinates are as follows: it’s what boho would look like now, if it were designed by Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy and worn by Kendall Jenner. In other words, it has nothing to do with the Camden Market goth aesthetic and everything to do with Cara Delevingne in odd earrings and those tight side braids that look like an undercut.

Summer gothic makes no actual sense at all, because you can’t do goth in the sunshine. And the hoisted-on-to-boyfriend’s-shoulders, singing-along-to-the-chorus mode of festival girldom doesn’t have a lot of common ground with the Camden Market vibe. But then, hotpants and wellies make no sense, either. None of this matters. Nothing has to make sense at a festival. A touch of weirdness is right and proper. That’s pretty much the whole point.

Summer gothic can be black, in which case it should be semi-sheer rather than heavy. Or it could have a plunging neckline, or cutouts, if your abs can take it. Anything to lighten it up a bit, basically. But so fast and loose are we playing with the idea of gothic here that summer gothic also comes in white: try a lace dress with a high neck, and toughen it up by swapping ballet pumps for Converse. Or wellies, if you must.

• Jess wears dress, £250, Heels, £75, Styling: Melanie Wilkinson. Hair and makeup: Laurence Close at Carol Hayes Management.

How to Survive Milan Fashion Week

Not content with being just one of the Big Four global fashion capitals alongside New York, London and Paris, Milan deftly manages to offer some of the most exciting and innovative cuisine to be found in Europe. Thoughts of Milan as an ‘industrial’ city, full of concrete buildings, which lack the more refined elegance of Rome or the wondrous scenery of Tuscany have been firmly left in the past, thanks in part to the arrival of World Expo 2015 and the Salone del Mobile design fair.

Milan Fashion Week is unquestionably one of the most important dates in the fashion calendar, with industry insiders from Anna Dello Russo to Daisy Lowe coming from around the world to grace the Front Row. Fashion week can be a rather daunting experience for the uninitiated, with the seemingly endless back-to-back shows, dinners and afterparties draining even the most energetic fashionista, especially in the almost 40°C heat Milan ever so kindly provides.

When it comes to traditional dining options the elite of media, fashion and society flock to the opulent Ristorante da Giacomo, designed by Renzo Mongiardino, who has been hailed as an exceptional twentieth century designer. We quickly decided on the Garganelli with little squids and mullet roe, spider crab salad in Veneziana style and Giacomo’s bomb. The quality of ingredients in all the dishes was clear to taste, with Giacomo’s bomb being an indulgent treat to finish off the lunch.


Although we reached our seats just after the restaurant opened its doors at 12:30pm, within a mere 15 minutes the well-heeled fellow diners had already packed most of the eatery. The sudden influx of customers was well received, as we were beginning to feel rather self-conscious with four waiters floating solely around our table. The atmosphere is the real reason why Giacomo appears to be so oversubscribed, particularly due to the eclectic decor.

Next on the itinerary was Mantra Raw Vegan, which describes itself as ‘the restaurant that does not cook anything’. I must admit to being somewhat apprehensive before visiting Mantra, as I had not been exposed to a great deal of vegan food previously, let alone raw vegan cuisine. The kelp noodles with pepper cream and chocolate brownie stuck out to us on the menu, with the next two dishes newly created by the chef showing an experimental streak.


Mantra’s skill is not to simply make good vegan dishes, but good food, full stop. While I personally enjoyed all four courses, my dining companion, who happens to be vegan, found some of the tastes to be a little too variety and busy for her palate. The unusual White Charcoal water filter, which is meant to naturally adsorb impurities from water and release vital minerals, is certainly an interesting talking point for the table.

A mix of models, designers, bankers and socialites manage to muster enough energy to have late night rendezvouses at Just Cavalli Milano, which unlike many other designer branded night clubs always stays seasonal, with the decor being changed every season to ensure trends are followed exactingly. The location within the largest city park in Milan, Parco Sempione, gives Just Cavalli a distinctively exclusive and hidden away vibe.


For the morning after the night before Pavé, in the up and coming Porta Venezia area, provides much needed respite from the bustling city streets, with the homely and friendly feel it offers. This pastry and bakery shop has already been recognised as one of the 20 best bakeries in Italy by food and wine magazine Gambero Rosso and is currently looking for another location in Milan to expand into.


Fendi was a standout show with designer Silvia Fendi saying after the presentation that “these are just young, everyday basics, done in a more sophisticated way.” Models entered on a faux-wet granite runway, as Silvia placed synthetic and organic materials against one another, blurring the difference between the two. Although the pieces were minimalist in nature, the fabrics used betrayed the understated design. The Roman house turned potentially unglamorous looks into luxe items for the everyman inside consumers who pay far much more than everyday prices.



The commercially focused collection saw the addition of the “Bug” mascot to two bomber jackets, amidst the unstructured and boxy silhouettes on display. The craftsmanship took priority in the menswear pieces, with the oversized tees and sweatpants still appearing meticulously constructed.


Backstage saw Fendi family scion Delfina Delettrez and Leonetta Luciano mingle withBreaking Bad’s RJ Mitte, who also opened the Vivienne Westwood show, andBoyhood’s Ellar Coltrane, while discussing the latest collection.

Adidas Unveils Spring 2016 Tubular Sneakers at Paris Fashion Week

Adidas Tubular

Throughout the spring ’16 men’s shows, fashion labels have been having their say about cool sneakers. Today, Adidas talked back.

The athletic label hosted a live presentation in Paris this evening to unveil four spring ’16 styles for its Tubular footwear series, which is inspired by 1980s running technology. The event, a moody, artistic showcase held in an underground venue, featured local performers showing off the kicks through dance and acrobatic moves. Also setting the mood was an intricate lightshow and music by Parisian DJ Michel Gaubert.

According to Adidas, the new Nova, Doom, X and Defiant styles from the Tubular collection are “engineered to fit with a contemporary lifestyle where innovative technology is as important as a unique design language.”

The styles feature the signature sole unit plucked from the classic Tubular 93 sneaker, but updated with a monochromatic color scheme and premium materials such as neoprene, leather and knitted uppers.

Adidas Tubular

Adidas Tubular

The look of the collection was crafted by Nic Galway, VP of global design at the brand and the man behind other previous fashion plays, such as Adidas’ collaborations with Stella McCartney, Yohji Yamamoto and Rick Owens (though he didn’t show the styles in his latest presentation).

All those projects have turned out to be highly successful for Adidas in terms of building important connections with the fashion world. And they’ve helped the brand evolve the look of its own core collections to address today’s more sophisticated consumers.

Canadian made gothic steampunk Japanese street fashion: NEOSHIKI, TSUKUMO

NEOSHIKI by Emily Yoshizawa at Brava in the Fashion District downtown Toronto on Queen St. West

During my visit to Toronto in May, I had the opportunity to meet with Canadian-Japanese designer: Emily Yoshizawa of the gothic-steampunk, (Japanese) street fashion label: NEOSHIKI. According to her, “NEO” means new and “SHIKI” means colour, it is inspired by Japanese street fashion combined with different styles.Emily elaborated about her ideas a bit more through a Skype interview in Toronto. Please see the video below for her interview and brand.

Emily’s intricate and edgy approach to gothic wear caught my attention right away. This nostalgic style reminded me of the past when I was obsessed with the Japanese street fashion, namely Gothic Lolita and Vivienne Westwood (Red Label). It is not surprising that NEOSHIKI’s fans/customers are “older people in their 50s” and people who are fans of Lolita, cosplay and exploring new unique looks.

NEOSHIKI by Emily Yoshizawa

NEOSHIKI by Emily Yoshizawa, model: Marie Mei

NEOSHIKI by Emily Yoshizawa at Brava in the Fashion District downtown Toronto on Queen St. West

NEOSHIKIi by Emily Yoshizawa at Brava in the Fashion District downtown Toronto on Queen St. West

Each piece of clothing is hand made and unique, and the final product is “sugoi desu ne” for the price which ranges from $70 to $140 for a jacket depending on the design. Screen printing of original manga artwork is integrated cleverly into some designs giving it a quirky appeal.

In addition to clothing, Emily also has a beautiful jewellery line, TSUKUMO, has just launched. According to the captions on her website: Tsukumo derives from Tsukumo-gami, an old Japanese belief (often associated with demons/youkai) that objects gain their own souls over a long period of time. Emily’s graceful blend of steampunk and Japanese heritage in her jewellery design is inspiring, each piece appears to reveal its story.

TSUKUMO by Emily Yoshizawa at Brava in the Fashion District downtown Toronto on Queen St. West

TSUKUMO by Emily Yoshizawa at Brava in the Fashion District downtown Toronto on Queen St. West

TSUKUMO by Emily Yoshizawa

Although I did not try on the clothing while filming NEOSHIKI at Brava in the Fashion District downtown Toronto on Queen St. West, (where Emily’s clothing is being sold), I was honestly impressed that Emily still dressed in this style. Emily admitted that “the style is not as popular as it once was”, and perhaps the most interesting thing to me is that the style is forever which means one can still wear a piece of clothing from the past like a skirt or a Lolita top from the early 1970s (when Lolita, the Japanese street fashion was popular).

NEOSHIKI by Emily Yoshizawa