4 Reasons Professional Athletes Need a Financial Advisor

Professional athletes have the potential to make a lot of money. There are a few caveats that come along with that, though, namely the fact that they make the same amount of money that another person makes in their entire lifetime in just a few years. Of course, this presents a lot of great opportunities to the individual, but it also comes with some dangers.
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Luckily, there is financial planning for professional athletes designed specifically to fit their unique lifestyle and financial situation. Each individual has different financial goals, but none of them are trying to end up broke, that’s for sure, and that has been a common problem with some famous athletes that made too much money too fast and didn’t know how to handle it.

Four Reasons Athletes Should Have a Financial Planner

They Can Set a Long-Term Destination – You need a plan if you are going to save money. A planner will be able to look into the future for you and tell you what you are capable of. Then, they can give you the advice and the steps you need to take to reach that goal.

They Understand the Importance of Savings – Putting money away each month into a savings account isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but the long-term advantages are apparent. Some people are born the with the gene to save money and others need a little help and encouragement along the way from someone like a financial advisor who they can trust.

Insurance – An advisor can also help an athlete understand if they are properly insured or not. This goes for life insurance especially. Pro athletes have a lot more to consider when they are insuring themselves. They have more assets to protect and their health is important because, without it, they can’t play and make money. The intricacies of insurance are something that only a professional can understand.

Any person that needs to manage a large sum of money should employ the services of a financial planner because they have the knowledge and professional experience to make a person’s money work for them in ways they have no clue about. If you are going to hire a planner, try to hire one that only charges a fee and not someone that works on commission. This will simplify things for both parties.

Common things investors must know about SIP

Looking out for SIPs to invest in but not sure if they are the best option for you? Here are some common things investors should know about to help you understand the scheme better.

Systematic Investment Plans or SIPs are popularly known way of investing into mutual funds. When it comes to mutual funds, having a good amount of research, knowledge about the market and how it works, is something crucial for investors.

With SIPs, you can invest a small amount of money every month and have a portfolio manager who invests the same for you and gets you returns on the investment. SIPs are a wise way to go for if you are looking for long term investments.

Before you research for the top SIP plans available for investments, it better to understand the basics and get the common doubts cleared. Following are some of the common things investors must be clear about before investing in SIP plans:

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  • How does SIP work?

The first thing that you need to know about SIP is that when you invest money every month, you get certain number of units basis the current market rate called as Net Asset Value or NAV. The unit value falls or rises depending on the market volatility. Every time you invest money, new units are added to the investments depending on the ongoing market rate. Thus, you buy units at different rates, and you benefit from power of compounding and rupee cost averaging.

  • Investing in SIP

You can go to any Mutual Fund investment companies and banks across the country and check out which SIP plan you like the most based on your research and understanding. Either you can give the Investment Manager post-dated cheques that will be deposited every month as your SIP, or you can directly transfer the money every month through your bank account hassle free.

  • Opening the account

You can directly approach the mutual fund company that you like, request to open a SIP and fill out the form. In case you have a broker, he/she can buy the fund for you, but opening the account needs to be done by you directly.

  • Minimum investment

With SIP, there is no minimum investment. However, you can invest as low as Rs. 500 per month and even higher.

  • Risk with SIPs

The risks that come with SIPs are significantly lesser than directly investing in stocks. The risk depends on the kind of companies and markets that your money has been invested in and how they have performed over a period of time. To ensure minimum risk, it is always advisable to study the history of the fund you are investing in and take a decision accordingly.

  • Entry and exit fee

Yes, there is an entry and an exit fee that you need to pay when you are either investing through SIPs or exiting out of the same, so make accommodation for that as well.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing.

Get Financing for a New Business

It is important for individuals who are interested in starting their own business to strike a balance between having enough money to get their business going and making wise choices when it comes to getting financing. One example of this is an individual who does not want to take out a loan for a small business because they’re worried that they will not be able to pay it back. Of course, no one should take out a loan for a business if they will not be able to pay it back. However, there are a lot of people who talk themselves out of starting their own business because they are too nervous and are not willing to take a risk. Individuals need to have a balance. They need to balance the risk with the potential benefits they will receive. And a person wants to maintain a positive attitude as they are looking for financing and starting their business.

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When it comes to getting the money to start your own business, there are a lot of different options available. Many individuals will decide to collect the funds on their own to get the business going. They will use money from savings or will work hard to make the money that is needed to get the business rolling. Some individuals have a credit card that offers a variety of benefits, and so they will make a lot of the purchases that are necessary for their small business using a credit card. The great thing about using your own funds or even your own credit card is that you will be able to manage when you pay yourself back or when you pay off the debt.

Another option is getting loans for small businesses through financial institutions. You may go to a local bank in order to apply for a loan, or you make work with a different lending company in order to get your loan for your small business. It is important for individuals to understand their loan contract. This means that they need to get familiar with financial terms and be sure that they understand what the contract means for them. They need to understand how soon the loan will need to be repaid. They need to learn about any fees that they may incur along the way.

Another option is to go into business with a partner. The partner may be able to provide all or some of the funding for the business.

Why You Might Need The Services of An Insurance Claim Investigator

Numerous insurance agencies today are battling a fight against fake cases for protection. Practically every insurance agency gets fake cases sent into them. This is the place the protection claim specialist comes in and needs to survey whether the case is really a fair real claim or a deceitful case. Numerous insurance agencies will have their own particular group of agents in house managing every one of the cases that are perhaps deceitful, yet there are additionally numerous organizations that utilize private examination groups to do this kind of work.

Some of the time it can be clear to the insurance agency that a case that has been displayed is really false however there is no hard confirmation of this and the case can be exceptionally hard to survey. Hard confirmation of trickery or untruths must be accessible for the organization to really dismiss a case as deceitful and decline to pay out the case. It can some of the time be a period devouring operation to assemble this confirmation together and present it. Private agents will then are purchased into help and have the capacity to stand witness if necessary.

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A hefty portion of the examiners from privately owned businesses have an intensive learning and foundation in the security territories, for example, ex-policemen and ladies individuals who have already worked in insight. This gives them the experience and information to work in a right and tactful way to reveal the case examination with confirmation. By utilizing a blend of reconnaissance and knowledge work the genuine conditions encompassing the case can be revealed.

There are a wide range of sorts of protection case agent, there is protection claims for coincidental harm to vehicle, protection claims for family unit protection, fire protection and protection for disorder.

Numerous individuals know that these false claims for protection in numerous fields’ exclusive prompts the insurance agency losing cash and after that the protection premiums must be expanded for others who conveys protection for reasons unknown. The expense every year of deceitful cases to insurance agencies is expanded year on year so the requirement for protection claim agents is an unquestionable requirement for the majority of the organizations offering protection spread. At an expense of around £4 million a day deceitful cases to insurance agencies must be revealed.

To the lion’s share of individuals protection is something that must be taken out for their auto and home or disorder and mishap and home loan cover; the larger part don’t have to assert. Sadly there is currently a society of individuals taking protection spread out and conspicuously making false claims. Protection claims agents have a troublesome employment to do to attempt and get rid of the false claims, however with all the advanced reconnaissance gear and the experience of the examiners a large number of the protection cases are declined pay-out on the grounds of a deceitful case. The way that a hefty portion of the protection claims examiners have a military to police foundation gets the best out of individuals being met about the protection guarantee and can soon accumulate proof that the case has been deceitfully made. On the off chance that individuals did not make these expanded false claims to insurance agencies’ ordinary then the premiums for everybody would be much lower and reasonable for all. It is an expanding issue for insurance agencies and tragically must be figured into the cost of all protection premiums, not just the expense of the genuine false claims, additionally the expense of utilizing the protection claims agents.

The only organisation that can be trusted with this is Origin Cause.They’re the ones to contact when something like this is to be understood.

Loan consolidation and settlement reviews

The reviews matters a lot when it comes to decision making. The online world has been striving to provide the best it can to the people around the world and has somehow maintained to do so since years now. What so ever the question is, there is an answer on the internet. Similarly, if a person needs to make sure about a particular brand or a particular organization or service before seeking them for help, there are forms where people posts their reviews and feed backs on products and services. This reviews serves as a positive sign for the organisation and services as well as the users. The positive reviews make people take a wise and valid decision on availing the services.

The same process is available in case of the debt relief services. There are various firms and online firms that promise to be the best debt relief services and they often make the people get confuse with the decision of whom to choose and whom to ignore. The customer reviews are really helpful in such cases. Debt relief is a crucial case where lot of money is involved. Hence one cannot sacrifice with the reliability and integrity of the debt relief services. The customer feedbacks and reviews are a nice way out of such hassle. The more positive reviews ensure that the firm is a promising one and there is no fraud or false case in it.


One can click here to see the top ten debt relief services available for the debtors and other clients according to their ranking and areas of working. The debt relief services are for people who are under debt and are looking forward to settle all their pending loans and out- standing amount as soon as they can. One cannot expect that the loans would all get settled in a day or a week. The debt settlement process takes time and patience. But it is sure that they would get settled.

The professional at national debt relief ensures that the debts get settled within a span of 2- 4 years and the duration depends upon the amount of debt the client has on him. The best part of getting registered with the national debt relief is that that there is no registration on enrolling charges in it. They do charge a certain amount of debt as the fee but it is only when they complete the task that has been given to them. They make sure that they set their client debt free and only then they charge a fee or else not.

The process of registering is easy and one can check online to learn about the services they provide and every other detail about the national debt relief and their areas of interest. Hence in order to get free of mental, social and economic stress without getting bankrupt or ending up with legal punishments, one can easily contact the professionals at national debt relief and then leave all the debt settlement issues up to them.

Know more about loan consolidations

Loan consolidations are situation where a debtor has to settle all his loans in order to be debt free. If the creditor is a bank then the bank starts withdrawing the cash from the borrower’s or the debtor’s bank account in order to consolidate the debt. If there is a loan that a person has taken from a bank then the situation would be faced in a different way. There are basically two kinds of loan. One is known as the secured loan and the other is known as the unsecured loan. The difference between the secured and unsecured loan is stated below-

Secured loan– in case of secured loan the borrower or the loan applicant needs to keep some of his assets as a security deposit with the concerned bank that is giving the loan. Also the borrower needs to have an account with the same bank. The security deposit mostly consists of property papers, vehicles or gold loans where a person keeps the gold he own and takes money in return. In secured loan, if the debtor fails to pay the debt amount back on time then the bank moves step by step and approaches the borrower to get the money back. In case the borrower does not respond and tries to run out of the situation then the bank uses the security deposit to settle the loan. They either use the property if they need it or they sell it in auction to get the best price out of it and fulfills there outstanding amount.


Unsecured loan– in unsecured loan there is no such security deposit. This kind of loan often involves in two individuals and not a firm. A bank gets involved when there is a credit card debt. Credit card debt is a situation where a bank account holder owns a credit card and ends up spending more than that of the credit card limit. Each credit card is signed with a limited amount depending upon the account holder’s status and bank statements. In case the credit card owner spends more than the limited amount and then is not able to pay the amount back on time then the bank gets involved and tries legal ways to consolidate credit card debt.

The national debt relief is a firm that helps the people who have outstanding loans and pay them off with ease. One just needs to pay the amount to the national debt relief once and then it becomes their responsibility to pay back the loan on time. One can get the best debt consolidation loans and advice form the experienced professionals at the national debt relief and can click here to read the reviews and feedback’s of the clients who have been taken the help of the services provided and have received very satisfying and fruitful results. It is not possible that a person registers today and all his loans gets settled by tomorrow. They do takes a period of 24- 48 months in settling down the debt depending on the loan amount.

Best debt consolidations help

It is a fact that each loan comes with a payback time period and in addition to the determined time period for the payback, the creditor also allows a certain rate of interest on the principle amount of money. The debtor or the borrower is subjected to pay the interest amount per month. This is done solely for the profit of the person or the firm that is lending the money. If the lender or the creditor will not be getting any profit by lending a certain amount then why would he or she be interested in lending the money that he or she owns?

Hence, the rate of interest is allowed and accepted so that the creditor has a valid reason of lending the money as he or she would be getting back more than what he or she lends. Also the rate of interest does not have an expiry date. It means that the debtor or the borrower will have to get along with the monthly interest payment until and unless he or she settles the entire debt amount with the creditor. The person who borrows money or is the debtor tries hard to pay the money back and live a hassle free life. But sometime due to various reasons the debtor finds it difficult to manage the debts and falls in to a no way out kind of a scenario.


The professionals at national debt relief strive to help such needful clients so that they can pay off all their debts and gradually get rid of tensions and burdens that are brought free by the debts. The professionals also teaches there client on how to handle the creditors and how to manage their debts without getting in to a conflict. The professionals at national debt relief gets in to touch with the creditor and try to negotiate on the debt amount so that they can get a nice amount of reduction on the exact debt and make it easy for their client to pay the debt back.

They somehow with their tips and tricks manage to get a reduction of up to 50% on the debt amount which is a huge amount in itself. Then they make a report by analyzing the current situation of the debtor. The bank statement, the cash he or she holds, the monthly income, properties, security deposits and the entire financial status is evaluated so that they can come to a decision on what to be done next and how much amount does the debtor can afford to use in the debt settlement method. After this the professionals makes an account for the client and allows the client to have an online access to the account anywhere anytime. The best thing is that that the organization only charges a fee once they settle down all the debts and sets the client debt free. They do not have any registration charges or so. Click here to know more about the national debt relief and contact them with ease.



How Financial Enterprise Apps Can Help You Sail Ahead Among Competition?

As a business owner you spend a substantial amount of time for finding effective ways for fulfilling your customers’ requirements. In order to speed up the service delivery process, you strategize your business operations, cut unwanted expenditures and frame robust human resource management plans. Have you ever thought of deploying technology for realizing your business goals? If not, then you should invest your resources in developing or procuring the best financial enterprise apps, which would allow you to gain competitive mileage in due course of time.

How an Enterprise Can Survive in Cut Throat Competition?

In current market scenario, those companies can survive, who can deploy intelligent ways for creating brand value and raising productivity of employees. Studies suggest that companies use financial enterprise apps for various reasons including planning, accessing, editing documents, keeping touch with customers and many more.

Financial Enterprise Apps Raise Productivity

Organizations including lawsuit funding companies require financial enterprise apps for enhancing their productivity. These applications can allow staff to communicate fast and stay connected to customers in better way. A robust mobile application can help a manager to analyze the workflow of his or her subordinates and take steps for fixing loopholes of business processes.

Enhance Brand Value

The rising popularity of financial mobile application is setting up a hard trend. Organizations anticipate that their competitors are adopting mobile platforms for streamlining business activities. Therefore, companies spend substantial resources for adopting mobile strategy solutions for full proofing their business.

Nowadays, many companies use shared services of cloud computing for storing valuable data. These services can be easily integrated with the mobile strategies. In addition, businesses are adopting the social media route by deploying various business mobile applications. These applications help marketers to optimize marketing campaigns and attain the best outcomes by building customer loyalty.

During regular transactions, businesses have to generate trust, simplify transactional methods and keep pace with the fast-moving customers. These strategies would allow a company for creating repeat business and attain the word-of-mouth publicity that helps in raising the brand value.

When you deploy financial mobile applications in your business, you are assured of gaining the following competitive advantages.

Streamlining Your Offerings

When customers search for information, they would not go through the entire marketing collateral. They only keep themselves updated with the information that suffices their interests. Therefore, it is important that you stick to the point. A financial mobile app allows you for prioritizing crucial information and presenting contents in a professional manner. In addition, this kind of application becomes more functional than websites while dealing with large volumes of information.

Ease of availability

The usage of financial mobile apps is growing because of speed. When you use these apps, you can quickly access the documents that you need instead of devoting substantial time for finding specific documents on desktop or laptop. In addition, you can contact others and schedule meetings immediately.

The Best Way of Advertising

A financial mobile application is the best medium for carrying out advertising activities. In addition, the reach of the mobile app is greater than mutable television advertisements and billboards. As the app is accessible all time, your brand message gets hammered in consumers’ minds continuously.

Streamlines Business Decision Making Processes

A financial mobile app has the ability to streamline business tasks. You can use this app for making business decisions. The app allows you to go through the financial reports in short time and set future goals.

Briefly, a financial mobile app is the backbone of business operations. This kind of app allows you to go through the financial records at one go and accordingly helps in setting predictive sales. In addition, this app helps a marketer to establish uninterrupted communications with customers and therefore raising brand value.

Author Bio – Jim Brown is a financial mobile app developer. He has designed and deployed such apps for lawsuit funding companies. He often conducts workshops for clients regarding the benefits of using mobile apps for business.

Secure your future with accounting job in Bangalore

Secure your future with accounting job in Bangalore

I was sure to settle in Bangalore after completion of my education in the stream of commerce. The whole scenario that was portrayed in front of me by my friends and family had developed a very prosperous image of accounts jobs in Bangalore. After starting I hunt I realized I was not an easy way.

I came across so many consultancies that were offering jobs under this niche but the true colours of these companies were beyond my expectations. After the huge promises the finance jobs that were offered to me were either too low or were not meeting my requirement.

The most tedious of all was the lengthy and confusing methods of enrolment in the placement agencies here. The fees that I had to pay there was again too high without any prior guarantee.


Right person for right job

Under one training for accounting jobs I have learnt a man can only achieve success if he is accommodated in the right job but while looking for accounting jobs in Bangalore I learnt that the practical scenario was far ahead than the theoretical one.

I was leaving hopes for getting any accountant jobs in Bangalore as all the accounting jobs were far away from my requirement.

Accountant-in-Bangalore came as a life saver to the downfall of my career. The enrolment process was too simple and the finance jobs that were offered to me were according to my portfolio. While I compared the services of Accountant-in-Bangalore with the others available there I was amazed to check their turn up ratio. The reviews that were available somewhere matched the circumstances I was going through. Every day I got 2-3 offers that matched my criteria. They even fix up the appointment and gave me a small training session during my telephonic conversation with them before every interview. Never to forget these sessions proves a great help. I cleared almost all interviews and while I was looking for some more better opportunities to come across they never fails to support me.


The best asset while looking for accounting jobs in Bangalore was   their team. They were always their to guide me in all the steps- whether it was too configure the ideal curriculum vitae or to sit for the interview, they were always there. I cannot miss to mention the day I have been there for the first time, though I was a bit nervous but their tender behaviour turned everything so familiar that I was rather excited then being nervous.

Their process is neither lengthy nor expensive and above all they are fair with their approach. The whole information is available on their site along with the salary. The category option turns the process more easier and even an entity who is not very much familiar with internet. Things are too simple here. If you are looking for accounting jobs in Bangalore then no other destinations could be better than this!

Can You Pass This 3 Question Test of Basic Money Smarts?

Young businessman touching "Earn Money" word cloud
Two money experts have quizzed people around the world to test their understanding of basic financial concepts like risk, compounding interest and inflation. The results aren’t pretty. Americans don’t do well at all: Just a third could answer all three questions correctly, and that includes 44 percent of those with college degrees and 64 percent of people with post-graduate degrees.

Most People Struggle With This

Americans aren’t alone. People worldwide struggle with basic financial concepts: More than half who took the test missed at least one answer.

The test is the brainchild of two financial experts, professor Olivia S. Mitchell, who directs the Pension Research Council at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and professor Annamaria Lusardi, academic director of George Washington University’s School of Business’ Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center.

You can test your knowledge with these questions. They’re included in a Wharton article, Three Questions with Implications for Your Financial Future. After taking the quiz, read further for the answers and how to reach them.

After that, you’ll see how your answers to this quiz predict your chances of being richer or poorer and where to find free personal finance education online.

Question 1

Suppose you had $100 in a savings account and the interest rate was 2 percent per year. After five years, how much do you think you would have in the account if you left the money to grow?

  • A) More than $102.
  • B) Exactly $102.
  • C) Less than $102.
  • D) Do not know/refuse to answer.

Question 2

Imagine that the interest rate on your savings account was 1 percent per year and inflation was 2 percent per year. After one year, how much would you be able to buy with the money in this account?

  • A) More than today.
  • B) Exactly the same.
  • C) Less than today.
  • D) Do not know/refuse to answer.

Question 3

Please tell me whether this statement is true or false: Buying a single company’s stock usually provides a safer return than a stock mutual fund.

Answer to Question 1: More than $102.

Here’s why: On savings of $100 a year at 2 percent interest, your money earns $2 a year (100 x .02) for five years: a total of $110.41.

Why is the total more than $110? The reason is compound interest, interest earned added to the account balance so that the interest also earns interest. As your account balance grows, each new interest payment is based on a larger amount. Compounding speeds up earnings.

Use this compound interest calculator at Investor.gov to see how compound interest works.

Answer to Question 2: Less than today.

Here’s why: Your interest rate on savings is 1 percent a year, or $1 a year on every on $100.

Inflation (rising prices) reduces the value of money. At the rate of 2 percent, inflation reduces the value of your $100 savings by $2.

So, you earn $1 (for every $100) in interest, but lose $2 to inflation, for a net loss of $1, giving you effectively less than your savings are worth today.

Answer to Question 3: False

For most investors, mutual funds are a better investment than stocks because, as Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson says, “You can do perfectly well with a mutual fund, while at the same time lowering your risk and reducing your hassle.”

A mutual fund is a huge pool of investments. Stacy explains in Ask Stacy: How Do I Invest in the Stock Market?:

It could be a pool of stocks — a stock fund. It could be a pool of bonds — a bond fund. Or it could have both stocks and bonds — a balanced fund.

Mutual funds are superior for most investors because:

  • They spread the risk of stock investing by diversifying investments among many stocks with a variety of risk profiles.
  • The work of managing, researching, buying and selling stocks is done by professional managers, not by you.
  • Mutual funds do the record-keeping you’ll need for taxes for you.

Wake-Up Call

Mitchell and Lusardi’s little quiz can serve as a wake-up call to alert you to the need to learn more about money basics. Concepts like risk, inflation and compounding go beyond basic arithmetic, and few of us were exposed to them in school. They matter because of two trends: the loss of private pensions and the explosion of financial products, both of which require everyday consumers to make sophisticated choices about complex loans, credit cards and investments.

Fortunately, these subjects aren’t difficult to understand, and there are excellent free resources for learning.

Financial Ignorance Cripples

Financial ignorance is a crippling handicap. It makes people buy high and sell low, make poor investments, mismanage budgets, overspend and become trapped in unmanageable debt.

If the growing wealth gap between rich and poor has you worried, consider this: Lusardi and her colleagues find that a third of wealth inequality is because of the financial-knowledge gap separating the well-to-do from those with less money. “[M]ore knowledgeable individuals invest in more sophisticated assets, suggesting that they can expect to earn higher returns on their retirement savings accounts,” the Wharton article says.

Money savvy consumers:

  • Take on less credit card debt.
  • Pay off balances each month.
  • Refinance their mortgage at the best moment.
  • Avoid high-cost debts like payday loans.
  • Plan for retirement.

Get Educated, Free

Here are several sources for free personal-finance education:

  • Money Talks News. Learn money savvy on subjects like Credit & Debt,Retirement, Taxes, Investing, Insurance and subscribe to daily newsletterswith articles like:
    • Does Money Lingo Make Your Head Spin? Here’s What It Really Means.
    • Ask Stacy: How Do I Invest in a Mutual Fund?
    • How to Talk Money With Your Spouse.
    • 8 Secrets to Building a Budget You Can Live With.
  • The National Endowment for Financial Education’s Smart About Money. The nonprofit explains how to save, invest, pay off debt and borrow safely.