Google Glass costs only $80 to make – report says


So you think the price of Google Glass is a bit high, huh? You’re not alone; plenty of people balk at the $1,500 cost. At some point or another Google will introduce a retail version of the wearable technology. It’s only a matter of time before we see this guy in the Google Play Store with what we hope to be a fraction of the price. How low can Google go and still make a profit? You’d be surprised.

According to a recent teardown, Google Glass costs less than $100 to manufacture. Indeed, the actual figure is reported to be as low as $80 per unit.

It’s worth pointing out that research and development likely account for much of the cost. And, really, you can’t put a value on the know-how that went into creating these things. What’s more, Google has already come out to shoot down these figures, calling them “absolutely wrong.”