How to Prepare for a Professional Carpet Cleaning

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, over half of all the flooring in America is covered in carpet. And it’s no wonder why. Carpet can personalize and add warmth to a business, add an extra layer of comfort to schools, and instantly transform a house into a real home. As great as carpet looks, it has an added benefit of acting like a giant filter to trap dust, dirt, and debris. Carpet may make your home look cleaner and more inviting, at least until spills and stains appear in high-traffic areas. But it can create entirely new problems as well, including allergies, mold growth, and virus-spreading bacteria. Modern carpet warranties require annual professional carpet cleaning to maintain your investment. Fortunately, preparing for that event is easier than you might think.

Clean or at Least De-Clutter

Professional carpet cleaners utilize long hoses and heavy equipment to get the job done correctly. The last thing anyone wants or has time for is to worry about is tripping over Junior’s shoes and breaking your grandmother’s antique wedding soup tureen. Be sure to remove clutter and items such as shoes, toys, and pet items. It’s also a good idea to vacuum even if it’s not required. Removing a top layer of dirt and pet hair can help increase the professional cleaning power, thus giving you more bang for your buck.

Protect Your Walls and Curtains

Professional technicians go above and beyond to ensure they’re as careful as possible. But the heavy hoses are known to leave behind black smudges as it makes contact with walls and long drapery. There’s a simple way to avoid that, though. Just get some painter’s tape and tape up the walls wherever the hose may make contact. It can be removed easily without pulling the paint with it. As for curtains, double them up so they’re not hanging or remove them entirely if that’s easier.

Move Light Furniture Out of the Cleaning Path

Michigan carpet cleaning professionals are licensed to clean carpet, not move furniture. So anything that can be moved for that task is the responsibility of the homeowner. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you need to move a sleigh bed or an antique armoire. But items such as floor lamps, plant stands, and small tables can be difficult to clean around and end up harmed in the process. A quick clear-up on your part can keep everyone happy.

Remove or Prepare the Pets

Chances are, your pets are your family. The last thing you’d want for your cat, dog, bird, reptile, or chinchilla is for them to be scared. But as they’re animals, instincts also take over. They could also potentially bite what they see as an intruder or end up hurting themselves. Professional carpet cleaners use loud equipment and heavy hoses that require keeping the door open for an extended period. Locking them in a room to keep your pets out of harm’s way, or dropping them at the kennel or a neighbor’s house for the day can keep them content and safe until your Macomb carpet cleaning is completed.

Home Seller Tips: The Benefits of Redone Bathrooms

Fresh, updated bathrooms impress potential buyers when showing a home. Before placing your home on market, consider how various upgrades can attract more buyers and increase the value of the home, netting the home seller with a higher price. The benefits of a renovated bathroom for home sellers are numerous.

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Cost Vs. Value of Remodeling a Bathroom

Before spending the money on any type of remodeling or renovations for a home’s bathrooms prior to selling the house, it’s essential to look at the cost of the project versus the value. According to Remodeling Magazine and their Cost Vs. Value 2017 chart, the national average cost for remodeling a bathroom is about $18,546. The good news is, as a home seller, this average remodel cost is recouped by 64.8-percent. Pair this with increased buyer interest and a faster sale, and the recoup value makes a bathroom remodel a smart choice when selling a home.

Opportunity to Add Newest Tech and Style

Remodeling a bathroom is the opportune time to fully upgrade the space with latest technology and products. Begin with refinishing the ceramic tile to update the look and then consider adding high-tech items like a  digital shower. A digital shower, depending on the make and brand, can offer total indulgence by surrounding you with water from multiple angles. It may also have smart tech that allows for several pre-set temperature programs that can be accessed from a remote or wall pad.

From sleek faucets to heated towel racks and a medicine cabinet with built-in television monitor, these high-tech updates take an old bathroom to a new, modern level. If other recently sold homes in your area have added smart technology, the cost versus value for these upgrades may be what helps sell the home faster – and remember that a listing costs money each day it is on the market.

Refinishing Compared to Replacing

For a full bathroom renovation that includes demolition and replacing the tub and/or shower as well as the tile, sink, and cabinetry, the cost might be more than what you want to spend before selling the home. Refinishing versus replacing costly items like the bathtub is a good alternative in many cases.

For example, a classic clawfoot tub can be the centerpiece of a remodeled bathroom. Give an old clawfoot tub new life by having it professionally refinished. With a professional refinishing process that generates a rich, porcelain-like look with a durable, scratch-resistant polyester coating, an old and tired clawfoot tub can be revived.

Even standard bathtubs can get a facelift to help you save time and money when remodeling a bathroom before selling the home. Why go through the hassle of replacing the tub when it can be professionally refinished? Even if there are chips in the bathtub, those can be fixed instead of replacing the entire tub.

Benefits of Reglazing

Over time, hard water, the chemicals in cleaning products, and even the products like shampoo can dull the surface of the tub and shower surround. Some chemicals leave residues that can scratch and etch the smooth surface of the surround. When planning a bathroom remodel, take a look at the surround. Is it yellowing? Does it have garish scratches or otherwise look old, worn, and out-of-date? Professional reglazing of the tub and shower surround can make a huge difference in the how the bathroom looks. Reglazing eliminates the need for having to purchase a new tub and shower surround and running the risk of a new one not fitting correctly. It’s another cost-effective method when adding value to the home before selling.

Bathroom Remodel Considerations

Before embarking on a full bathroom remodel, it’s essential to consider several factors. While it’s established that a remodel can and does add value to the home, refinishing processes may fit more budgets. Replacing items like an antique clawfoot tub, tile, or the shower/tub surround can sometimes be expensive and time-consuming, and refinishing is more budget-friendly. In most cases, it’s likely a professional contractor may be needed, in particular for the plumbing and electrical work in the bathroom. Finding and hiring a reputable contractor is key – and you’ll have to consider things like reputation, ability, and insurance coverage.

For home sellers, putting the best “face” forward can mean the difference of having your property on the market for months versus days. Bathrooms are one of the rooms that most home buyers want to see updated and looking amazing. If you make the necessary repairs and updates to the bathroom(s) in your home, buyers will be more likely to choose your property instead of the one down the street that needs renovations.

Home designing ideas

Custom built homes allow us to pick and choose the style and design of home we want. They take a little longer to build because they are built according to someone’s personal preferences. They are often more expensive than standard built homes because they allow the client to request his or her own personal touches.

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More Time

Customized homes take longer to build because they are built according to a person’s personal preferences and taste. The builder has to figure out how to include all the requested specifications in the design in a way that will be both safe and functional. Unlike gas station construction, custom-built homes aren’t designed according to a standard plan. They are built to meet the client’s specific wants and needs.

The Builder

Look for a builder that has experience constructing the type of home that you’re interested in. Your budget should also be a strong indicator as to which builder you should go with. You must find someone who complements your budget. Take your time and shop around. Ask questions and make sure you get solid answers. Don’t look to the builder to supply all your information. Do your own research. Compare the information you have against that of the builders. It’s also important that you get an idea of what the timeline would be to have your custom home built. You don’t want to be surprised. If you are expecting your home to be built by Christmas and the builder doesn’t plan to be finished until the New Year, there’s a conflict of interest.

Your Research

If you’ve found a few builders that have piqued your interests, look at a few model homes. Find out what custom touches they offer and what finishes are considered standard. You need to know where the extra money would be spent, plus you need to see live examples of their craftsmanship. You also need to know if they can actually build the type of home that you want. Ask them to show you real examples of the types of craftsmanship and finishes that you are looking for. However, make sure to keep track of the costs too. Not only should they be able to build your home, but the cost must fit into your budget.

Having your home custom built is an interesting experience. The thought of being able to design a home to suit your personal tastes and preferences is nothing short of exciting. The anticipation can feel similar to what a child experiences the night before Christmas. Do your homework and ask questions. Make sure the builder has experience constructing the type of home you want to be built. In addition, make sure it fits into your budget.

How to Update Your Bathroom

The bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in residential buildings and will determine how comfortable you feel in the space. It’s important to update the bathroom to increase your home value and allow the interior setting to look appealing. When it’s time to give your bathroom a makeover, there are a few tips to follow.

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Add New Lighting

The lighting that is installed doesn’t just illuminate the bathroom but also contributes to the aesthetics of the home. Consider adding a dramatic chandelier overhead, which will create a luxe and regal environment that looks high-end. You can also install sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror or by the door.

Create a Seating Area

More homeowners want their bathroom to feel like a spa and are adding a seating area where it’s easy to relax. Designate a corner of the bathroom as a place where you can read or close your eyes when you want to unwind after a long day at work. Add an upholstered chair, a side table, and a candle with a stack of books to make it look cozy and inviting.

Refinish the Bathtub

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on updating your bath, you can hire a company that can perform bathtub refinishing Baltimore Maryland. You can make the tub look new again once it’s sanded down and a new coat is applied. You’ll also have the option of choosing a different color shade that is modern and contemporary to update the setting. The corners will also need to be caulked to seal the tub.

Add White Subway Tiles

Create a hip and modern bathroom by installing subway tiles on a backsplash or in the shower. Subway tiles will work as the canvas of the setting and will allow you to use accent colors that complement one another.

Use Dramatic Wallpaper

Instead of repainting the bathroom, consider applying wallpaper that looks current and chic with added detail that is dramatic. The bathroom will look professionally decorated and will have more appeal with other types of prints that are used in the space.

The bathroom should be a place where you can feel most at home when you’re getting ready each day or are bathing. With the right steps taken, you can update the room and allow it to look beautiful to enhance the design of your interior setting.

Latex Foam Mattresses are Way Better than Memory Foam One

When it comes to mattresses what are the factors that you give the most importance to? Is it health or comfort or durability? Well everybody would love to buy a mattress that possesses all of these qualities but it is quite unfortunate that not every mattress possess all the three qualities that people mostly look for.

But like exceptions are everywhere there are some kind of mattresses that have all the qualities that not only takes care of the health and are more comfortable but more durable also. We are talking about latex mattresses that are known for their superior quality, unmatchable comfort and long lasting properties. Many people might find this statement biased as they prefer memory foam mattresses over latex mattresses.

Well memory foam mattresses are good and are known for their comfort and pressure relief but not many people know that they are made with some pretty harsh chemicals that can lead to health issues after some years. On the other hand if we talk about latex mattresses they are more durable, healthy and on top of everything they are made up of natural components.

Here are some properties of latex mattresses that make them superior over memory foam and other kind of mattresses:

Natural: Latex mattresses are made using natural and certified organic components. Metal is not used in the making and hence it remains natural in all its composition.


Clean Air (low voc): The biggest advantage of latex mattresses is that it is not exposed to harmful chemicals. It has very low VOC exposure and hence is good for the health of the people.


Sleep Cool: Latex mattresses are more ventilated than its counterparts because heat dissipates through the mattresses and away from the body.


Posture Support: Latex mattresses are very comfortable because they have the quality to eliminate negative space. These mattresses are the most ideal for proper spinal alignment and because of it people doesn’t feel back pain when they wake up in the morning.


Pressure Relief: Latex mattresses are known to curb numbness and soreness. This is because it provides pressure relief and people lying on it feel more active.


Optimal Blood Flow: This is something that most people are not aware of and opt for ordinary foam mattresses which make them regret their decision in the end. No matter whether you are walking or lying on your bed your blood circulation must not be interrupted. Thus latex mattress is designed for optimal blood flow. This is because it remarkably distributes the overall body weight to allow uninterrupted and increased blood flow which is required for proper organs functioning.


Fully Optimized Sleep: A sound sleep is very vital for health as it has been concluded in various studies that people who don’t get sound sleep are often stressed, irritated and inactive than people who get sound sleep. Latex mattress is known for its comfort, pressure relief and optimal blood flow and hence it reduces sleep interruptions which means the person will get a sound sleep.


If you compare latex mattresses with any other mattresses, every time you will find that it surpasses every other mattress in most of the quality factors.

Architectural and Engineering Experts for Environmentally Sound Church Renovations

Purchasing an older church and renovating is one way that an organization can save a lot of money, but the project needs to be planned well for the best results. Hiring architectural and engineering experts is one way to guarantee that the building will be sound and provide for every need. Renovating an older church building is a more environmentally sound way to provide your congregation with a one-of-a-kind worship center.

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When Retaining History Is Important

Older churches in most areas are some of the oldest structures that survive through the years. Being able to renovate them is an important part of retaining a bit of local history. Most church building have been known landmarks for decades, or even centuries. Careful architectural and engineering plans can be made to take the roughest buildings and make them look new again. They will once again have the ability to be a beacon in the community for the foreseeable future.

The Perfect Blend of Style and Usable Design

Expert architects and engineers will take the time to gather all of the information needed to determine what the needs will be for the structure. All plans will be made to accommodate the needs, while maintaining as much original character as possible. The results will be a perfect blend of usable qualities with stunning good looks.

Environmentally Conscious Design and Methods

Engineering and building methods are much different today than they were a hundred, or more years ago. Materials and methods of construction are more environmentally friendly. The end product will be more energy-efficient and ecologically neutral than ever before. The goal is to offer a beautiful, functional church that causes no harm to the surrounding environment.

Aesthetically Pleasing Results

Experienced architects and engineers will work with you during the entire process of planning to ensure you are getting the design you want. Along with renovating the main structure, there can be plans made to incorporate additions and storage areas to suit the needs of your organization. Every part of the design will be fluid and never look out of place.

Contact architectural and engineering experts like O’Brien and Keane for your church renovation Virginia today!

7 Benefits of Free-Standing Wardrobes

Wardrobes have been in use for centuries and have changed in structure and style from culture to culture. From elegant French armoires to box-shaped contemporary designs of today, they have transformed to suit our ever-changing needs. From free standing wardrobes to dressers and built-in wardrobes, these storage units are wide and varied. Here we explore the benefits of a free-standing wardrobe.


  • Depth: Built-in wardrobes can make your bedroom interiors look smaller as they block off the view of a wall and part of the ceiling but with a free-standing wardrobe, gaps are left all around it and this adds depth to a room.


  • Add storage: With a free-standing wardrobe you can easily add or remove storage depending on your needs. If you need to store extra clothes or put away winter blankets, all you need to do is store them on top of your wardrobe. Thanks to newer designs and customisable options, you can have spaces for these products built-in.


  • Easier to change layouts: If you love to re-arrange your furniture every few months to give your space a new look, a free standing wardrobe is easier to move.


  • Style: With free-standing wardrobes you can choose from antique styles to many modern variations. You can easily opt for a wardrobe built in a simple style with clean lines and a neat finish or go for one with ornate woodwork that will add a certain class to your space.


  • Customisable: Free standing wardrobes can be customised to include mirrors and additional embellishments. A mirror is greatly beneficial to adding depth and creating the illusion of space in smaller bedrooms. Besides this, you can also have spaces to store specific clothes, (dresses, gowns, blazers and so on) or even books and curios!


  • Transport-friendly: A free-standing wardrobe can be transported from one home to another if you are relocating. This way, a piece of furniture that you are familiar with or have even become accustomed to using and suit your needs perfectly need not be left behind if you are to leave your current home.


  • Cost Factor: Free-standing wardrobes are available in a variety of materials and designs. Thanks to this factor, you have available a range of prices to suit your budget. From expensive solid wood wardrobes to MDF, you can take your pick based on your needs and your tastes.


With these multiple options available to you, your choices in bedroom furniture are no longer restricted. While sifting through bedroom wardrobe designs, keep in mind your needs and choose accordingly. Go with your tastes, budget and long-term plans before you make this investment. Lastly, take ensure that the online wardrobes you choose goes with the overall design and theme of your space.

Comparison between Hydro Jetting Method and Snaking Method

Every house owner must get their main drain of sewer lines cleaned after certain period of time, so that your pipeline is not clogged. With such maintenance, you can prevent sewer backups and blockages and get rid of tree roots that may have come on your pipeline and also keep an eye on your state of sewer pipeline.

In order to clean sewage line two popular methods are employed:

  1. Hydro jetting method
  2. Snaking method

Most of the plumbing companies can offer their services for both these methods. However, as a house owner, you must be aware of pros and cons of both of these methods, so that you can choose the right method for cleaning the drain of your house.

Hydro Jetting Method

You can go for hydro jetting method by forcing a stream of water into the sewer line at a pressure – 3000 and 8000 PSI. By forcing stream of water in your pipe line you can clear out any kind of clog, debris, grease and hair or even tree roots that may have accumulated in your sewer line.

You can also visit the website to know more details about hydro jetting method.

  • Advantages of Hydro jetting method
  1. This method is very effective for cleaning out your clogged sewer lines. Most of the plumbing companies utilize this method in order to maintain sewer lines. You can remove even tree roots with the help of strong jet of water.
  2. This is very versatile method as there is enough pressure given with the help of water, which can clear not only any domestic sewer lines, but also commercial sewer line as well.
  • Disadvantages of Hydro jetting method
  1. Though this method of cleaning the pipeline is very effective, sometimes due to very high and forceful pressure of water the pipe could be damaged, especially if it is old and fragile.
  2. You cannot do it yourself and therefore need to spend good amount of money for paying the service charges of the plumbing companies.

Snaking method

Snaking can be performed with the help of an auger. Auger is a kind of long steel cable with one end having cork screw like coil. By inserting an auger inside the sewer line, you can pierce the obstructions that are present within pipeline and thus it clears the path.

  • Advantages of snaking method
  1. This method is employed by most of the plumbers for very long time and it is a proven method for cleaning sewer line clogs.
  2. This method is much gentle as compared to hydro jetting method and therefore your pipe will not get damaged even if it is old pipe.
  • Disadvantages of snaking method
  1. It is a temporary kind of fixing your pipeline problem as it has plenty of limitation.
  2. Not suitable for commercial sewer lines

Which method to employ?

In case, of any small problem, you can prefer to go for snaking method as you can clean your pipeline all by yourself.

However, if your sewer line is completely blocked then snaking may not prove to be effective. In such case, you must employ hydro jetting method.



Should You Consider Installing Solar Panels In Your Home? Find Out Here!

Installing solar panels in your home can prove to be a worthy investment in the long run. It not only saves your energy bills, but also can be the most eco-friendly way to generate electricity.

Why to go for Solar Power?

It is probably a high time to consider several options for your home that can be beneficial to you. After all, capturing free and natural sunlight and converting it into electricity sounds the best idea, isn’t it?

Apart from the cost savings that it offers, it also reduces the use of natural resources at the same time. Many people still considers solar power systems as an expensive option, but the scenario has greatly changed now with people switching to solar power systems for their energy needs.


Great benefits of going Solar

The price of the solar panel systems has dropped greatly. The leading solar panels manufacturer companies have started offering it at reasonable prices.

Moreover, with many new solar loans and leasing plans offered by veteran owned solar company, you don’t need to have the cash up-front to switch to solar. You can easily rent the solar panel system and can still save on your electricity bills or even get a loan that enables you to own the entire system with generally no installation costs.

In many cases, solar power system can eliminate the entire electric bill after the installation, system as well as the maintenance costs. In other cases, the solar panels can even simply cut the utility bill by around 10-50 percent. However, your savings would greatly depend on your system as well as how your home is actually set up.

Paying for Solar Panels

So finally, if you have decided to go for solar panels, you should also consider well its paying options. There are some great financing options that are available to you.

If you opt for a loan to buy the system, it will generally take longer to recover your investment than paying up front. However, you will still be able to reduce your energy bills by about 40-60%. Ultimately you would be able to enhance the property value of your home.

When it comes to leasing a system, you need to pay a pre-decided fix amount every month for using the solar system. You will get a fixed amount of the electricity in return. It will usually be 10-20% less than the current utility costs.

Many of the leases may include maintenance of overall system, but you won’t get any kind of tax breaks since you won’t be the owner of the system. Another financing option is PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). In this option, you just pay the amount of the electricity that you use.

It is much like the same way as with your utility company. It is just another type of contract that sounds like a lease but the amount of electricity that you will pay for may vary depending on the season.

To wrap up, getting some quotes from the installers before making a final choice can be a good option to end up making a wise choice. Remember to look for qualified and certified installers along with asking about the maintenance as well as the warrantees of the system.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Real Estate Agent While Buying Property

 The task of buying a real estate property is not as easy as it may sound; it can be quite stressful and time-consuming. There are several aspects that you have to consider while buying a home, not to mention, it involves big financial risk, if the property you choose is not worth it. The task requires a meticulously planned approach and it is a step by step process. If you are looking to buy a new home, it is best advised to have an expert by your side; you need to hire a real estate agent to help you with the task. Some of the best reasons why hiring the agent would prove to be worthy are discussed below:

Helps in choosing the right property

One of the most daunting tasks of buying a new home is to choose the right one. To be able to locate the perfect property that suits your needs as well as fits within your budget, you need to do an extensive search. This is where the agents come as a great help. Typically, the real estate agents have a huge network of contacts with builders, buyers, sellers and other agents from different areas. Also, these agents are aware of the various new real estate projects coming up in different area and the properties that are up for sale. So, having a real estate agent by your side will surely help you find the best property in Bangalore in quick time.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Real Estate Agent While Buying Property

Wide variety of options

Having multiple options to choose from makes it easier for you to choose the best property. But, it is nearly impossible to find different properties all by yourself, whereas, if you have hired a real estate agent, you can not only locate different properties, but also, you can seek advice from the agent in choosing the right property as per you needs, preferences and finances. Additionally, when you have multiple options to choose from, you have the liberty to thoroughly inspect the property before making the final purchase decision.

Close the deal faster

The real estate agents are extremely adept at dealing with different legal processes of the property dealings. Since they have years of experience and a vast amount of knowledge about the real estate industry, the agents greatly help in expediting the buying process. This means that you need not have to run around from pillar to post for completing various legal formalities, the agents will represent you at every step and ensure that you get a deal that is in your best interest.

Negotiate the deal on your behalf

It is no doubt that the real estate agents have awesome negotiating skills; they are the experts in the industry who know all the technicalities of the properties. By hiring a real estate agent you need not have to undergo the tedious process of bargaining the deal with the builder or the seller of the property; the agent will do it on your behalf. Not to mention, the agent will help you understand the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement so that you are well informed about what you are signing-up for. Additionally, the agents work in your best interest at every step of negotiating the deal, be it with the seller, the Inspection Company, appraiser and loan officers. The agents, typically, are proactive in ensuring that the deal is completed as per the legal requirements of the local law and ensure that you get the most lucrative offer.