Google Cloud adds three new GCP regions

Today at Google Cloud Next in San Francisco, the company announced three new regions for its Google Cloud Platform. The Netherlands, Montreal and California are set to join the rapidly growing list of host locations.

The move benefits users by allowing more flexibility for where users keep their resources. Being able to utilize additional local infrastructure can decrease latency and increase the possibilities for decentralization.

Google still plans to add São Paulo, Finland, Frankfurt, London, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney in the future. Most recently, Google added Tokyo and Oregon to its list of regions last year. Today’s new batch brings the total number of operating GCP regions to 10.

 Across the industry, Amazon and Microsoft have been bolstering their infrastructure efforts, as well. Azure now has 34 regions around the world, including two new facilities in Korea. Amazon Web Services offers 40 separate Availability Zones across 15 global regions.

Google, Dutch Institute Crack SHA-1 Internet Security Standard

A collaboration between Google’s research unit and a Dutch institute on Thursday cracked a widely used cryptographic technology that has been one of the key building blocks of Internet security.

Google, Dutch Institute Crack SHA-1 Internet Security Standard

The algorithm, known as Secure Hash Algorithm 1 or SHA-1, is currently used to verify the integrity of digital files and signatures that secure credit card transactions as well as Git open-source software repositories.

Researchers were able to demonstrate a “collision attack” using two different PDF files with the same SHA-1 fingerprint, but with different visible content, according to a paper published by Amsterdam-based Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica.

“Moving forward, it’s more urgent than ever for security practitioners to migrate to safer cryptographic hashes such as SHA-256 and SHA-3,” according to a post by the collaborators on Google’s security blog.

“For the tech community, our findings emphasise the necessity of sunsetting SHA-1 usage. Google has advocated the deprecation of SHA-1 for many years, particularly when it comes to signing TLS certificates. As early as 2014, the Chrome team announced that they would gradually phase out using SHA-1. We hope our practical attack on SHA-1 will cement that the protocol should no longer be considered secure,” the blog post added.

Google and Amazon Said to Be Considering Adding Voice Calling to Home and Echo Respectively

Google and Amazon might soon add a very useful feature to Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers as the companies are said to be mulling bringing voice-calling functionality to their respective devices. Turning the voice-activated speakers into home phone, as one would expect, comes with some complications and even though the companies are reportedly ready to launch the service as soon as this year, the plans are reportedly stalled due to concerns over user privacy and telecom regulations.

Google and Amazon Said to Be Considering Adding Voice Calling to Home and Echo Respectively

Allowing Google Home or Amazon Echo to place phone calls is the next logical step for the AI-powered smart home devices, The Wall Street Journal said in a report citing sources close to the matter. One of the major concerns over rolling out the feature is users’ anxiety over conversations being recorded, as per the report.

Even though smart speakers from both Amazon and Google already locally record audio continuously before replacing it with the new audio files after hearing their activation word, users might not be as comfortable when their telephonic conversations are recorded in cloud.

This is why Amazon will only collect metadata, which includes dialled numbers and duration of the calls, but not the calls themselves if it does introduce the calling functionality, one of the sources familiar with the matter told WSJ. It is unclear if Google will also follow the same route but as Google Voice app also collects only metadata and calls that users voluntarily recorded, it is likely that it might take the same approach, as pointed out in the report.

Even though the smart speakers are likely to get the ability to call through VoIP (voice over internet protocol) like Microsoft Skype, Amazon is said to be considering options such as providing the smart speaker with its own number with a call forwarding feature to allow smartphones to take their calls remotely and vice versa. Another option can allow users to sync their existing phone number and contacts with the Echo smart speaker.

Other complications regarding the feature’s implementation include difficulty in switching phone conversations from smart speakers to phone and vice versa. Further, ending the calls might require a trigger word that can potentially be used in the conversation. Another issue that has been mentioned in the report is placing 911 emergency calls.

As most Internet calling services don’t allow calling 911, it might become tricky to restrict a device that is meant to be a home phone from using an emergency number. Due to the fact that there is certain amount of fees that is paid to place 911 calls, it is unclear if Google and Amazon will ask consumers to pay this cost, WSJ points out in its report.

Further, even if these complications are set aside, it will still need to be seen if law enforcement agencies will be allowed to wiretap the calls made from these smart speakers with help from the federal laws. As Internet calling services are safe from this complication as they are app-to-app, Google and Amazon will have to find a way around this issue. Even if the calls are not wiretapped, the metadata regarding the calls can be handed over to the enforcement agencies with a simple warrant, WSJ says in its report citing experts.

It will be interesting to see if and when the two US giants are able to find a solution for these issues and roll out the functionality to their smart speakers but it is sure to add more utility to these already successful devices.

Hassle Free Way To Shop Clothing And Accessories

Now, shopping is one of the important processes, especially for women. Most of the women are looking the best and easiest way to shop products.  When they are accessing the special app, it will be easier. Voonik is a most loved fashion app for women. Apart from that, it helps women find clothes that suit the budget, body and skin tone. The special Online Shopping app is highly help and comes with a number of features. It is a most trending shopping app for all women those who love to be trendy shopping method. The app is available for all the mobile and available at free of cost, so you don’t pay money for downloading the application for shopping.  Apart from that, the application is available in the play store, simple visit the website and then downloads the app in your device within few seconds. The app for android specially developed along with special kind of features. It is more comfortable for those who like to make the shopping process as easier.  Online shopping gets high famous among people and it has launched as a fashion app exclusively for women’s fashion. The women shoppers will have the following benefits –

  • Wide range of clothing and fashion products
  • Saving money and time
  • Fashion recommendations
  • Personalized services

Whatever your requirements on fashion, but in the app offers a wide collection of the products that will suit your fashion requirements.  When you use the app then you allow shopping from many famous Online Shoppingmega stores in a single checkout.  Even you can also shop for shoes, watches, bags, trousers, tops and much more. These accessories are daily used products, so you want to shop essentially at the right place. This app is the right choice for you to find your suitable and high-quality fashion products at reasonable prices.

Highlights of voonik:

  • The app contains a number of unique and useful features. Make sure the features and highly helpful and make your shopping process as happy and comfort. People can also shop for dresses that suit the body shape, style, and your skin tone. Also, you find the free personal stylist in the app.
  • Find multiple stores at single cart: this is the one app to find a lot of famous online stores at the single cart. In this app is showed from all the popular apps and many more apps used to shopping purpose.
  • Tips for stylish: in the app, you can also get some useful stylish tips are helpful for women to create their look as more fashionable and attractive. The tips are highly useful and that will be simple to follow any women.
  • An important highlight of the voonik is user can also allow creating a love list of all favorite items. Apart from that, the list of items is created with a single swipe.
  • Chat with your friends on shopping: the app offers a special facility for the user will share their shopping experience and interests with their friends on famous social media to take family and friend members opinion. This is a unique feature of the application that is highly useful for many people to get a suggestion from the friends and family about the shopping and on what shopping at the app.

These are most important highlights of the voonik. For enhancing your shopping experience this is the right choice for you. There are many ways are available but Online Shoppingis the get first priority among people when it comes to the easiest shopping process.  Make sure this is the way to give a hassle free shopping experience for you.

Where to download Facebook Videos?

Looking to find Best Facebook Downloader to download your Facebook Videos and tired to follow lengthy procedure for it so look at this, your waiting to find a best downloader will be complete by now.

Facebook Videos:

Now millions of users using Facebook for spend their time on it and Facebook become No.1 social media site which crossed 1 billion active users on it. Now users share lot of Videos and Images to everyone or with their friends. We love to watch videos and we can share it to any one of them if we like. There is a lot videos share on Facebook like funny, inspired, humour, emotional, dubbed, short message clips etc. When we want to download those videos we try search download link on Facebook but it is not available on Facebook Social Media.

Why we need Downloader for Download Videos:

As we can see that Facebook provide facility to share photos, download photos but if we talk about videos then Facebook has only features to share or upload video on Facebook. It is not provide video download option to all their users. So if you need any video or want to watch it again then you will have to login compulsory on Facebook to watch any of the video. That’s why Facebook users have to search for best video downloader so they can watch any of the videos offline on their PC or Mobile. After download videos from Facebook Downloader, user no needs to login every time if they want to watch any video.

Which Facebook Video Downloader is best?

You can able to download your Facebook timeline videos from FileVid. It provide feature with free of cost and without any registration need. FileVid is a solution of all your Facebook Videos which you want to download on your Device. It is too fast to download any of the Video to your Device using FileVid Downloader.

How to download Facebook Videos from

Facebook users can download each and every videos of Facebook from FileVid so they no need to go anywhere for next video download from Facebook.

  • First get a link of Facebook video which you want to download
  • Copy that Video URL and paste it on text field at FileVid
  • Click on Download button
  • You will see two options after click on “Download” button. 1) High Quality and (2) Low Quality
  • Choose your option and right click on it
  • Select “Save link as” to download that video directly to your dive
  • Done

No additional procedure to be followed by users to download their Facebook videos to their devices


FileVid Downloader Review:

FileVid provide great service to their users to download any of the videos of Facebook easily. You can download unlimited videos by using FileVid Downloader so there is no limitation for download. User can use it at any time or any where they want. It is available free of cost and always will be. You will not disappoint with its service at anytime you use.

Trends Shaping the SEO World

Every internet marketing company will agree that 2015 was an exciting year for online marketing, especially with the introduction of several updates and algorithms from Google, the biggest player in the search engine game, as well as the increasing significance of the mobile platform. If 2015 is anything to go by, then the Utah SEO industry should expect nothing less. The thing about SEO, though, is that it is as much about the ability to optimize one’s website as it is about being able to predict the trends and adopt them before the competition does. Those looking to get ahead of the competition might want to consider the following likely trends for 2016.

Video content

For most people, written content is a baseline, even for those who constantly insist that any good website must have varied content. Written content is baseline for many, which such formats as info graphics, pictures and video considered auxiliary. However, in the past few months video has gained a stronger foothold, with video even looking to outpace written content in the ability to engage customers effectively and provide a return on investment. The proliferation of such video apps as vine, Snapchat and periscope is partly responsible for this. They have set the expectations of users towards more visual content. Even Google is now reportedly experimenting with Video ads on its search engine results pages.

Mobile optimization

The past few years have been dominated by desktop in terms of standard forms of search, while numbers of mobile users have grown steadily. 2016 will perhaps be the tipping point in the balance between mobile and desktop. Signs such as Mobilegeddon, the Google announcement of mobile and desktop searches being on an equal footing, and indications of mobile searches surpassing desktop in coming months all point to the same thing. This shift is likely to continue, making mobile traffic even more important.

Digital assistants

The modern search engine is receiving more questions from digital assistants than ever before. These are adding onto the complexity of the search engine landscape. Spoken word is completely different from what many people type, meaning digital assistants like Cortana, Siri and Google Now will require q whole different set of longtail keywords that are close to spoken dialogue. This trend will end up rewarding companies whose websites contain conversational content.

Aggregated content

Already, the clever internet marketing company will have noticed a trend towards aggregated content slowly replacing the classic news and event coverage. Social media is at the center of this, with social media giants like Twitter and Facebook already experimenting with features that allow them to aggregate posts, images, videos and news stories into a single channel. As a result, the power of news content that is not sourced automatically will diminish, and this will reduce the content marketing options available.


Stephanie M. Clarke is a respected Utah SEO expert. She has extensive experience working with the industry’s leading companies and managing online marketing campaigns for successful startups. She also runs her own blog and offers advice to beginners.

Reasons behind Instagram’s Tremendous Popularity

Today, there is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular and most populous social networks on the cyberspace. Besides the deep societal impact it has, with over 400 million active users, the creators of the app received an incredible $1 billion buyout after as less as 18 months of existence. With a premise intrinsically as simple as sharing pictures, liking and commenting, all of which already existed on eminent networks, the true reason behind Instagram’s raging popularity and addictiveness was shrouded in mystery.

It’s Visual

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million pictures! Based on this premise, Instagram accentuates and encourages the visual aspect of communication. Instead of breaking out into long rants or extensive walls of text, users now present content in an appealing, bright and visual manner. This opens up whole new avenues of communication and allows users to tap into their inner creativity. It is a lot of fun, light to use, and really pretty to look at. What more could you want from a social network?

It’s Fun!

A quite common reason stated by users who eventually become inactive on social media is boredom. They feel as if their online presence has fallen into some kind of rut, and socializing online takes too much effort on their part; it’s just not worth it. These issues never arise with Instagram, because it is simple, interesting and a whole lot of fun. There is always a host of new posts waiting for you on your feed, and an explore option if you wish to look further.

There are tons of activities you can participate in, hosted by prominent pages, celebrities and other personalities. The “Photo-A-Day” Challenge was among these, where users would be given a topic each day and would have to post any one picture based on that. These activities are a lot of fun, and also boost the number of likes and followers on your profile, so it’s a win-win situation! There are support apps, IFTTT recipes and quirky aspects like an Instagram bot which can automate and add new dimensions to your Instagram presence.

It’s Instantaneous

Instagram is popular because it is instant. Long loading times or clumsy UI are a thing of the past now. The latest version of Instagram is known to load super-quickly. In this era of instant gratification, this feature is enough to attract more and more users.

It’s Ingenious

A status update, whether on Twitter or Facebook could be pretty dull and boring. If you use nice snaps with a nice border and some retro-style filter effect along with your status update, things would definitely become far more visually pleasing and appealing. Instagram allows its user to demonstrate his imagination & creativity. Any and everybody could easily demonstrate his artistic inclination and prowess on Instagram. Simple things could look amazing in just a matter of few seconds thanks to Instagram.

It’s Social

Man is a social animal. We crave connections. Besides being a sharing platform, Instagram is seamlessly integrated with social features like “heart” for likes, hashtags and comments. Hashtags especially are extremely distinctive, as they open up whole new worlds of posts on any microblogging platform like IG or Twitter. You can follow whoever you want, add friends, make connections and build a whole network around yourself.

These simple social aspects inject some life into your daily routine. You can share what you are doing, seeing, buying or eating; the sky is the limit. Instagram is also completely integrated and friendly with Facebook and Twitter so your posts are essentially multi-platform in nature.

It’s Free!

Beyond everything, Instagram is completely free, open to access for everyone. It is the embodiment of fun communication, and has gone from being an emerging social network to a phenomenon beyond compare.

Author Bio: Martin Blomfeld is a blogger and socialite. He enjoys writing articles and answers on Quora, looking up new apps and technology like an Instagram bot or a new IoT breakthrough, and taking photographs.

The right way to Write an excellent Essay Quickly

If you’re any thing like me, you obtain stressed when you are feeling rushed. Sometimes when Personally i think which i have a tendency possess plenty of time to get something carried out, I obtain consequently frenzied that I wind up not having the ability to do anything at all right. Last week just, I had to obtain just a few young children with their swim lessons. All of us late had been running, and everything I possibly could consider as I actually drove towards the lesson was your time clock. Distracted, I finished up missing the proper intersection and needing to drive much away of our method. And then, as I scrambled to get everybody out of the van, We forgot to close the trunk traveler component door completely. It was remaining by me standing open whenever we proceeded to go inside. By the ultimate end of the afternoon, I actually felt lucky merely to possess gotten the proper two children out from the pool and again to the home. In the event that I’d simply stopped panicking about sufficient time and taken notice of where I was heading, points would have smoothly gone a little even more.
That undesirable, hurried feeling implements in other configurations, obviously. Among the toughest things about crafting a timed essay may be the panic we are able to feel once the minutes begin to tick away. And that panicky sense can wreak actual havoc on the grade of what we should write. Yet there’s very good news: there are 4 basic actions that can place you in the right program to put together a great essay even in a tight time crunch, all whilst keeping your amazing .
1 . Ensure That You Be familiar with relevant concern
Initial, read and reread the essay prompt several times before you start to create. Make sure you have got an excellent, apparent knowledge of what you’re being asked. You may think that one quick read-through will do, but the trouble is that following the clock begins to tick, you will probably find yourself writing and writing and producing to defeat the clock, and quit and realize you have eliminated off upon a significant tangent, certainly not doing what the article prompt has asked you to accomplish actually. Therefore when that occurs, presently there may not really be enough period an automobile accident this.
So , as you browse the essay fast, in fact focus on what is actually asking. For instance, if you are offered a position declaration and you’re here asked to supply your opinion on the expressed placement, make sure you are obvious on what you need to write about. Will the fast ask you whether you support or oppose the talked about placement completely? Or will it query as to what level you support or oppose it? Remember that you may be asked not only for a dark or white remedy but for a color of gray. You could be asked also, for example , if the stated position offers a few merit, while you don’t completely trust it all.
Simply by rereading and reading the essay issue, you can avoid running in to the issue of finding your self started down the incorrect path with only a few moments to course- appropriate before time is certainly necesary your essay.
For example , imagine you’ve been asked to produce an article coping with this issue of whether cities should put legal limits on the dimensions of sugary sodas that restaurants and concession stands might serve. Visualize also that you have opinion pieces offered by authors upon both essential contraindications sides of the problem. Before you soar in and start composing your impassioned discussion explaining why such legal limitations ought to or must not be place in position, end and have a full minute to return through the question. Are you becoming asked to publish a convincing essay and only or against the company of size restrictions on sodas? Or are you perhaps becoming asked to put together a thoughtful evaluation from the strong points provided simply by both side panels?
You may end up writing a brilliant, convincing essay, yet in case you are certainly not answering the question that was shown, you’ll finish up with a concern. So make sure you read again the relevant questions first thing.
2. Outline for you Your Major Factors quickly
Second, you should outline your main factors before you start making your essay. When you had been in junior high, you might have been required to post formal describes with documents that you submitted for a quality.
That extra stage, demanding Roman letters and numerals and indentations, may have appeared like a real discomfort at the right time — just a great deal of extra function. But making the effort to design out a summary of your major elements when you are writing below period restrictions can be priceless. Luckily, you don’t have to carry out anything formal if you are trying to create an article quickly. Simply write down several true points in the order you imagine that they must be produced. No Roman numerals are needed; you are able to just make use of bullet factors if you’d like.
Let’s get back to the soda laws and regulations example. Should you have been asked to create a spat about whether towns ought to place legal limitations upon the length of sweet sodas that restaurants and concession sticks can provide, you should sketch out a couple of primary 1st, unique factors that you want to make. If you are using the five-paragraph essay system, it could make sense to produce three main elements, such as.

Hosting Raja Review

Foreign web hosting organizations have excelled in offering web spaces that are equipped with servers that get loaded commendably fast. Native web hosting companies often lack behind with respect to quality services and server speed that hamper its branding and tar customer response. Hosting Raja is one of the few hosting web companies that has raised the bars for other web hosting organizations and emerged promising with its premium service and commendable server loading speed. This web hosting company has prodigiously grown over the years since its inception and is currently one of the superior web hosting organizations nationally.

Hosting Raja Establishment and Attainments


Customer Satisfaction is the primary concern of any business and Hosting Raja has set an epitome of brilliance with its quality service. It has recently bagged two prestigious awards in the year 2010 and 2012 as the top web host. This web development company was started a decade earlier in the year 2015 and over the years it has dilated its portfolio to all corners of the nation currently hosting over more than 10000 hosting accounts.

Hosting Raja was started in a decade earlier in the year 2005 and over the years it has dilated its portfolio to every corner of national boundary. The services and features of this web-development company are way more profitable for blogger and website owners that make Hosting Raja high in demand.

Affordable Plans


Hosting Raja has introduced several plans for its services which make it feasible and affordable for most people who desire to own a web space for their website or blog. Most of the web hosting companies have plans at high ranges while Hosting Raja offers plans from low to moderate prices making the pricing frugal without any compromise with the quality of service offered. Hosting Raja assures the same brilliance of service even at its lowest plans and leaves no stone unturned in offering nothing but the best in server loading speed and services. Such an amazing combination of features and pricing is possible only when you are connected to Hosting Raja.

Lucrative Features of Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja outsmarts the other contemporary web development companies with its plethora of options for everyone interested to start a blog or own a website. It provides JoomlaHosting, WordPress hosting and Magento hosting that are crafted with a view to suffice the CMS’ requirements. Apart from the mentioned hosting, it also provides Linux and Windows Hosting. In most cases either of the two are offered by web hosting companies but Hosting Raja offers both easing the fulfillment of needs and demand.

Make Money with Reseller Hosting


Minting Money is one of the most lucrative offerings of Hosting raja. The novelty of reseller hosting offered by Hosting Raja is where you can sell hosting to other and mint money. This is one of the most distinguished and attractive feature of Hosting Raja that has set a brilliance.

Customer Satisfaction

Hosting raja pays an indispensable attention to all of its customers which gets reflected through its service. It reaches out to its customers via calls, chats and emails. The cherry on the cake is their super responsive nature such that your emails and chats will be responded within a maximum span of 2 minutes while mostly it’s within a minute. Truly, the customer service is commendable and prompt.

Domain Registration and free domains


Hosting raja is equipped with the basic features of domain registration. Like most other web hosting companies Hosting Raja offers registration in domains and also allow switching domain from a different registrar completely free of cost. The feather on the cap is if you avail the unlimited plans then you shall be offered with free domains with each of your plan. This also lets you host unlimited domains.

Final Say

Hosting raja unlike the other web development companies is not complicated but it follows a simple approach and registering is hassle-free. Its features and attractive money minting service is way beyond appreciation that gives you a whole lot in one place. It is completely transparent and there is no hidden cost. Hosting raja is one of the Indian web hosting companies that has evolved so magnificently and has come up with multiple attractive features making it easy and simple for all bloggers to own a website.

How to Arrange Big Event with a Convenient Inflatable Tent?

If you are planning for a big event, then you are always required to offer maximum attention towards the party arrangements. It’s sure that you are going to spend a lot for making such big event successful. Proper planning and addition of the best items and foods can really make the event look amazing. Apart from this you also need to plan properly so that you can accommodate your guests in a proper way. You have to assign certain elements for the party or event so that guests can stay busy with them when they have nothing to do. And when you expect your guests to come with their kids, you need to arrange things very properly. These little ones will surely look for something to play. In this regard, assigning inflatable toys, bouncers, slides and castles for them can make a huge difference for the party or event. These items are also great to be used when you are planning for an office party or work event. As your employees are going to come there with their kids and family members, having these inflatable sports products installed at the outdoor venue can even keep the adults and kids busy for a long time.


The benefits:

When you are thinking to arrange big event with a convenient inflatable tent, you should look for the outdoor inflatable tents now announced by These products can be the best addition for your office party that you are going to arrange at the outdoor venue. These items are coming in different shapes, sizes and styles and all set to add that distinct flavor for the party time. Adding an inflatable outdoor tent that is big enough to accommodate your guests can also offer you a great mode to keep these people safe from the heat of the sun or rain. The material used for these tents make these items durable and water proof. These items are also flame retardant. So, you can always expect to get a safe use of these items once installed at the party venue.


Inflatable Cube Tent by Yolloy:

clip_image003 has the biggest collection for outdoor inflatable tents that can be used for just any occasion or event. In this line up, you can find Inflatable Cube Tent as a handy product. When you are arranging a big event, install this inflatable cube tent at the garden or at the office premise. This outdoor inflatable tent is designed to accommodate several people at a time. It will keep the guests protected from harsh sun rays and even from rain. Sitting arrangements can be done under this type of tent easily. You can also serve food under this outdoor inflatable tent and can even arrange a meeting in a comfortable way under this tent. White and blue like colors are added for this inflatable product so that it can match with just any outdoor condition perfectly. They have also assigned the dot windows for this product to make it more usable and unique.