Compare Cars – New Car Comparisons in India by AutoPortal

As the 10th largest automobile industry in the world, India’s automobile industry is becoming a major global industry.

When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you have to do your homework. Prices, models, mileage, repair and lifetime cost of ownership stats, you need to know it all to make an informed decision. When you’re researching and trying to compare car models, you probably have a few sites you head to in order to make sure you are getting recent information, updates and more. These days, there are hundreds of websites devoted to all aspects of motoring, including prices, renting a car, petrol prices, insurance and much more. covers automobiles to the core as well as the auto industry.

aaaaaa is one of the most trusted automobile portal in the country, which provides very useful information on buying cars and contains useful information related to finance, insurance, spare parts and vehicles service. There is an extensive catalogue of cars available in India present on the website. The site hosts listings for all passenger cars sold in India, information on brands, products, pricing, features and dealers.

This web portal also brings to its readers to-the-minute insights from around the world. The car finder helps you find your perfect new car and compare it with its rivals. Choose the most important criteria for your new car namely, price, style, brand and the car comparison lets you compare your car based on the selected criteria. You can also compare cars using criteria like mileage, seating options, and features as well. Comparison gives a crystal clear distinction between the chosen cars. Read expert opinions on why to select a particular model over others. You can choose and compare two to four cars of your choice to see how they compare on price, features, and performance.

The car comparison tool helps you with clear difference between your chosen cars. You can also view expert car comparisons if you need professional opinion on different cars.

One can also find new cars available for sale by city in India. The top cities with a wide range of new cars are included.

AutoPortal has one of the largest databases of used cars in different cities, information about new cars, car reviews, and related services to help consumers reach out to the automobile dealers. Comparing Indian cars was never this easy. The easy to use browser interface offers users a whole new experience and customer satisfaction.

There was a time when customers had to rely on magazines, classified ads in news papers and other sources to get information about new cars. Now with so much information available at a click of a mouse, AutoPortal presents you the easiest way of comparing cars.

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Four Reasons Aluminum Is One of the Best Choices for Your Metal Needs

Aluminum is thought by many to be the best choice for applications involving metal. Most people think of soda cans when they think of aluminum, but there are a great many other applications that make this the preferred choice for design work by engineers. The following are only a few of the most important reasons that aluminum is so popular.


It is recyclable
This is on top of the list because natural resources are limited, and society’s around the world are attempting to use renewable resources. Not only is aluminum recyclable, but when it is melted down, it takes the same form it did before it was originally used. This is different than other metals. After recycling they often have a limited usefulness, because they are not quite the same as they were when originally produced. Aluminum, however, is a natural element, and once it is melted down, it is the same as it was when first mined from the earth.

It is lightweight
After recycling, this is the most familiar attribute of aluminum. There is no greater, usable metal that can boast of such a light weight. In fact, this is why is is the single most popular metal for design engineers in the field of aviation. Aircraft grade aluminum is both strong and light, providing everything needed to construct top quality airplanes frames and aviation parts.

Resistance to corrosion
Compared to other metals, such as iron and steel, aluminum is resistant to corrosion, and this can be a great advantage in certain applications. Although it can interact with other metals and undergo degradation, when used in isolation, aluminum offers great protection in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Outstanding properties for food and beverages
Metals, in general, have always been a problem for companies making food and beverage products. Unlike other metals, aluminum has no metallic taste when used for food and drink. Neither does it have any smell to it. In addition, there are no toxic chemicals associated with aluminum nor interactions with food that will produce harmful effects to your health. This is readily apparent when you survey the many aluminum containers for products found throughout your local supermarket.

This metal has a great future in a world that is looking to become as green as possible. If you are a design engineer, you should consider the possibilities of using aluminum. If you are a consumer, keep your eye out for aluminum products, and always remember, all of your aluminum can be recycled.

Effective Ways of Terminating a Commercial Lease

It is quite easy for you to acquire a lease with any commercial landlord as a franchisee. But terminating a commercial lease could be a cumbersome and tedious business. Commercial landlords prefer franchisees as tenants in comparison to independent business operators. That is chiefly because franchisees enjoy franchisor support, industry history and better name recognition.

Your business may be facing tough times and you need to downsize your operations. What is the option open to you? It is a grave concern among franchisees regarding how to terminate a commercial lease without any financial or other repercussions. Is the tenant liable to go on losing money? There are several options open to you for terminating commercial leases often with negligible financial losses and of course, no bankruptcy would be required. Here are some valuable tips for terminating a commercial lease.

Understanding the Language is Important

The real estate world prefers using the term termination of lease over breaking a lease. Breaking a lease in the real estate trade implies that the tenant is resorting to illegal and also, ethically wrong method. It is very much possible for you to legally terminate your commercial lease. This is quite prevalent in the restaurant industry and others as well.

Talking to Your Landlord Really Helps

You could talk to your landlord. The landlord could be persuaded to take back his commercial space if the current tenant is struggling. The landlord would then consider releasing the space. He would be then able to maintain the cash flow.

Finding a Replacement Tenant Is the Best Way

Commercial landlords usually seem to be more cooperative in terminating your lease provided a replacement tenant has been found for his commercial space. A landlord can start looking for a replacement tenant well in advance, before the current lease is terminated so that a replacement tenant is ready to take over the commercial space at the time of lease termination.

As soon as the existing tenant surrenders his lease agreement and hands over the commercial space to the landlord, a new lease agreement would be drafted for the next tenant. The new tenant is expected to sign the lease agreement and start paying the rent.

Assigning Your Lease Agreement Works Well

Assigning your lease agreement could really be an effective way. You need to find a prospective tenant who is willing to take over your current commercial space and accept your existing lease terms. The landlord would find the proposition more acceptable if the individual, who has taken the assignment of your existing lease agreement, also has taken over your franchise business. In such a case, a formal lease replacement may not be needed. Generally a two or may be three page lease assignment drafted by the landlord would suffice.

Identifying Other Vacant Space Belonging to the Same Landlord is a Good Idea

You could consider moving to another vacant space in the same property. You could identify a smaller space within your present rental property that is just right for your current requirements. You should consider downsizing your operation. Commercial rents are as per square foot charges, so franchisee tenants would be finding the gross rent more reasonable and affordable if they are opting for less space.

A commercial landlord would be readily allowing you to terminate your current lease if you are planning to remain in his own property. You can simply move to a smaller unit very much in the same property.

Franchisee tenants must evaluate their unique situations and assess the diverse options open to them before terminating a commercial lease. Take all sorts of precautions and go through the agreement carefully before terminating the lease. You could seek expert help too for reviewing the document for your safety and protection.

Author Bio: Lawrence Smith is a professional lease consultant, whose primary responsibility is reviewing lease agreements for his clients and looking for any loopholes. He recommends for short-term leases and effective lease quitting solutions.

Some Important Considerations When Acquiring a Car for Business

If you have a small business then having a car at your disposal for business purposes is absolutely essential for you to maintain relationships with key customers, suppliers, as well as bankers, and other important stakeholders. If the scale of business is larger, then it is quite likely that you will need to acquire several cars for your key employees. And of course, there are many businesses that involve hard selling to customers spread over large distances that make owning cars for business mandatory. Some important considerations when acquiring cars:

What car?

The selection of the vehicle is perhaps the most important factor when buying a vehicle for business. It really boils down to making a proper evaluation of the task you expect the vehicle to perform on business duty. For example, if you are a banker you would tend to consider a conservative model that can get you from point A to B without making a fuss. It should be able to make a statement about you and your business in an unobtrusive way. However, if you are in the construction business for example, you would prefer a pickup truck that can not only take you to the sites but also can carry a fair amount of equipment, should you so desire. If you need to cover very large distances over inhospitable terrain then an SUV with good fuel economy may be the answer.

Buy or Lease

While finance for purchase can be more expensive, lease rentals are usually much cheaper. However, there are additional costs with leasing vehicles that need to be taken into account, such as increased insurance premium, and penalties for exceeding the contracted mileage. If you have the car on the books of the business, then you are entitled to claim depreciation on it, whereas this is not possible with leased cars. However, the monthly lease rentals can be accounted for as revenue expenditure of the business, and thus you can save on the applicable tax.

One of the most important considerations is the expected life of the car. If you intend going in for a new vehicle every three years or so, then perhaps a leasing arrangement can work to your favor, as you can match the lease duration to it and avoid the cost of maintenance, since car warranties usually cover this period. However, if you are leasing the car, you need to be very careful about sticking to the mileage-ceiling specified in your contract; the figure is usually between 36,000 to 45,000 miles over the three-year period. Clocking up excess mileage can prove to be very expensive indeed so it may be worthwhile buying the car for business outright if you expect to cover more miles.

Tax Advantages on Cars Leased For Business

 All the lease rentals, and the sums spent on the maintenance and upkeep of the car taken for the business can be set off against the tax payable. This includes expenses incurred on new tires, oil changes, new brakes, inspections, registration fees, etc. Even gasoline costs are deductible as per a specified formula, unless the car is being used for hire or is a part of a fleet operation, in which case, actual expenses can be claimed. If you incur a loss when selling off the car, it too may qualify for deduction.

To claim deductions, it is important that detailed records are maintained for all expenses incurred, such as gas and oil receipts, mileage logs, and maintenance and repair charges. If the car is also being used for personal purposes, then all expenses sought to be claimed as deductions must be categorized with a percentage applied for personal use that will not be allowed. Sole proprietors or independent contractors may be asked to verify the correctness of the deductions claimed for business-leased cars by proving that they have another vehicle for personal use that is in their own names.

Author bio: Jane Bailey is a financial consultant providing a wide range of services to entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Her earlier work relationship with Ideal Auto USA has given her considerable expertise on vehicle leasing and taxation aspects.

Great Tips on Edible Landscape Designing

Americans are known to use prized agricultural land all around their homes in creating lawns, azalea and marigold beds and occasionally, a maple or privet. However, expert landscape designers are of the opinion that the agricultural land could be devoted to growing some fabulous edible plants. This way, homeowners would end up growing a substantial quantity of food in their backyards. That would be really putting the land to a better use.

Try thinking of long term solutions- instead of seasonal bloomers; go for plants which look beautiful throughout the year, like blueberries, or pear or plum trees which don a new garb with every passing season. Yet another advantage here is that the plants yield beautiful, delicious fruits and end up saving you money in the long run. Edible landscape is definitely one of the most viable and compelling landscape design concept for the years to come.

How to Implement Edible Landscaping?

Edible landscaping is actually incorporating and integrating food plants and shrubs within a decorative or ornamental setting. You could use typical design principles that are being used for decorative landscapes, while substituting unproductive plant materials with edible plants like blueberries, lettuces, fruit trees and vegetables.

Use of edibles in landscape designing could add a new dimension to a garden by offering a unique decorative component with added health, economic as well as aesthetic benefits. Edible landscaping is a wonderful amalgamation of utility and beauty. Edible landscaping does not really involve everything edible.

If you fill up your yards with only edibles it would mean surplus food for most families and it would involve too much work and time. Some thoughtful planning and clever use of herbs, fruits and vegetables would give you a visually pleasing, practical and flavorsome yard. Homeowners across climatic regions with large or small yards could be benefitted from lattice of cherry tomatoes highlighting the entrance, an aromatic border comprising flavorsome and colorful basils or a couple of fantastic semi-dwarf apple trees.

You could choose from a wide spectrum of decorative edible plants for all kinds of garden settings across all climatic conditions. The areas having some of the most fertile soils and the sunniest locations are best for annual vegetables and fruit trees. There would be some culinary herbs that would be best cultivated on poor or rocky soils. There are a number of perennial edibles that are ideal for wet areas. Visit king landscape co for complete landscaping solutions.

The Amazing Benefits of Edible Landscaping

  • Great Money Savings: If you wish you could really grow incredible quantity of food in a relatively small, but beautiful space. If you indulge in meticulous calculations, you would find that even your 100 square foot of plot would yield enough produce to save you a substantial amount.
  • Water Savings: Tests reveal that large-scale agricultural production would be requiring more than double the water used by home gardeners for producing the same crop. Drip irrigation is known to conserve even more water.
  • Food Safety: You are aware of the chemicals (if at all) you are using. You obviously stay away from harmful stuff.
  • Energy Savings: You could save a lot on energy consumption. Backyard food production would involve minimum refrigeration and of course no shipping. Moreover, you would be requiring negligible amount of energy for planting and picking fresh tomatoes from your yard when compared to traditional farms consuming a lot of energy for plowing, planting, spraying and harvesting produce.
  • Better Nutrition: Just picked fully-ripe homegrown vegetables and fruits are best for providing more nutrients and vitamins than supermarket produce that are a few days or even weeks old and are deliberately picked under-ripe.

Edible Landscape Designing Tips

Any landscape designing is initiated with setting u the framework or bones of the garden. You need to select the location of the patios, paths, hedges, fences, garden beds and arbors. This is of crucial importance to edible landscaping as the beds tend to have plants that have varied textures, shapes and sizes such as mounding peppers, climbing beans and curly carrot leaves.

Edible garden plots may sometimes be empty or have young seedlings. That is exactly when arbors, paths, fences birdbaths and even hedges play a pivotal role in keeping everything nice and appealing.

Once the landscape set-up has been chosen, you need to divert all your attention to choosing the right plants. First of all you need to jot down the names of edibles that are your favorite and then identify the ones that grow perfectly in your climate and also, observe their cultural requirements.

Typically the Emerging E-commerce Trends

Online business and internet related online business offerings are becoming more popular on everyday basis. Building web sites has been a profession that initially obtained a rock star status nonetheless soon it go back to usual standards after the major together with swift technological changes took spot. Creating visually appealing online content the important aspect of the successful business strategy. There happen to be tons of resources and quantity of online businesses available now days and nights. The online world abounds with distinct job opportunities that can become exciting and inspiring. This systems is fast paced, ever changing and highly visible. At often the heart of it is info and communication medium providing enterprise and earning opportunities. Good information is crucial. Without it, any internet site is useless. Moreover, without having proper content a business online never gets to its potential users which inside turn have the potential to help become costumers. Mostly the name employed is ‘home based on the internet business’. It can also become referred to as ‘internet related’ or ‘online web based company. The only difference between this two is usually that the web based firms cover a diversified area exactly where large companies show their reputation in different forms, whereas around the home based businesses, people work towards different ventures enhancing their particular earning abilities with out causing there homes.

Flipkart enterprise has changed the conventional way involving business; it is a method gives massive coverage and admittance to users all across often the globe without much restrictions plus reducing the chances of unavailability of certain products at distinct locations. Method of different products offers been made easier and faster through this versatile business moderate. Now people can look through particular web sites for any object make their orders accordingly. This specific helps in lots of ways; no more problem of long queues, less period wastage and the convenience involving getting chances to compare value ranges and to make a decision out of many available alternatives.

The affiliate business or the Internet is ever evolving which is marketing different businesses many folds like Paytm . Today an average user who possesses a simple access to computer and net can make use of that opportunity. There are so a lot of online business ideas and alternatives available which can be utilized from from any location. The Internet associated businesses have achieved enormous recognition especially in the last few years. Many web portals and internet auction links and sites such as e-bay, Amazon and a web host more are now offering immense getting opportunities.

The main idea right behind internet or web based enterprise is to support an organization while targeting a huge variety of users without annoying these individuals, rather providing them products associated with their choice as this one is perfectly followed in SnapDeal . A comprehensive portfolio of products obtainable online can surely wind up in along with a massive bank of shoppers. It however requires a whole lot of experimentation and development for you to keep businesses up to time with additional user friendly, easy in order to use option. The online protection always remains a matter involving high concern for all; which includes the individuals and the organizations. The importance of online business enterprise in today’s ever growing plus fast moving life and transforming lifestyles is having a big impact on the human sort in fact it is improving with the penetration of time.

Reflection of Technology & Innovation : Karle Zenith Residences

Technology plays a critical role in the growth of any business. In fact, every single industry has grown leaps and bounds with changes in the technical eco-system. Whilst this change is strongly visible in almost every industry, many of us do not notice how technology has brought a wave of change in the real estate industry. As our technological capabilities expand, so will our homes. Commercial and residential construction has been changing over the years and technology has been playing an important role in this development . Not just better homes, but better technology has been helping make safer homes too. Right from the equipment used for construction to the various building techniques, technology is fast reshaping the construction process. Nowadays every home is becoming a smart home. This trend has been sweeping the nation for quite sometime now. Smart homes are efficient, functional and they increase the quality of life. Most people prefer smart homes today as they are a lot safer, energy efficient and cost effective.


<Image Source>

Technology not only benefits the home owners but also benefits architects and contractors. With the aid of technology, house designing is more precise which makes building homes more accurate and perfect. Many real estate developers are using technology for both residential and commercial projects. With these developments in technology, there are a number of solutions that are available to build an energy efficient home and a home that will “weather well” in any condition.

Technology makes home inspections more easy with different software. The advancement in technology today makes residential and commercial buildings  more efficient.  With this development of technology in the real estate field, we are bound to see some smart houses  being constructed. With the help of technology, designers and engineers develop tools and apply this technology in new ways to create better homes.

Bangalore  is among the many cities in India using various technologies to build better residential and commercial spaces. The momentum has shifted to the North with the emergence of liveable, robust and social spaces that are stimulating economic activity. Multinational corporations, innovators and new-age entrepreneurs are therefore making a beeline to this new hotspot. It is to address this growing need for sustainable communities, Karle Infra, one of the most reputed real estate developers in Bangalore, is now focusing its energies on a premium township in Bangalore North – Karle Town Centre. Located at Hebbal, Karle Town Centre is a 72 acre, high density mixed-use development, designed to be a melting pot of culture, entertainment, business and innovation. With easy access to just about everything, Karle Infra is designed to offer the perfect living experience!UntitledKarle Zenith Residences which is the very first offering from Karle Town Centre, is built by some of the fine craftsmen. The Kumkang Kind technology is used to build these elegant structures. This technology offers the most secure, efficient, knowledgeable and economical products. Karle  uses this advanced technology in the construction of Zenith residences making the building of the highest standard. The Kumkang technology is a modern way of construction that has many benefits for the developers as well as the customers. It’s not only durable and long lasting, but also conforms to all governmental safety norms such as earthquake-proof, storm proof and fire proof. Furthermore, the Kumkang Kind has strict safety rules that prevent work accidents from happening!UntitledKarle Town Centre  is a 72 acre township situated in Hebbal right next to the Nagavara lake. With easy access to just about everything, Karle Infra is designed to offer the perfect living experience! North Bangalore is the new hub of development which makes Karle the ideal place to call home  . For the development of the township, Karle has hired world class master planners and infrastructure planners from Australia. The architects, structural consultants, and landscape consultants are from Singapore and UK, making the township one of a kind.

At Zenith residences, luxury is a lifestyle. Karle has designed these residences in keeping your love for comfort and extravagant living in mind. These spaces have been created for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying natural beauty, play and privacy. Zenith is a true interpretation of luxury. The only word that can describe Zenith residences is ICONIC, which offers 3 and 4 bedroom luxurious apartments. Extra attention has been given to the aesthetics and ambiance of the apartment to give a feeling of ultra-luxury. It consists of 3 towers of 34 floors each and 396 luxurious apartments. 3 BHK of 2307-2944 sq.ft and 4 BHK of 5092-6297 sq.ft starting at just Rs. 2 crore, Zenith residences has created spaces suited to fit all your desires and needs.UntitledThe  best part at Zenith residences  is the beautiful greenery that surrounds the property. Instead of living in an ocean of concrete and parking lots, the residents can engage in various sporting and leisure activities on Zenith’s beautifully landscaped podium free of the noise, pollution and danger of vehicles. It is our top priority to give something more to the people who like to live, work and play.

Karle Town Centre is an entertainment paradise where people can enjoy many attractions. For the development of the township, Karle has hired world class master planners and infrastructure planners from Australia. The architects, structural consultants, and landscape consultants are from Singapore and UK, making the township one of a kind.

Thanks to technology, the residential construction industry is truly taking home building to a whole new level and there will always be a growing trend to develop smart homes with a focus on energy and health.

North Bangalore is the new hub of development which makes Karle the ideal place to call home  .

The Ultimate Car Valuation Tricks Used In India By Used Car Sellers

India is one of the biggest countries both in terms of population and in terms of the number of vehicles on the road. The country was the six largest car manufacture in 2013 in the world and a record of more than 30 million motor vehicles are currently running in the streets. This show how big Indian market is for auto vehicles and buying and selling cars nowadays have become an easy and common aspect in India due these factors. The income level of people in India is increasing and the middle class is slowing moving to upper middle class and owning a car is nowadays becoming a sentiment of showing growth. Hence buying of old cars is in the rise in the country and how air control my appliances  plays a critical aspect of selling the old used car.


Car valuation India helps in judging the car worth

There are plenty of car valuation companies in India and they offer complete package of service from valuating the car worth to helping in financing too. All companies use car valuation method as a tool to judge the worth of the car and tell the buyer on the best price to buy taking into many factors such as car age, operational features and other important aspect.

Secrets of car valuation in India which seller use to increase cost and earn more money

With the increasing technology penetration and shopping happening through online purchases, the car sellers are using the best trick possible to increase the saleability of the cars. The main purpose of using tricks in car valuation is to increase the bottom line of the seller and the dealer if there is any.


The buyer needs to be very careful and cautious that they don’t fall in this trap. The following points below can help you find the ultimate car valuation tricks used in India by used car sellers.


Cheat starts with car photos

With the penetration of online access to buying things, the car sellers start marketing about the car through numerous photos. Yes photos and photos, they fill the add with all high definition photos of car, but the secret lies here, the buyer will not be sure whether these photos are the real ones or the current resemblance of the car. Many a times the faulty aspects of the car are not shown during the marketing and are kept hidden from the buyers. The ultimate objective of the trick here is to cover the damages of the car through best photos and marketing.


Hidden payments are the biggest secrets

Usually the car valuation of the seller hides many hidden charges like the paper charge, hidden taxes and car insurance. The seller makes sure that the car cost is cheaper to customers during the initial stage of disclosing the price, but later adds all the hidden charges as shock to the buyer. The ultimate objective of the trick here is to make sure that the car cost looks attractive and cheap.


Never trust a dealer – secrets of how dealer makes more money

The other important secret which happens when selling a car is the dealer cost also can have Used cars in mumbai. Many a times, the seller shows attractive low cost and hides the dealer cost from the buyer. The dealer cost is always hidden and the sometimes not explained to clearly to the buyer.


Secret of hiding the vehicle real condition

Most of the time, the car sellers try to hide the car real mileage, they use service engineers in changing their car mileage to show that the car is used less. Sometime the car owners also hide the previous repair works and importantly the accidents if any has happened. The ultimate objective of this trip is to show that the vehicle condition is awesome.


Trick of agreement

Most of the time when the cost of the car is very high, the sellers gives the choice of partial payment with agreement, but here they put in more interest charge which ultimately build on to the cost at the end. The ultimate objective here is to trap the buyer to a sign a lease agreement and earn more.


Be aware of the above ultimate car valuation tricks/secrets used in India by used car sellers and be sensible while buying the used cars.


How to Save Money on Electricity This Winter

Wouldn’t it be great if there were coupons for utility companies? Where you could just mail in your 50% off rebate along with a half payment and not have to worry about it? Unfortunately, those are not the times we live in. Fortunately, though, we do not have to simply accept whatever the rate is on our utility bills. There are things that we can do to reduce the amount of money we’re spending on our electricity and heating bills. Here are a few of them.

Go to the Source

More and more states are deregulating their energy markets. This means that the doors are opening for competing energy providers to set up stations where you live and offer power at lower rates. In Illinois and Texas, for example, residents can shop for energy plans for Local Electricity Companies just like they might shop for shoes or books on Amazon.

If you live in one of these deregulated markets, spend some time researching the different providers in your area. Even if your market is still regulated, you might have some options. For example, you can challenge the taxes and fees charged to your account. You might also be able to switch from fossil fuels to natural gas, depending upon the structure of your home.

Layers and Layers of…Clothes?

Nobody is going to tell you to turn your heat totally off in the winter (or your A/C totally off in the summer). What is a good idea, however, is to turn your heat down by 5-10 degrees and make up the difference by layering your clothes. Putting on a sweater or wrapping up in a blanket is a great way to stay warm while not paying a fortune in heating costs.

If you’re lucky enough to have a wood stove or a fireplace in your home, arrange your furniture to take full advantage of the heat from that stove or fireplace. This way you can lower your thermostat by as many as 20 degrees without having to worry about getting too cold. Depending on the space, you might be able to turn off the heat entirely.

Incandescents–Yay or Nay?

There are many who will tell you to ditch your incandescent bulbs for more energy efficient models like CFLs or LEDs. It’s true that LED bulbs, though they cost more at the outset save you more in energy costs over the long term, because they don’t need as many watts to create a bright light. It is also true, however, that the light they give off is a cold light, unlike the warmth created by an incandescent bulb.

During the colder months, it might be worth the cost offset to switch to incandescents to generate heat from a cheaper source than your home’s heating or cooling system. Obviously this is going to depend upon the lamps and lighting fixtures you have in your home, but it is still worth exploring.

Get Moving

During the cold winter months we are more likely to bundle up and read or watch television. It will be better for your health and your budget if you get up and move around.

Exercise, in addition to the many health benefits associated with it, also creates mechanical energy within your body. This mechanical energy causes your body temperature to rise, making you feel warm even when you’re working out in very cold temperatures. Now, nobody is saying that you have to go out for a run when it’s snowing. All we’re suggesting is that maybe watch that movie while walking on a treadmill or doing a workout routine in your living room. You’ll warm up, burn off all of the calories from those holiday treats and can reduce your heating costs all at the same time.

As a bonus, you can probably also ditch the gym membership since you’ll be exercising so much at home.

Use the Sun and Your Windows

Windows can be terrible for conserving heat and power during the winter. Air leeches through the glass and any cracks and gaps that might exist around the window frames. They can also be great sources of heat. During the winter, open up the curtains on your windows during the day so that the sun can beam through them. The windows will act as a magnifier for the light, creating heat. Then, in the afternoons, close your curtains to trap the heat inside and keep it from leeching back out through the window!

These are just a few basic tips and tricks for reducing your energy consumption and power bills during the cold winter months when you might be tempted to crank up your heat. What are some of your favorite ways to save money when it’s cold out?

Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

If you have a dog and are lucky enough to have a car, it opens up a lot of opportunities for you in terms of places to go with them. Taking your dog out into the countryside for a long walk is good for both of you, as you get lots of fresh air and exercise. Here are a few tips to make your car journey both pleasant and safe, for you and your dog.Secure your dog

Make sure your dog is securely fastened or confined when going on a trip with you. It’s safer for the dog, as if there is an accident having them confined will most likely save their life. You can choose to use a dog crate, but some dogs find this distressing. Seatbelts are designed for humans and are not an effective way of restraining a dog. The best place for you dog should always be the boot of your car, there should be space enough for them to lie down and get comfortable too, along with space for some food and water. This is where it is a good idea to look into Boot Liners for Dogs. A boot liner is a protective barrier that prevents your car from becoming messy from dog hairs, water, food and any other kinds of mess. After a journey, you can take the boot liner out and clean it with warm soapy water, then leave to dry. It can also make the ride more comfortable for your dog and less stressful for them. Under no circumstances should your dog ever ride in the passenger seat at the front of the car. If you are unfortunate enough to become involved in a car accident and the air bag deploys, the impact could kill your dog.

Hot and Cold Temperatures

You should also never leave your dog in the car unattended, especially during hot and cold weather.  Doing so isn’t just uncomfortable for your dog—it can be life threatening. Remember that they have fur coats so if you can feel the heat, imagine how hot they must feel. Hot cars can be like an oven. Unattended cars can be a potential death-trap for a dog. On a summer day of 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to between 37 and 48 degrees in just minutes.

Likewise, a car can also become cold like a freezer. There is nowhere for the cold air to go so the air becomes trapped, creating a freezer like effect and your dog can freeze to death.

Things to Bring

You will need to keep your dog happy on your journey and the best way to do that is to bring along some food and water they can easily access there are various non-spill bowls you can get which will help keep messes to a minimum. A toy will also help them especially if they are nervous. A familiar scent and play toy will help to calm their nerves.

Be sure to get a boot liner fitted too to prevent mess. You can get them for most cars, including VW Boot Liners.

Calming a Nervous Dog

You really don’t want to ruin your journey because your dog is barking, or even vomiting due to nerves, it’s a simple fact that whilst some dogs love a ride in the car, others do not. If your dog dislikes going in the car you can help calm them down by taking them on small trips to begin with, so they get used to the car. Make them feel like there is nothing to be scared of and gradually they will become used to the car and you can increase the journey length.

Excitable dogs

If your dog is the opposite of nervous and is actually extremely excited by a car ride, you can help to calm them down by stuffing a dog to with their favourite food and then top it off with peanut butter. Hopefully this will occupy the dog, so they don’t become excitable and start barking. This treat should keep them still and will prevent them from barking.

Extended travel

If you find that your trip is going to take a bit longer than you had anticipated, you will need to plan ahead and find a suitable place to stay, some places will allow dogs to stay and others won’t. As mentioned before, it’s a bad idea to leave your dog in the car, especially overnight where the temperature may drop significantly. So do your research if you know you are going to be on the road for a few days.