How Can You Best Balance UX and Site Crawlability?

As a web designer or administrator, you may find yourself wondering how to best balance UX with other factors like site crawlability to extend your site’s reach while maintaining a great design. The user experience, or UX, of your website describes how users feel about your site and content while browsing it. Easy navigation, creative menus and content, and animations and other effects can all improve your site’s UX. Too many types of scripting, however, along with other unique UX features, can sometimes interfere with the crawlability of your content. In order to crawl through and index your content, search engines like Google need to be able to read through your site’s structure and information. For example, Javascript and other scripting used to improve UX can often hide content and links from search engine crawlers, potentially lowering your position in search engine listings. Follow these tips to perfectly balance UX and site crawlability on your own website.

Dividing Your Focus

Every step of the process of designing, building, and maintaining your website requires attention to both, SEO and UX factors. Sometimes theses areas can seem in conflict with one another, making for some difficult decisions. In order to find the best balance between SEO and UX, you’ll need to divide your focus equally and make sure to cover the basics for each area.

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The Basics of Website Crawlability

In order to become listed in search engine results, search engine crawlers need to be able to read through your website. These automated search engine crawler bots continuously scour the web for information to provide their users. Since they are just coded bots, they won’t be evaluating your website for aesthetic or superficial factors. Instead, crawlers look for functional links, coding and scripting errors, buggy redirects and other erroneous content, and any text or media found on your site. They then compute your site’s overall quality through secretive, proprietary algorithms and rank your site in association with a list of search terms.

How to Improve Your Site’s Crawlability

There are a few things you can do to improve your website’s crawlability. The first step is to make sure you’re using a fast, reliable web host. If you have a WordPress website or blog then make sure you have optimized WordPress hosting. By getting web hosting that’s tailored for your website’s platform, you are ensuring your content displays faster and with fewer errors than it otherwise would. Make sure your chosen WordPress hosting company has a strongly guaranteed uptime so that your site isn’t down when the crawlers visit it for indexing.

The next step is to make sure you have a well-written robots.txt file in place. By including a robots.txt file on your server, you will be able to tell search engines which parts of your website to index. If any particular part of your site would be bad for SEO purposes, such as example or demo content you’ve not deleted yet, then disallow search engines from viewing it.

If any part of your website is inaccessible to search engine crawlers then you’re reducing the site’s overall crawlability and most likely harming your chances at showing up in search results. Make sure your site’s main content is listed as allowable in your robots.txt file, and that you’re not using too many scripts that crawler bots can’t understand such as JavaScript. This is also a good reason to have text headers and logos, rather than using image files with embedded text.

Website UX

While it may seem that a fully accessible, boring, text-only website would be the best theoretical candidate for maximal site crawlability, users would be turned off by such a dull experience. A balance between crawlability and UX therefore, must be struck. It’s typically considered acceptable in terms of SEO to embellish your site with images, media, animations and special effects. Having lots of efficiently compressed images is actually thought to have a positive impact on search rankings now. To make sure your on-site images and video don’t interfere with search indexers, use meta-tags and hover descriptions to describe each media file being displayed. This will help current generation search engine crawlers identify your media.

Improving UX Without Harming Crawlability

Creative UX designs sometimes require the use of Javascript and other content that isn’t ideal for crawlability. In order to combat the negative impact this content could otherwise have, make sure to use your robots.txt to stop search engines from crawling their containing pages. You can also offer alternative content for devices that aren’t able to view your site’s primary display, such as for browsers and devices incapable of installing flash. Even if you’re using images and animated navigation menus, which crawlers may not be able to read, make sure to include a text-based link structure on the bottom of your website for easier indexing. This will ensure you’re able to provide a great UX and still get your content indexed.

By following these tips and dividing your focus between the UX and crawlability of your site, you will find your content being reached by more visitors without sacrificing creativity or aesthetics. Make use of robots.txt files and always include text descriptions for images and media to conform to search engine crawler standards while maintaining good design practices.


Use Of EaseUS Recovery Software

A normal person collects a huge amount of data and stores it for Future use in his daily life. But, the noticeable fact here is that there is no one who can guarantee the protection of thus data unless it is backed up through backup software. If this data is not backed up, it is difficult to say that it will be permanently stored in the same form it is stored today. There are various viruses, hackers, malwares, crashes make data vulnerable to damage and deletion permanently. Vulnerability is an important factor that has to be considered while using data. These factors can do a potential damage to the data or even you can lose important and sensitive data. Data loss can hamper your daily activities to a large extent and the reputation of the company can be damaged.

You have to do some simple steps to retain and protect your data which is very important in today’s competitive world. Experts can always be considered for data recovery but it would be a cumbersome and expensive task to always call an expert in this situation. This cost of recovery can be eliminated completely by using data recovery software in your device. There are various recovery softwares that are available on the internet for the sake of your convenience. It would be very difficult to retain data if this type of software is not present in the main device which stores all the important data and recovery is the very essence for a business to compete with other firms in the market.

There is software called the EaseUs recovery software which helps you to increase the authenticity of data and to protect and to recover deleted data. This software can be downloaded from the internet free of cost. This software provides all the solutions to above mentioned risks. This software contains enough features that can fulfill the needs of most of its users with complicated requirements. But there are no complicated processes that have to be followed; just through three steps one can recover deleted files within seconds. There are all the features that are expected by a normal user that are present in the software. You can even recover even those files which have been deleted from the recycle bin. This software is supported by almost all operating systems which include Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, IOS etc. and also every type of file can be recovered through this software. This is one factor that covers most of the population that can use this software. This software has got the most positive reviews from its users which are available online.

Only three steps are required to be done by the user to use this software. These steps include installation and launch of the software and after that answering few simple questions asked to perform further functions. These questions are simple which are related to the files which are to be recovered. On the basis of the answers, it will automatically start to scan the device with the help of the two scans that are the quick and the deep scan one after the other. After these scans are completed the actual recovery of data happens after a confirmation taken from the user.

Three Tips for Getting Your New Business Off to a Great Start

Starting a new small business can be exciting, challenging, and also a little bit scary. This is especially true if you’ve quit your old job to focus on your new entrepreneurial adventure. Luckily, you can learn from the mistakes of all of the small business owners who have come before you and avoid making the same errors that they did. And, with a lot of hard work, persistence, and dedication, you’ll be able to overcome all of the difficulties that face a new small business and come out ahead.

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Use the Tools That Are Available to You

Small business owners today have it easier than even, thanks to the many tools that are now available to them. You no longer need to be a pro at marketing since you can now use social media for many of your marketing needs. Other technological advances make other aspects of business ownership easy as well. For example, you can find contract management software from a reputable provider like Cobblestone Systems that will make creating and managing your contracts a breeze. This frees you up to focus on the other aspects of running your business.

Meet With Other Small Business Owners

You can learn a lot from the mistakes and successes of others, so talk to your fellow small business owners whenever possible. Not only can they give you great information that may make the difference in your success or failure, they can often partner with you directly to help make your business grow. You should be sure to get to know local small business owners as well as other people in your field, as they often have great advice and information about local laws, regulations, and opportunities for your small business. It’s essential that you put yourself out there and make as many connections as possible.

Be Realistic and Don’t Give Up

Too many small business owners expect to see a great success right away, only to be disappointed when they come up against challenges. The truth is that starting and owning a small business is very hard work, and it often takes a long time before you will see any kind of profit. Make sure you can afford to live without a paycheck for a while or keep another job while you start your business. And defintely don’t give up!

How to Pick the Best Gift for Your Husband’s Birthday

When you’re married, it’s important that you show your spouse how much you care. This means telling them that you love them, showing them affection, and talking to them about their feelings, hopes, and dreams. It also means that, once a year, you should show them how you feel by getting them an awesome birthday gift that they’ll truly appreciate. The easiest way to do this is to think about what will make the man in your life happy. Then, figure out how you want to express your affection for your husband in a way that will make him feel loved.

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First of all, think about your husband’s interests and hobbies. It’s tempting to get him something that he needs, but for his birthday you should really focus on something that he will enjoy. You can always get him the things need actually needs for another holiday. You probably know your husband pretty well, but don’t just rush into grabbing something obvious because it’s his most pressing hobby. Instead, think about the kinds of things that he’s expressed interest in but wouldn’t buy for himself. This is the right time to treat him to something special, especially if he usually doesn’t buy himself nice things.

Don’t just rush into your purchase. For example, if your husband is an avid gun collector, you may want to get him something impressive for his birthday. But do your research first. You may be able to find m1 rifles for sale from a reputable group like Fulton Armory. Doing your research before you buy will keep you from getting your husband something he doesn’t want at all. One way to avoid disappointment is to get him something related to his hobby but not directly involved in it.

Finally, think about skipping the physical present altogether and plan an adventure with your husband instead. Doing an activity together will create happy memories for both of you that will long outlast any of the items you would otherwise buy. Pick something he’d love to do, not something you’re interested. And don’t pressure him into doing anything risky or boring if he’s not into it. Instead, try to casually find out what he’d like to do but wouldn’t treat himself to, and then get it for him. You’ll see have a fabulous birthday that he’ll never forget.

Partnering with the Best Hauling Services for Your Business

New motorcycles continue to be in high demand throughout the country.  Buyers want quick and easy access to the newest makes and models without having to travel across the country to buy them.

When you want to get your cycles out onto the market without delay, you may want to partner with a hauler, motorcycle transport company, or rail service that can come to your factory, load up the inventory, and haul it to your vendors or sellers.  You can get a quote for these services and find out more about them by going to the company’s website now.

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Speed and Hauling Advantages

You do not want to entrust your cycles to just any random hauler.  You want to know that the new cycles that come off your factory floor will be handled with care and loaded with the utmost of precaution.

You can discover the level of service and care that will be paid to your cycles when you discover the advantages that the company offers to clients like you.  The business has experienced staff who is trained to handle new cycles with care and also know how to secure them onto the transport vehicle.  They will be transported with the safety and integrity of the load in mind.

You likewise can discover how long it will take the hauling service to pick up and deliver your cycles to the client.  You may not want the entire delivery to take more than a few days from start to finish.  You can learn about the time lines for delivery by visiting the business’s website.

Getting Quotes

The hauler may be one of the fastest and safest services in the industry.  However, what good will it serve you if you cannot afford to do business with it?

Before you sign a contract for transport for your cycles, you can go online and get a quote for the services today.  The quote may be an estimate.  Nonetheless, it lets you know what you can expect to pay out of pocket and whether or not you can afford it.   The quote is free and comes with no obligation.

You may have buyers waiting for the cycles made in your factory.  You can get the product delivered safely and quickly by partnering with a hauling service that can handle your cycles with care at an affordable price.

Uses Of Bulk Messaging Service

The definition of bulk sms can be as simple as to send messages to various receivers generally of a particular area. Almost all types of firms take benefit from this service. The firms can be marketing, IT, media, banking, consumer etc. Many purposes can be solved through bulk messages that are entertainment, reminding, alerts, introduction of new schemes, promoting sales and also for exchange of information between the customer and the firm efficiently.

The service of bulk sms is used by different types of firms for different purposes. As the technology has improved, there is no hindrance in using the service. For every firm this use of technology comes at the same prices. They just have to set the intervals and new schemes will be communicated to the customers. There are many benefits other than coming at cheap prices and its uses can prove to be beneficial in almost all the ways that a business expects from such a service. These benefits are not available easily to many businesses if this software is not used properly.

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Following are some of the many benefits offered by the software other than the affordable prices of the service.

  1. The primary feature is the flexibility that this service offers in its day to day working. One can set different destinations for their sms to be sent and can change it according to the needs of the business. You can send your messages right now or set a time for it to be sent in the future.
  2. The service is been used for nearly 20 years from now and the results are evident to prove the potential of using the bulk sms gateway. There are billions of messages that people have received from these automated machines of the companies.
  3. The compatibility of these messages is the next advantage of the service. These are compatible with almost all the electronic devices like the mobile phones, computers, and others. This makes it even more flexible as many people may not have a computer but they would have a mobile and vice versa.
  4. The delivery of these messages is instant to any device and real time feedback can be achieved through this. This feedback is in the form of the response of receivers to new schemes introduced. Implementation can be done quickly to any new ask from the customer and satisfy them with ease.
  5. The rate of conversion through bulk sms is a great figure. The rate is 12% that means out of a group of 100 people to which the message is sent the 12 % of them that is 12 people would link up with your company as the buyer of your product/service which is quite profitable. This conversion rates goes up to 50 % for some companies.

Other than benefits to the companies using this feature, it gives many benefits to the customers who get a good communication with the company they buy their stuff from. This fulfills the demands of both the firm and the customers.

10 Vector Illustration Scenes for Web Design

Vector images are a great choice for the graphics in your web design project. Vector images are scalable graphics that you can edit in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and other popular web design applications. This image type allows for responsive design and lossless image quality, making it the perfect choice for all websites. If you want to make a website with a pre-built vector image background then you should check out these 10 stunning vector illustration scenes to get started.

1. Nature Vector Illustration Scene

This well-designed vector illustration makes the perfect background for any nature or outdoors scene on your website or app. Include this in your web design project to bring your graphics to life. This illustration contains several nature-themed images including grassy hills, trees, skies with flying birds, ladybugs, and other wildlife.

2. Wintry Snowman Scene

This snowman illustration with accompanying wintry scene is perfect for web designers using Adobe Illustrator. It comes as a free download in AI format, and contains several winter-based characters, most notably a friendly looking snowman that should suit any seasonal website or app. Use this theme to spruce up seasonal sales pages or decorate the background of your animated or text content.

3. Beach Illustration Scene

If you’ve got a web design project that includes beach or holiday themed pages then this vector illustration will come in handy. This scene depicts three small buildings on a beach with chairs and other holiday decorations. Considering using image splicing and web links to make each building a clickable URL for games or navigation on your website. This would also work great on landing pages or as the background for your motion graphics projects.

4. Forest with Deer

This forest illustration scene containing a deer and several trees is the perfect background for your website’s header or title. You can even use this image as a background for your logo or product catalog, especially if you’re selling outdoors items or run a blog about nature. This broad-themed nature illustration is a great vector image to store back for future projects.

5. Landscape with Tree

This stunning sunset landscape illustration scene was designed with Adobe Illustrator and is free to download. It contains a trendy and artful tree style with curled branches that can be used to offset your foreground content. This is a great theme for jewelry and art websites and blogs of just about any topic. Consider using this landscape for the background of your entire site, or simply in your advertising images.

6. Theatre Stage Vector Illustration

This premium theme is the perfect theatre stage that many web and graphic designers seek. If you’re going to make a website and need an ‘Under Construction’ page or simply want to display special content then you can undoubtedly think of several uses for this red-curtained stage vector illustration. This works great for drama, events, acting, and entertainment websites, as well as general sites with important content to showcase.

7. Girly Stage Scene

This feminine vector illustration scene was designed to be a cute, girly background for your blogs and music and entertainment sites. It is free to download and use under Creative Common licensing and is perfect for sites with characters and animations to overlay. Consider saving this free vector image back now for future use while it’s available, since it’s such a great addition to any web designer’s portfolio.

8. B&W City Scenes

You can build any website or marketing page with this awesome black and white cityscape scene collection. This download contains several generic skylines for depicting major and smaller cities. Use this on social media content pages or for urban, city-based website content. This premium vector illustration pack is a great addition to any web designer’s toolkit and works well with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop as it’s in the native Adobe .AI formatting.

9. Spooky Vector Scene

This free vector illustrations shows a Halloween scene fitting for any seasonal or dark-themed website. The scene shown in this image is black and red, with a detailed graveyard complete with tombstones and trees. This is perfect for websites and games with spooky Halloween content. This vector image is free to use and will scale nicely to fit any sized web design template.

10. Spotlights

Spotlights are a classic theme among backgrounds and web design projects. They can easily highlight special areas of your content and form a perfect stage for displaying important pictures. Incorporate this well-designed spotlight vector illustration scene into you web design to literally showcase the most important photos on your site.

These vector illustration scenes make the perfect backdrop for any web design project. They can serve as the background for your website or app, or as background images in your motion graphic projects. Consider using a vector illustration scene anytime you need a non-plain background that can easily be resized to fit your visitor’s display. With the importing and editing options available through vector graphic editing software you can tailor these 10 stunning vector images to fit any web design project.


Getting The Most From The Dentist

Even when you don’t feel like going or if you don’t like visiting the dentist, it’s important that you make the trip so that you have healthy teeth and gums. Regular visits to the dentist could mean preventing cavities from forming or getting larger if they are present and checking to see if there are any other issues that might pose problems in the future.

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One of the reasons you want to visit the dentist is so that you can prevent tooth decay from occurring. You might think that a small pain in the mouth or a little bleeding when you brush isn’t a big deal, but it could develop into something serious that your dentist can treat if it’s detected early. A Brooklyn dentist will usually examine the mouth for oral cancer and other diseases that impact the teeth and gums, educating you about how to care for the teeth at home.

Even with all of the cleaning that you can do at home with the best toothbrush and toothpaste, there’s nothing like getting the teeth professionally cleaned by the dentist. The hygienist at the office can show you proper ways of flossing and brush for the best results so that you always have sparkling white teeth that are healthy. Most dental offices have fluoride solutions and other tools that you won’t have at home that can remove plaque from the teeth that you can’t reach with a toothbrush.

Before your cleaning, the dentist will probably want to take a few x-rays to see if there are any cavities or other issues with the teeth. If there are any issues present, then the dentists can work with you to set up a treatment plan, such as getting the cavity filled or getting a crown. Early diagnosis is important because you don’t want to live in pain from your teeth. One of the things that the dentist will check for is oral cancer as this is a disease that can spread quickly if it’s not diagnosed in time. The dentist will also look for gum disease of any kind when you’re at the dentist.

How to Tell if You Need Insulated Garage Doors

When most people think about picking out new garage doors, they think about things like whether the color will match their homes and which material will last the longest. While choosing the right material is important, you also need to think about whether insulated garage doors are right for your property. Insulated garage doors have a layer of insulation between two thicker exterior panels that can regulate the temperature inside the garage and keep that space warmer or cooler. You may find that these doors are better choice for your garage than traditional doors.

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Enjoy Your Hobbies

One reason you might decide on insulated garage doors is because you use that space to do some of your hobbies. Whether you create furniture from wood, do paintings and other types of artwork or love scrap-booking, insulated doors are a good choice for your garage. The insulation keeps the interior temperature from climbing so high that your paints will dry out and stops the temperature from dropping so low that it’s too cold to do any work. That insulation can help block out wind too.

Do Repair Work

If you want to save money on auto repairs, you can learn how to do some of those repairs at home. It takes an hour or less to change your oil, check your fluids or replace spark plugs. When you work on your car inside your garage, you really need to opt for insulated doors. Florida temperatures can climb quite high, especially in the summers. Those warm temperatures can do significant damage to some of the tools and products that you use. Insulated doors keeps the garage at the perfect temperature for repair work.

Protect Valuables

Though some people use their garages for car storage and nothing else, many use those spaces as storage. When you install shelving units and other organizational tools, you have room for out of season clothing, holiday decorations and anything else you might want to store. The right doors can help you protect any of the valuables that you store outside because the doors keep water and heat from damaging those items. Before you call an overhead door installation Jacksonville FL company and make an appointment for techs to install your new doors, make sure you know which doors you want and whether insulated doors will work on your garage.

Clean Water Is a Fundamental Human Right

If the fundamental human needs were written down in a list of priority, it is likely that water would rank second only to oxygen. It is estimated that each human on the planet needs somewhere between 20 and 50 L of clean water that they can use for drinking, washing, as well as maintaining the areas around them in a clean condition. This underscores the importance of the work performed by wastewater treatment companies.

It’s important to understand that when water is polluted, it’s not just dirty and it doesn’t just smell bad, but it is actually deadly. More than 1.8 million people every single year die from diseases that are associated with contaminated water. When you couple this number with the tens of millions of individuals around the world who suffer ailments associated with unclean water, the importance of having a fresh, clean supply of water becomes even clearer.

Image result for Clean Water Is a Fundamental Human Right

Water is so important that the United Nations believes that having access to clean water is a human right that every single person on the planet should have. It is key to improving the living standards of people around the globe. Unfortunately, communities that have poor water are also economically poor. This means that these communities are stuck in a never-ending cycle of poverty.

When there is a poor water supply, children are sick. When children are sick, they don’t go to school. When children are not going to school, their access to education plummets, and this in turn leads to fewer financial opportunities for these individuals.

Sadly, the effects of having less than stellar water supplies around the world are disproportionately felt by women and children. There is no aspect of life where clean water is not essential. Clean water is needed to produce food. Clean water is needed to cook. Clean water is needed for an individual to have the basic human dignity that comes from being able to keep their body clean and presentable.

There are a few characteristics that qualify whether or not water is clean. To be of the most benefit, water should be present in a sustainable quantity, it should be reliable, and it should be something that the people who need it can afford. If you get rid of any one of these factors, then the effect that water can have on an individual or a community is diminished.