Choose a Security Turnstile

To greatly increase the visible security of your business, choose the best turnstile, access control, and high-quality gate monitoring. Engineers understand the important need for properly installed, durable, reliable, and guaranteed high tech security systems with leading edge technology that will satisfy the specific requirements of your particular situation.

There are many appropriate selections, and here are just a few examples:

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High-Security Series

These are the most reliable full-height selections and can be stand-alone units or part of an integrated system. They are available in stainless steel, hot-dipped galvanized finish, or carbon steel with powder coating and can be fitted for any application.

The Monitor Full-Height Turnstile

Made of 1/4” clear tempered glass, extruded aluminum, polycarbonate, a mainframe and canopy of 7 and 11 gauge steel, and a canopy wrap of anodized aluminum sheet, the diameter is 72 inches, the exterior height is 91 inches, and the interior height is 84 inches. Standard anodized finish choices are bronze and clear, but other colors can be requesed.

An ultrasonic barrier detects if a person enters the wrong area of the portal, in which event the turnstile will not allow the person to advance and will reverse to allow exiting through the defined “unsecure” side. There is an audible message via a loop recorder when the sensor detects that presence.

Military Prison Turnstile

Any full-height turnstile in this series has been developed to control pedestrians who enter and exit restricted areas. It uses a modular system which is comprised of four primary components, which is shipped from the factory and is ready to be easily installed directly onto a concrete floor using flanges. Optional is a foundation ring that is required if installing on unstable or uneven surfaces.

Where to Buy

When you’re looking for the best in security access and high tech systems, check out In addition to the best quality products, they provide the highest quality engineering, EntraPASS security management software that can be integrated with various types of devices, maintenance, AutoCAD drafting, warranty, and remote desktop assistance.

Their vast experience with a multitude of installation types gives them a tremendous working knowledge of available technology, and they work with the customer’s IT, Security Management, and Facility teams to help guide to the best solution for each unique installation.

11 Ways to Keep IT Systems Secure

These days organised crime is beginning to mean something a bit different – rather than people physically turning up to hurt you and your business (though that does still happen), it now refers more and more to cybercrime.

People who engage in this type of crime are specifically looking for important information which they can use to their own ends, either by using it for other reasons, or because it can give them access to money. This information includes such things as:

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  • Social security numbers
  • Birthdays
  • Credit card numbers
  • Bank account information
  • Email addresses
  • Home addresses

Hackers and other criminals of this sort generally seek out weak links. These can be employees, who engage in unsafe practices with their information, or the systems themselves, which can have unsafe and unprotected areas. For information on how to protect a system, go to

Cybercrime is essentially crime which takes place online and through computers. To truly work well, it requires the skills of various people at all levels of an organisation, as shown below:

  • Programmers
    • These are the people who write the viruses responsible for many attacks on systems and networks (find ways to secure your network here)
  • Carders
    • When credit card data is stolen, these are the people who change it into information which can be used, either by transferring it onto blank cards, or by creating duplicates of a physical card
  • Hackers
    • Hackers follow the viruses of a programmer, and use the vulnerabilities which have been created to find and steal information
  • Social Engineers
    • social engineers work with information stolen by hackers – they use this information to con people into giving them even more information.
  • Rogue Systems Providers
    • These people run legitimate businesses as fronts for the illegal activity done by hackers and programmers, and as a means for laundering any and all money which appears as a result of these schemes.
  • Mules
    • Mules are the people who physically go out and use the stolen credit card information, whether it is in the form of blank cards or duplicated cards.


While it might seems an impossible task to truly hide from every single cybercriminal on the web, fear not. There are a lot of people out there who are trying to get through your defences, but it isalso true that there are many ways in which you can defend yourself and your company.

  • Keep operating systems up to date – this will give you the latest security and virus knowledge
  • Make sure you have a separate firewall besides your anti-virus software, and that both of them are kept up to date
  • Keep your browsers up to date, as they have their own security patches
  • Make sure your network is encrypted (this goes double for a wireless network)
  • Set up an admin account which is the only one that can make changes or install material
  • Use filters
  • Block access to sites which have no relevance to your work, or which have no security on them
  • Remove any USB ports which are not needed
  • Use secure passwords and enforce their use
  • Encrypt all information.

Kickstarter “Nope”: a tiny magnet to protect your privacy


Leaks, government spies, schools of dubious repute — all potential ways your computer’s webcam can be transformed into a portal of snooping. In light of the Edward Snowden leaks, many have felt the long-held and oft-dismissed habit of covering a webcam with tape maybe isn’t quite as paranoid as it once seemed. It is, however, cheap looking. Nope, a successful Kickstarter, is looking to classy things up a bit.

Nope is an odd Kickstarter campaign for your weekend’s amusement, and one would be justified in wondering if it is a serious effort or not. The device, if it can properly be called that, is simply two magnets touching each other, with one that attaches to your display’s bezel via tape backing and another that floats over the webcam lens by sticking to the first magnet.

You’re probably wondering to yourself what is wrong with a piece of tape, but Nope creator Ananda Svarupa Das is one step ahead of you with the answers: it gets less sticky over time and looks unprofessional, among other things. The Nope is a bit more classy, and users needn’t worry about it getting in the way of closing the device.

A pledge of $5 will get you two Nopes, and delivery is set at December of this year. The campaign was seeking $500, and currently sits a bit above $15,000 with almost two months left to go.