Recover The Data In The Easiest Manner By Using This Recovery Software

One should always understand the true worth of data as it plays a vital role. You will always want to keep all your data secure so there is nothing to bother now. Nowadays, you will come across many, software that will help you in the best possible manner. You can easily trust these software and start to use it as and when required.

Helpful in recovery of any sort of data

 It really does not matter whether the data is lost a day before or a month before this software will always try to help you as and when required. The data recovery software that you will get to use is for sure the best one and there is no doubt about it at all. There are many people who have already used it and there are many who will use it in near future. Recovery of data by use of this software is really fast and soon you will understand the worth of this software. There are many benefits of this software to try to read those first and try to understand it as well.

Know the benefits of this software

 This is one such software that has numerous benefits so it is better that you rely on it completely. You can get to know all about it by reading all the articles, blogs as well as reviews. If you will read the articles and blogs properly you will surely understand all the advantages that this software has to offer. Once you will learn the benefits of it, it is for sure that this software will be liked by you. Each one who has used it has praised it and each one has given positive feedback about this software. The sooner you will realise the worth of it the better it is for you.

Quite popular when recovery of data is concerned

People have already understood the importance of this software and they have also written good reviews. The file recovery software has till date helped many and in near future as well it will help many more that is for sure. You can easily rely on it and you can easily trust it as well. If you are interested in telling this software to others you can surely do that as well. In case it you are not aware about the proper manner in which it should be operated you can very well ask the person who has already used it. After all the things pertaining to this software is clear you can start to use it. Data recovery is really fast and simple if this recovery software is used. You will always understand the worth of this software and you will never forget its importance once you will use it. If you are in any case interested to share all the wonderful experiences with others about this recovery software you can very well do that as well. Use this software and help yourself in the best possible manner.

The Data Recovery Software Will Be At Your Recue On Loss Of Data


Now day’s computer has made our work both simple and fast. With the help of the computer you can do a number of things at a very fast speed that if you have to do manually will be quiet time consuming. But it is an electronic device. It is not capable to doing anything on its own until you give it an instruction. At times due to a number of reasons you can pass on wrong instruction to the computer due to which there can be loss of data. The data that you have stored on the memory of the computer can get deleted. There are a number of reasons due to which the loss of data can occur. But the point is that if here is loss of data what is the alternative? Yes you can make use of the data recovery software. There is a lot of variety of this kind of software and you can make use of the one that suits your usage. Here are a few benefits of making use of this software:

  1. Helps to recover data– All that that you have lost can be recovered. You need not redo or restore all the already stored information. This software will start its work by scanning of the device and look for all the location where data could have gone after being deleted. Once this process is over the data will show to you for your use.
  2. Simple to use– The steps that are involved in the usage of thefree data recovery software are very simple and fast. Once the software is there with you, you can go through all the instructions present on it and by following these instructions you will come to know about the simple steps that are involved in locating the data. This process is very simple and easy to use.
  3. Quick response– With the help of the software you can expect a quick response. The data will be found out soon and given to you on. You can hence make use of this data for your use. But you have to ensure that you keep a back up of this data in order to avoid any further confusion.
  4. Can scan the external memory sources also– Along with it use on computer and laptop you can also make use of the data recovery software in order to look for all the lost information in the sources of external memory storage also. You can get the lost data from the memory card, USB drive etc.
  5. Retrieve all kind of data- Be it any kind of data that is lost including videos, photos etc. the data recovery software can recover it. You need not worry that the software will be useful only in recovery a particular kind or any size of data the software will help you to recover it. You can make use of the recycle bin recovery software .

The above mentioned information will be very helpful and useful for you. It will help in making the right choice of the right kind of data recovery software for your use. The software not only supports Windows computers to recover the lost data or drives, it is also capable of mac data recovery by Mac version .

Do Not Worry When Data Recovery Software Is Available!

Technology is increasing day by day and there are numerous advantages of such technology. In past times, people generally uses paper file to store their records or any other data and those paper files destroyed after some time. But, the advancement of technology, laptop, tablet and computer came into era and these days; all such electronic devices have replaced paper files to digital files. In today’s life, everyone is using own laptop or tablet for their purpose. Each people have its own laptop and purpose of each people is different for using such electronic device. One purpose which is common among all people is that storage purpose. People have large number of data in digital format and they want to store this data in their laptop or tablet. You do not need to worry about the amount of data that you have stored in your laptop. You can store data either in MB or in TB, no limitation for storing data in your laptop or tablet.

Image result for Do Not Worry When Data Recovery Software Is Available!

Data that people store in their laptop is of different type like audio, video, images, graphics, document file, text file, excel file, presentation, projects, emails and contacts. It will be good idea if you have taken back up of your all data. Advantage of having back up is that you will get back your all data if there is any problem in your laptop or tablet. Suppose, due to any reason, your presentation has corrupted which is placed in your laptop and you have to need it urgently. If you have back up of your data, then you will get your presentation within seconds from back up otherwise you may need t create presentation again. But, do not worry f you do not have backup for your data.

We have recovery software in the industry that will help to get back your corrupted presentation within seconds. Data recovery software works on searching or scanning algorithm and searches your device or that particular location where data was saved. There are number of companies that provide data recovery software but EaseUS is one of best and reliable data recovery Software Company. You can get data or hard drive recovery from website of EaseUS. Free trial and paid both versions are available for recovering your lost data. But, if you are installing such software for first time in your laptop or tablet, we will advise you to use free trial version of this software.

Do not think that you will get only data recovery software for windows operating system. At EaseUS, data recovery software for all operating system like windows, android, Mac, Linux and iOS are available. Download software in your device according to system requirements and install it. No special skill is required to install this software in your laptop. Since, you face any problem during installation, read installation guide which is placed on website. Even, our support team is always ready to help you in all aspects. You may also contact to them. After installation, launch it and start searching your corrupted data so that you will get back it in accessible format.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio: Record that stream with ease!

Sometimes there are certain live streaming videos or Skype calls that urge you to record them and watch again later. Alas, not many websites offer downloading options or high quality recorded streamed videos. But we chanced upon the Movavi Screen Capture Studio and were amazed at its video capturing ability as a potential streaming video recorder and a plethora of editing tools like the ability to add titles and music along with additive personalization features catering to enhancement of visuals.

We analyzed the software by capturing streaming videos and editing them and realized the extremely user-friendly interface at our disposal. Nobody has to be very technically proficient while using this software as everything is pretty much de-cluttered on the screen and the editing tools are very well laid out and experimentation is fun and amusing.

Record the streaming!

Recording a streaming video was very smooth and the file thus saved was of high quality. Initially, the software asks you to set the capture parameters that help you adjust the frame of the video you are looking forward to record. We appreciate the flexibility offered by the software in terms of capturing the video at the suitable frame rate. There’s the option of choosing the audio sourcing, be it from audio sets or microphones, MIDI devices and also the option of having cursor, keypad visibility.


The blessing – Scheduled recording

 One of the most useful features Movavi could offer in its software, as we personally believe because this is something that has been lacking in many good screen capture softwares out there, was that of scheduled recording. It helps one to configure the program so as to schedule a recording thus providing more autonomy to the user. Run your errands or take a bathroom break as Movaviacts as a streaming video recorder and records according to the customized capture timer settings that help you specify when, what and how much to capture.


A lineup of editing tools!

 We appreciate the software for its host of editing tools at user’s disposal. One can add titles, cut unwanted pieces off the recording, add clips and introduce smooth transitions and thereafter save the file in one of the many formats available.


Support services

 We really like the online support service of the software with its Live Chat feature that provides a faster means of communication for immediate problem solving unlike the conventional emailing. Also, we could access multiple online tutorials so as to learn easy tricks and editing tasks.


Movavi Screen Capture Studio definitely stands out when it comes to easy screen capture and the ability to function as a streaming video recorder with its user-friendly interface, multiple editing tools and a helpful support service. It is competitively priced with some features that could give other softwares a run for their money. The screen capture features along with the various editing tools would certainly help the various tutors running YouTube channels so as to enhance the professional look of their tutorials. The easy recording feature (especially the scheduled recording) would serve as a blessing for those who would want to record a live match and watch it later, or just about anything important as one deems.

AOMEI Partition Assistant: A Must Have Tool

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is used to partition the hard disk drive of a pc. It’s a freeware and costs nothing and you can use it to clone your hard drive if you don’t want to reinstall the same apps again.If you have recently upgraded your operating system to windows 10 OS then you will need it definitely. It is packed with so many great and powerful features that you can use to control the hard disk partitions with an ease. Let us quote some of the coolest features of this software.

  • Extend Partition Wizard:- This feature enables us to increase the partition size in order to solve the low disk space issues.
  • Resize Partition Wizard:-The mentioned featureis used to increase or decrease the size of any previously made partition.
  • Split Partition:– If you are in need of changing or splitting a partition into two or more partitions, then this feature comes handy.
  • Copy partition:– need to copy the whole partition? Worry not as this option will let you do that with ease.

Clone hard drive windows 10

If you too have recently upgraded to the latest windows 10 OS by Microsoft and looking forward to upgrade your present drive so that to make it a little bigger, then trust us this software is the thing that you will need. If you are hoping to transfer your current system, useful data and the applications that you use regularly then this free tool will enable you to do so. By using the method that we are about to explain below, you won’t need to reinstall them again and again, neither you need to copy them one by one.

As if you will copy them one by one, there are chances that windows may fail to boot. You can overcome this entire problem, all that you to do is, just clone hard drive in windows 10. This will enable you to copy all your present drive to the new one.


Step by step guide to clone a hard drive

All ready to copy your data to a new drive but don’t know the procedure? Don’t worry, that’s not a big problem at all. By using this free software you can achieve the task.

Step 1: Download the AMOEI Partition Assistant from here and install it on your pc.

Step 2: select DISK COPY WIZARD.

Step 3: After selecting the option Copy disk quickly, hit next.

Step 4: After selecting the hard drive that you have to clone as resource disk, hit next.

Step 5: chose the destination drive and click next.

Step 6: Click yes, and wait till the operation completed dialogue box appears, congrats, you are done.

Windows 10 Disk Management

You will get this application inbuilt with the windows 10 OS. Windows 10 disk management enables you to manage the partitions without the need of rebooting the system. This inbuilt tool provides you the following features:-

  • Create, format or delete partition
  • Change drive paths and letters
  • Mark partition as active
  • Explore or open partition
  • Extend or shrink partition
  • Add mirror
  • Convert empty MBR to GPT disk
  • Convert empty dynamic disk to basic disk


AMOEI partition Assistant is one of the best partitioning software that can be used to manage the hard disk drive partitions. The best part about this software is that it comes for free and offers great features.

Wan to move Windows 10 to SSD  You can check EaseUS Partition Master, which is more powerful with the feature of  transfer OS to SSD

AOMEI Backupper

IF you have ever suffered the accidental loss then you can understand the pain of losing your important stuffs. And if you have never come across such situation till now it doesn’t mean that in future you won’t face such a catastrophe. Then why don’t you make a backup of all your important data and stuffs so that in future if you will come across any data loss, you can restore them immediately. You will find that AOMEI Backupper is great and free backup software used to create a backup of all your important data. AOMEI Backupper Standard is simply awesome all-in-one backup and recovery solution which is the easiest and no matter you are a pro or a normal user.


Features of AOMEI Backupper

  • Backs-up system and creates a system restore point to keep Windows and applications safer.
  • Saves time and effort as it can back up the newer data and files automatically on a regular basis.
  • Can back up your most important files, photos and folders on a regular basis.
  • Backup the entire hard disk or you can simply clone the entire partition.

AOMEI Server Backup Software

AOMEI Backupper Server is especially designed and developed for small and medium sized business. This is not only data protection application & disaster recovery solutions, but it is also used for disk partition and cloning the partitions. It has a sweet, simple and easy-to-use interface which makes it user friendly. You can operate it with an ease no matter you have an expertise in the IT sector or not, it’s designed in such a way that a non-technical person can easily set the things up. Besides, this stable and powerful server backup software has the ability to back-up the physical and virtual server without even interrupting or shutting down your OS and other running applications. So if you are in need for server backup software, then you can buy this edition of the software.


Features of the AOMEI Backupper Server

  • Ensure Business Continuity and makes your server fail safe by backing up everything automatically or you can do it manually before system fails.
  • Minimizes Server Downtime by creating a selective restoration and also WINPE bootable recovery environment.
  • Its Disk Storage Management feature automatically cleans up the incremental & differential backups.
  • Offers Universal restore, which means you can restore the data and server from any PC.
  • Supports all the versions of windows operating system.


Basically the AOMEI Backupper is the all-in-one solution for all of your data backup and restoration needs. It is one of the best backup applications because it uses the most sleek and simple user interface, that can be understood and managed by even a non-technical person. So just forgot your worries about data loss simply switch over to AOMEI Backupper and stay secured.






Here’s How to Save Your Favorite Netflix Shows Easily!

I am a binge watcher on Netflix. I watch so many show episodes in a row that even Netflix sometimes thinks I am asleep and it asks if I am still watching from time to time.

I cannot help this habit of mine. I just love some shows and all thanks to Netflix I can watch them again and again whenever I want to. But using Netflix requires a data plan with high volume of data else we will run out of our data plans really fast. Video files are huge and streaming them eats up a lot of data and this is why I prefer saving my Netflix shows rather than streaming them again and again.

This not only saves me a lot of data but I can take my recorded shows anywhere with me and watch them whenever I want to. Many friends of mine are always curious how I save the shows I watch from Netflix and this is a fairly easy process and I use a very useful tool to do it.

In this post I am going to talk about that tool and tell you how it has helped me save the Netflix shows that I love and I will also tell you how to set the tool up and how to use it yourself. But first lets know about the tool.

How to save Netflix video?

Alright the name of the tool that I use to do this is known as Movavi Screen Capture Studio for PC. This is a very powerful yet easy to use screen recorder that I use in order to save the Netflix shows and as I have mentioned above, this saves me a lot of data from my data plan.

How to download, install and use Movavi Screen Capture Studio?

Now that you are aware of the tool that I use, let me tell you how to download and install it on your PC or computer that you use to watch Netflix on.

Download & Install the tool

· Go to this page and just look for a download button and click that.

· An exe file will start downloading if you are downloading the Windows version and for Mac it will download a dmg file.

· After it is downloaded, just double click the downloaded file to run the setup.

· The setup starts and you will see a bunch of options. Just choose the correct options for you and install it.

· Installing it will take a minute or two.

How to use this tool?

Now that you have installed this, you can start the program and I will tell you how to use it.

· As soon as you start the program, you will see a window like this:


· You can see you have presets or you can set custom recording resolution as well.

· Hit the record or REC button when everything is set and you will see that the recording has started.


· You can control the recording using your mouse or keyboard.

Now that you have this software setup, you can use it to save and record your Netflix shows easily.

Recover Files from Android SD Card for Windows/Mac

Sometimes your Smartphone’s internal memory is not just enough to fulfil all your storage requirements. So there is a need of external memory SD card where users stores their files like music, videos, documents, images and many more. The problem with this kind of external memory is that there is always a chance of losing files from it due to various reasons like virus attack and others. So it is quite a headache for the Android users if they have lost, deleted or formatted any important files and wants it back. Restoring lost files from memory card in Android phone is a common problem that all the Android users are facing nowadays.


Whenever you are in a situation that you have accidentally somehow lost some important data from your phone then stop loading your memory space with other files immediately. Actually whenever a file is deleted or lost it is not washed away totally from the memory card. It remains there unless we fill that space up with other files in the memory space. So the files can be recovered using specific application through your computer. We can kindly recommend you the best recovery software MobiKin Doctor for Android. It is one of the most versatile and easy to use application one can find in the web.

This application performs a thorough scan of your SD card and is capable of restoring every type of files like images, music, videos and many more. The recovered data can be saved in your computer in their original format without any loos of the data. The software is compatible with all the major Android phone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC, LG and many more. We can bet that MobiKIn Doctor for Android is one of the best software when it comes to recover files from android micro SD card.

How to Retrieve Files from Android SD Card

  • At first download and install the application MobiKin Doctor for Android on your personal computer. You find the application easily on the web.
  • Connect your android device to your personal computer through a USB cable and not by any wireless means.
  • You will see the application detect your device. Now you can choose the files which you need to restore.
  • Then click the recover button on the top. Now sit back and watch MobiKin do all the job or you.

Microsoft to Bring Android App Support to Windows 10

Microsoft is likely to announce that its Windows 10 devices (smartphones, tablets and PC) will be able to run Android apps, if long-time Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott is to be believed.The Redmond giant is expected to confirm the news at its Build developer conferencethat kicks off Wednesday in San Francisco.

Thurrott however seems to be questioning Microsoft’s strategy to provide Android app support on Windows 10. He writes, “But letting Android apps run on Windows is another thing entirely. Indeed, it is the literal opposite of opening up universal apps to Android. And I question the logic of this strategy.”

If the report turns out to be true, Microsoft may be able to fix one of the biggest qualms of Windows Phone users, which is the platform’s small app ecosystem. With this, Windows Phone users would gain access to a number of apps that were never released on their platform. It however remains to be seen how Microsoft will manage Android apps on its platform and also whether this will affect the company’s Universal app strategy for Windows 10. Other touch-based Windows 10 devices, like tablets, are also likely to benefit from access to Android apps.

“For developers who have invested a lifetime of learning and mastering Microsoft’s platforms, Android compatibility is a slap in the face. This sends the message that they have wasted their time and that it’s time to move on to a more successful platform since, after all, the apps you create for Android will now work on Android and Windows/Windows Phone. This completely usurps the presumed value of universal apps, which I assume Microsoft will also spend a lot of time promoting this week. It will not sit well with the developers who go to Build,” notes Thurrott.

He went on to suggest that adding Android app support to Windows 10 will make Microsoft’s platform “even less important.”

“The ability to run Android apps on Windows-this utter capitulation-is not a “win” or a positive development. It’s a defeat, an avoidable suicide. And it makes Windows even less important than it already was. To me. To you. To the world,” Thurrott added.

Microsoft is also expected to reveal more technical details of its universal app platform at the Build conference. The company alongside is also likely to release more code samples for developers.

To recall, Microsoft announced Universal Windows apps, a move that claimed to bring a new common Windows runtime to PCs, phones, and tablets (and the Xbox One) at last year’s Build conference.

DVDFab Video Converter

If you are wondering why you should purchase a converter when you can avail the free services that are available, then you must give it a second thought. The free services that are available online will not suffice all your requirements. They have limited features, but when you purchase the application, then you will have access to all the advanced features and you will be able to exert greater control as well. Speed is an important aspect of any software and when you are converting any video or audio, it is important that the conversion takes place at a very fast pace.

When you are trying out any video converter, then it is imperative that you make use of the software that can convert the videos to almost all the popular formats that supports the TV viewing and you can also view the videos in your smartphones. After the conversion of the video, if the outcome quality is poor, then it will be of no use at all. Therefore, the conversion tool that will provide you with great output quality will be in high demand. The conversion must be pixel perfect, otherwise how will you enjoy the video after the conversion? In order to meet all your requirements, DVDFab has come up with the DVDFab Video converter that is easy to use and provides unmatched features to its users.


Making use of the software

The converter is mainly useful for people who watch loads of movies. One fine day it might happen that you are trying to watch your favorite movie, but your system is not able to read the format of that movie. No matter how much you try to fix things, it won’t work. At that point of time, what you need is converter software that will convert videos for you.

The software will help you in changing the format of the video to suit your preferences. DVDFab Video Converter is one such converter, which is highly compatible with even mobile devices as well. It has an intuitive interface that helps in the successful conversion of the videos in different formats. It is the universal converter, which has the ability to process the videos in batch to save time.


Customization is also possible in this converter, but for limited parameters like the bit rate, frame rate, size and level of volume, channel mode, etc. All the information related to the files is displayed on the converter’s interface. So, if you are looking for information like the play time, name of the file source, format, audio codec or resolution, you will get it right up front.

If you are trying to convert a two and half hour movie to .avi format, then it will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the conversion procedure. The DVDFab Video converter has the ability to accomplish the task, so quickly because it makes use of the latest technology and also due to the fact that it has the ability of batch conversion. It also has the capacity to act with the multi core CPU.