Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen said in an interview back in May that he would bring back the game in August with multiplayer capability. He also said that the game would be less addictive than the original. Now the creator has released a new game, Flappy Birds Family for Amazon Fire TV, an Android box that was unveiled recently. The game is not available for Android smartphones or tablets.

Flappy Bird for iOS was released in 2013 and soon arrived on Android. It suddenly became a phenomenon on both Android and iOS platforms months after it was released . It also became the No.1 game on both these stores and was generating thousands of dollars in revenue from in-app ads. Suddenly the creator decided to pull the game from the app stores.

The new Flappy Birds Family game has different-colored bird characters, local multiplayer mode and more obstacles like ghosts, for players to avoid. It is free to download on Amazon Fire TV and doesn’t include any ads like the first Flappy Bird game. It is not clear if or when the game would be available for other Android and iOS devices.