When Motorola announced Moto 360 smartwatch they haven’t exactly revealed much details about the smartwatch itself. Everyone assumed the device will be made out of metallic material, most probably stainless steel. Latest report indicate that might not be the case though.

According to a Chinese portal “TechWeb”, Moto 360 might be made out of plastic. We have no idea how credible they are, so take this with a pinch of salt. It would be a real shame if it turns out it is in fact made out of plastic, although to be quite honest I doubt that. The report also states that Moto 360 is quite large, 48mm in diameter. Moto 360 is also expected to be 13.5mm thick, which is about 4-5mm thicker than the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. This might indicate that the watch is made out of metal after all, although if we consider wireless charging which will probably be placed on the bottom… we can guess all day long basically.

We’re waiting for a more credible information and until then we’ll just assume it’s metal after all. Thoughts?