No matter how hard the whole day was if at the end of it you can enjoy a good movie, then nothing can get better than that. Sometimes you have to travel a long way back home at that point of time if you have something which can keep you entertained for that period then it will help you in relaxing a lot. A light hearted movie or a funny video or some audio clips, if all of these can bring a smile on your face, then you feel blessed and if the streaming is high quality, then nothing can beat that.

 In order to access all of these facilities, it is important that you have a great media player downloaded in your mobile device. It will help you keep updated with the live streaming of your shows and in case you want to catch up with some movies, then it will bring to you just that. In case, you are a proud owner of an android device, then you already have plenty of options to choose from, but XMTV player for android definitely tops the list.


One of the main reasons for this is the high quality streaming that it provides and along with that the image formats that it allows makes this media player an unique proposition. It definitely stands out in the crowd with its unique features. We generally have apprehensions in giving our device to our kids because most of the time they mess up everything. But, if you download this XMTV player for free from Google play store, then you won’t have to worry about that because it comes with Kids Lock. It will make sure that your child only gets access to what he is watching and won’t be able to tamper any settings or go into any apps.


Media player for all

There are some media players available which are so complicated that you end up uninstalling it after few uses. Starting from navigation to every operation, the media players create confusion in the mind of users and things become even more complicated. But, that is not the case with this media player, instead you will find it quite easy to use and the navigation is as simple as 1-2-3.

  Moreover, you will be able to view any kind of file formats without worrying about transforming them to a particular format. Most media players only allow a certain file format and they don’t entertain different formats to be played on their media player. But, when you are talking about this media player, you will see the long list of compatible formats which includes almost everything in it. You can watch your favorite TV channels too, so from now on you don’t have to miss out on any program just because you are not in front of the TV. Just ensure that you have enough mobile data package to support your live streaming, else you can also go for the Wi-Fi connection.