Solitaire remains popular through generations, due to its simplicity and challenge. And, of course, as the name insinuates, it can be played alone, filling hours with entertainment whether you’re sitting at home, filling time between appointments, sitting on a plane, etc.

It’s likely that you’ve played and been stumped a number of times due to the placement of the cards. However, applied strategy helps players win more often.



Several versions of Solitaire exist. Most are familiar with Klondike, which serves as the ‘default’ version of the popular game. Unlike the Vegas version, one card is turned at a time, and a player may go through the deck as many times as needed. Scores are based on the number of cards placed, those left in the deck, and the number of ‘Ace stacks’ made during the course of play. If you’re yearning to play right now, head to Solitaire Arena online. Otherwise, take note of the following tips related to better play.

Solitaire Tips

Play and Ace or Two card whenever they pop-up during gameplay. Also, make moves that will ‘free’ another card; it’s better to create more potential moves for yourself. Also, don’t draw from the pile until you’re absolutely positive there are no moves to be made.

If you are waiting for a King to accompany an open spot, keep the space occupied and don’t move other cards from there. If you’re going to play an Ace stack, be sure that it won’t interfere with the game; it can be ‘exciting’ to move the Ace stack, yet a common mistake is doing so too soon and missing a later opportunity to further advance.

Be sure to keep a vacant spot; this way, it’s easier to move a King when needed. Experienced players do not occupy all columns because they keep the option of moving a King that came out of the deck as a surprise. Let’s discuss this strategy further.

When a spot is cleared for a King card, it means you have played or transferred all cards in the column. So, there are no cards left there, but you should not clear a column unless there is a King waiting. In short, don’t clear a spot just because the opportunity is there. Also, you may clear a spot if you have gone through the deck at least once, now knowing that a premature clear won’t influence further opportunity.

Avoid moving number cards Five-Eight. In order to keep the game moving at a steady pace, it’s best to keep them where they are and leave yourself more opportunity for future moves. Let’s think about this logic; A Four card can be played anywhere since it will (hopefully) link with a Three. We limit at the Eight card, because, by the time you reach a Nine in the column, it is likely you have uncovered most of the ‘down cards’ and won’t have to worry about the remainder of the column.

Now, you’re ready to play Solitaire with a few more strategies in mind. Remember, don’t be tempted to make a move just because you can. Solitaire requires premeditation and disciplined strategy!

Andrea Porter is a gaming audio engineer. She likes to write about the game and tech industries. You can find her articles mainly on tech and game websites.