The online travel industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In 1999 the travel association of America (TAF) found that there are more than 15 million users who used online travel websites to book their hotels reservations or tickets. Today, the number has grown to 60 million users in 2011. As per Tripadvisor, they alone have 78 million emailable members worldwide!

The above mentioned statistics clear show how big travel industry is and there is still a huge scope left in travel industry. There is a potential left on travel websites in terms of making user experience better and easy.



How Social Login can help booming travel industry


Social login can be a great help for users who want to book their tickets online. Imagine yourself searching for a flight in hurry, you’re able to get the deal and finally when you start for billing, a registration form is displayed on the page asking to register to book the flight. Such situation can be very frustrating to a traveller especially when they are in hurry. Using Social Login, you can allow your users to register on your travel website very quickly making the process convenient.

What else?


  1. Using Social login, one can login using their existing social networks accounts which they frequently use. There can be multiple option provided on them and user can log in based on the social network they are logged in at the time.
  2. As a business owner, you don’t have to worry about users ending up entering fake personal details or SPAM registrations. All you get is genuine and validated data.
  3. As users login using their social network, they provide with very important first party user data. This data has details like user’s location, interests and activities. This can be personalized to a whole new level by providing user the offers based on their interests and activities.
  4. Users don’t need to remember passwords and user name. All they need to do is to click on their fav social network and they are in. This also saves user from password fatigue making it easy for them to return of your website more often.

Travel Websites using social login

  1. :

This official website of Aruba is uses social login services by LoginRadius Inc. Website provides all the details about Aruba Island tourism and have added the social login feature in their forum section

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    One of the most popular travel website, Tripadvisor offers choice between traditional registration and social login, though users are recommended to opt for social login. With social login, users can easily find their friends’ travel advice as well as share their own. The precious user data fetched with social login, helps the website to offer more personalized experience as per user interests.

Travel Industry is one of the most striking industries and social login can play an important role in online travel industry.