Indians are blessed with an array of patterns they can call traditional and ethnic. Ethnic prints do not refer only to Indian prints anymore, however. With fashion becoming truly global, prints that are foreign are also ethnically inclined. However, with so many patterns, you have to keep some pointers in mind to make it work for women’s and men’s ethnic wear. While written in reference to Indian ethnic prints, keep these points in mind while wearing any bold print.

  1. Make sure your patterns don’t clash

There is a lot of wiggle room with patterns and multiple patterns in Indian ethnic wear. It is very easy to get carried away with looking different or even making a style statement. When in doubt, go simple. You can never fault a patterned pair of pants with a plain coloured top. A patterned jacket with single colour pants and tops is a classic, yet different look.

  1. Be Bold

While sticking to simple when in doubt is a must, you should stick to your gut feeling. Styles are made by the bold. Don’t fall into the already defined categories if you are confident about your look. Ethnic patterns on shoes, on your hair accessories, it’s all trendy! Ethnic dresses have been around for a while and they are the perfect fusion of the two trends of fashion. At one point of time, ethnic dresses were a bold choice, too.

  1. Colour choices

Remember, contrast can be very tricky. Traditional Indian ethnic wear has extensive contrasting colours in the complete look. However, when you are trying to incorporate ethnic prints into casual wear, you have to be a little more careful. For example, red and pink looks good in a kurta or a kurti but may not look so good with pants and tops.

  1. Accessorise correctly

With thick black eyeliner and maybe a few bracelets or bangles, the addition of a more traditional print is seamless. Pair with shoes that are neither Indian nor western and you will have a look that is truly fusion. You can choose to wear only accessories that have some ethnicity to it, instead of incorporating it into your outfit. Jackets, shoes and bags are an easy way to change your look completely. Bindis are a brilliant way to accessorise ethnic wear for women.

  1. Choose the right pattern

Wearing large patterns makes a statement. It’s bold and it cannot be ignored. Similarly, subtle patterns are fine distinctions that only the incisive can make. Subtle patterns can be missed, however. The difference between bold and subtle patterns should be noted and worn correctly. Confusing the place and time to wear your style statement can really ruin an otherwise great outfit.