Choosing a style of headset for work shouldn’t be treated like an afterthought. If you’re wearing it for a substantial amount of time each day, you need something that is comfortable and that lets you do at least the necessary portions of your job while wearing the headset. The biggest factor is going to be the earphone portion because that is what will have the most contact with your skin.

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In Ear

In-ear earbud style headsets are very common — the low-profile buds are easier to pack and store, and they tend to block out a lot more environmental noise than over-the-ear headsets. If you want a better chance of hearing everything that comes through the headset, in-ear buds are best. The buds usually have flexible rubber gaskets that make the fit rather comfortable.

The two things to be aware of with this style are that the headset really does have to be of good quality; it’s too easy to get tinny-sounding, faint audio from a cheaply made set. Also, if you will need to continually remove the earbuds and put them back in many times per day, you risk irritating the skin at the opening of the ear canal in your ears.

Over the Ear

Over-the-ear headsets are what they sound like: a headset with two foam-covered personal speakers that rest on your ears. These eliminate the problem of irritation as you don’t need to drag them along skin in order to remove them. They do let in more environmental noise, which can really be a plus; you’ll be more aware of what’s going on around you, including knowing when people have come up behind you to talk to you. You’ll still have to remove the headset to talk to those people, but you won’t be startled by their apparent sudden appearance.

Stetho Style

In-ear and over-the-ear sets tend to have flexible wires that can become tangled up, making them difficult to wear. Stetho-style headsets, which have stiff arms like a stethoscope, can solve this problem. They usually have earbuds, but the buds are not always covered with a flexible gasket. Instead, they rest on the bottom curve of your ear.

Take a look at these styles, such as those in the Spectra personal headphone set line, and see which might suit your job the best.