Residential homes are often the target of break-ins, which can threaten the safety of homeowners. Although you may not know when a burglar is targeting your home, there are a few ways to reduce the risk of a break-in. To protect yourself and safeguard the property, there are several tips to follow.

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Get a Guard Dog

A guard dog will monitor the premises and can scare away possible intruders by barking at anyone who comes in close proximity to the home. Get a guard dog that can be kept outside, which will warn burglars that they’re in danger of being attacked if they target the home.

Keep the Lights On

Make it a point to keep your home’s lights on when you leave the house to make it look like the property is occupied. Leaving the porch light on will also prevent intruders from hiding in dark shadows as they attempt to get through the front door. Many people also install motion sensor lights, which will detect someone that walks by and will make them visible to other neighbors.

Install a Security System

Security systems are one of the most effective tools to use when you want to prevent someone from stealing valuables from inside of the building. The alarm will sound if a window or door is opened from the outside, which will immediately alert the authorities of the break-in.

Arm Yourself

Protect yourself by getting a gun that can scare off the intruder and will also harm the individual if it’s necessary. Wear a concealment shirt that will allow you to carry the gun on you when answering the door or if suspicious activity takes place on the property.

You’ll need to practice using the gun and feeling comfortable with handling the weapon to ensure that it’s only used to defend yourself.

Add a Screen Door

Most break-ins occur at front doors that are kicked in, making it important to install a screen door that is durable. The screen door can come with a sturdy lock that will work as an extra barrier to the inside of the building.

When you want to protect your home and prevent theft, there are several ways of guarding the home and avoid making the property a target. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re safe while spending time in the setting to ensure that you and your family aren’t at risk of being confronted with a burglar.