Human Growth hormone is the principle hormone synthesized in our body, in the anterior pituitary gland, as signaled by Hypothalamus. This hormone is involved in cellular regeneration, growth, and development of the body. It is just not only important for achieving physical height, but also influence mental growth as well as monitor emotional behavior.  Its sole function is to maintain optimal health and well-being of a person.

But in certain cases, when there is a damage or destruction of normal pituitary gland functions (or even hypothalamus tissue damage) by injury or tumor, there arise the situations of hormonal glitches called Acquired Growth hormone deficiency. This is associated with substantial changes in Body opus, bone density, Lipid ADME, cardiovascular functions, and physical routine of the body. In such case, people adopt the method of Recombinant Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy. It has been quite established in children but research is going on to comprehend its application in adults. Approx., 1 in 70,000 children suffer from Growth Hormone, due to many genetic diseases like Down syndrome, Prader-Willie Syndrome, etc.

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Signs and symptoms of Growth hormone Deficiency

GH is involved in facilitating bone growth in children and as one matures, it diverts its function to develop muscle strength, maintain blood sugar levels in the body, and influence the basic metabolism of the body. Upon receiving information from the hypothalamus, it even coordinates all other hormones in the body. HGH levels remain high and stable from puberty until the age of 25 after which it declines. Some of the signs and symptoms evident in people with GH deficiency are reduced muscle power and development, below average body height and weight (especially in the case of children), Rounded face (e.g. Down syndrome patient), deferred sexual development, decreased bone strength, lethargy, and weakness. Well! GH deficiency can even target the emotional balance of a being and can cause anxiety, depression, profound mood swings, lack of concentration, memory retention problems.

Replacement Therapy Benefits

The growth hormone therapy has been able to treat HIV-wasting syndrome, in which the patients were reported to lose their muscle mass frequently, as a result of the deadly disease. It has been able to improve bone strength in older people, but not their overall functional capability. It has been able to treat children with stunted growth. This drug is also applied by Bodybuilding aficionados in their regular diet plan as a helping hand to support their overall muscle growth and development and help them achieve slender a fit body when stacked with heavy steroids. The effect Growth hormone has, only depends upon its dose and frequency of intake, considering the medical background and regular diet of a person.

Some Side-effects of HGH in children

The side-effects are trivial but shall not be ignored. The most common side-effects start with a headache and nausea. There is even inflammation at the site of injection, sometimes. There are few severe side-effects also when the dose is alarmingly high like a pain in the hip region and potential damage to the spine.

So one must keep in mind that Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is essential, however, a lot of things are important to consider before opting for it. Read all the reviews carefully and take your doctor’s suggestions positively.