There are many different types of casters that you can buy. The ones you choose will depend on the specific types of job that you need to perform. Making a mistake by choosing the incorrect type of caster can have disastrous consequences. Therefore, it is very important that you do all of your homework before any money is spent. This will help you to prevent any headaches down the road. Fortunately, the Internet has a vast amount of info about casters and the various companies that make them. Here are some of the top considerations that you need to make when you are trying to figure out the idea type of casters that you are going to get.

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  1. How easily will the casters roll?

A cart that will not roll easily because it has the wrong type of casters will be a problem for the unlucky person who has to push it. As a general rule, caster wheels will roll much easier when they are smaller in diameter. Roller bearings are often utilized for the purpose of easily rolling loads that are extremely heavy. You should always be looking for the largest ball bearings that you are able to buy.

  1. How much does the load weigh that you are trying to carry?

The ease with which your caster wheel is able to spin and move back and forth will be related to how much weight it is being asked to support. Roller or ball bearings should always be utilized if you are going to be transporting objects with a weight of greater than 300 pounds. The manufacturer will always put a weight limit on the packaging of the casters they sell. You should always pay very close attention to the weight limit of stainless steel caster wheels before you purchase them.

  1. What will the floor be like in the area where the casters will be used most often on a daily basis?

You will need to take into account the condition of the floor that your new casters will be rolling on frequently. The floor could have cracks or other damage on it. There could be bumps that the casters will need to negotiate. Stronger casters will be required for particularly bad floors. Floors that are made from linoleum, tile or carpeting should only have casters with polyurethane wheels used on them.

  1. What sort of climate conditions are present where your casters will be used?

This is something that many people do not stop to consider when they are shopping for casters. However, climate conditions can greatly impact the performance of casters. You will find that the rolling ability of your casters will be severely compromised if the temperature of the room they are being used in is either too hot or too cold. This is why you need to be keenly aware of the temperatures your casters will be exposed to. You can then buy casters that are made to be used in very hot or cold environments. Extreme heat can melt casters. Extreme cold can cause casters to crack. In either case, you will find yourself in a situation where your casters are no longer usable. Contact the company that makes the casters if you are unsure of their temperature limitations.